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Counterfeit $100 Bills at Emmaus Farmers Market

Yesterday (Sunday, July 13), at the Emmaus Farmers’ Market, four of our vendors were victims of a counterfeit money scheme, totaling a loss of $600. The perpetrators came to our market soon after opening, when we were very busy, quickly bought $20 – $25 items from the vendors using fake $100 bills and were given change and promptly left before anyone was aware of what happened. An hour later, one of the vendors discovered upon further inspection that one of their bills looked strange, which led to an investigation of the hundreds belonging to other vendors, where we found the 6 bills. These were either the newest hundred design or one of the much older ones, but they were made by someone printing the design on top of a bleached $5 bill. This means that they do pass the counterfeit pen test and they do have a watermark, but it is a smudged Lincoln face instead of the Franklin. We are in touch with the Emmaus Borough police, but market managers should let their vendors know to be more diligent keeping an eye out for fakes, especially with the larger bills. If anyone has any further information about this crime or if they have questions regarding how it happened at the Emmaus Market, please email Daniel Paashaus at See attached images for the bill back and watermark.

Thank you,

Daniel Paashaus
Market Manager

PS. After this email was sent the following was received from the Farm to City folks…

“I apologize for any cross-postings but since we have seen this exact same type of counterfeit in Philly recently it is obvious that this is a regional problem and not limited to urban markets. Please be diligent!”

counterfeit 100

counterfeit 100 back

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