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About Harold Finigan

Harold Finigan has had a lifelong interest in buildings, education, energy and public policy.

As a Staff Assistant to Congressman Robert W. Edgar, 7th PA, he came to realize the global consequences of an energy intensive society’s dependence on imported fuels during the 1979 Oil Crisis.

He left the Congressional office to be the founding Executive Director of Fort Mifflin on the Delaware, a nonprofit he created to save this endangered National Historic Landmark. Harold spent over a decade managing the restoration and development of this 150-acre 18th-century site.

After completing the restoration of the fort, Harold returned to a family tradition of rowing. As General Manager and Head Coach of Bachelors Barge Club, he oversaw the stabilization of the historic boathouse while developing over three dozen National Team and Olympic athletes; including 6 World Gold Medalists. In 1999, He founded a rowing program for inner city youth, called Justrow. With the participation of the students/athletes, he converted an 8,000 sq ft commercial property into a gym & classroom space. Through alterations made during renovation, the gyms heating/cooling costs were reduced by advanced construction techniques, solar thermal heating, and other innovative methodologies.

Harold’s interest in energy led to a position as Director of Education for The Energy Coordinating Agency in Philadelphia. Harold was also a member of Philadelphia’s Energy Future Search Planning Group which was appointed by the City Managing Directors Office to develop strategies on how Philadelphia can meet its commitment to reduce GHG emissions in buildings.

His interest in energy & buildings led him to create Energy Investors; an education, consultancy, research & investment group. In the past few years Harold has given over 200 workshops on energy, conservation, and global climate change. He has also taught on the subject at the Wharton Business School & Drexel University. He developed a low-cost solar thermal heater which can offset primary heating loads.

Harold has spent time in the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Austria & Germany doing site visits of over 500 low-energy buildings. He has renovated several buildings along these principles.


The Perfect Storm: This presentation explains how the intersecting trends of population growth, resource depletion and global climate change are affecting our daily lives, our planet and our pocketbooks. Learn about some of the solutions which are being implemented.

Energy Future: It seems like food and fuel prices are rising every day. Why is this happening, when will it end and what can we do about it. This presentation seeks to explain why we are seeing such unprecedented price rises in everything, the connection to our faltering economy and why the suburbs are predicted to become the new slums.

Peak Oil: The real inconvenient truth is that the world is running out of Oil.
Learn the facts about the most monumental change in our lifetime & what you can do to be prepared for the transition.

America, What went wrong: In 1958, the US was the foremost manufacturer and creditor nation in the world. Fifty years later, we have become the foremost debtor nation, with an average household debt of 133% of our annual after tax income. We examine what went wrong and how can we fix the problem.

The Economy: Is the Great Recession just a bump in the road or have things fundamentally changed? Learn what is happening with the economy & why; and what you should be thinking about to protect your economic future.

Ultra-low energy buildings: With the PECO rate cap having expired at the beginning of 2011; we are all faced with paying market rates for energy. What does this mean & what can we do about it. Learn about how to retrofit your existing building to reduce your energy consumption by 70 to 90%.

Solar Heating: Did you know that the Sun releases more energy per second than has been consumed by mankind in our entire history? With conventional heating fuels at historic price highs, many people are finding it increasingly difficult to afford to heat their homes in traditional ways. Come and learn how you can incorporate Solar heating into your home which will provide FREE heat with Zero carbon emissions.

Investing for Peak Oil & Global Climate Change: The Chinese say “crisis creates opportunity”. How will these two monumental events impact our economy, and more importantly our retirement portfolios? Learn how to think about what you can do to be prepared for these two formidable challenges

Home Weatherization: How can I save energy and save money? A methodical discussion of how to increase the energy efficiency of your home or business.

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