The Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation presents...

10 Unplanned, Unanticipated, but Delightful Things Witnessed in 2011!

1. Elmo. The Cookie Monster might be more expected at a farmers market but we got Elmo.

2. A plein air painting. The Market showcases an artist every week, but this painting was created by a shopper who found the Market inspiring.

3. Dancing. Musicians of the Week Minas moved this couple (and at least one other) to hoof it up one Saturday.

4. Disco dancing. Even less expected. But combine a great DJ and a perfect fall day, and this is what you get.

5. Yoga.

6. Doggie steeplechase.

7. A large man in a small kilt.

8. A visit from a major martial artist. But we didn’t get his name.

9. Impromptu kid’s sale table. Or three-card Monte.

10. Surfing.

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