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Market News for This Saturday, May 31

In perfect weather, with great attendance, and to a soundtrack of guitar music and friendly greetings, the season’s first Market felt as much like a town fair as a farmers market. Thanks to everyone who came last Saturday, and an extra measure of gratitude to those who showed up for their very first time, especially if you signed up to get this newsletter. Hope you’re glad you did both. We’d like to hear what you thought of the Market, so tell us.

Some Q's and A's

Given the heat (and the popcorn), a popular question last week was “Where can I get some water?” Oops -- sorry for that oversight! We promise you’ll be able to get drinking water at the Market this week. It may be available at a few places, but for now we’re sure that at least the Regency Café’s booth will be covering the aquatic angle.

Another biggie: “What happened to [X vendor from last year]?” Obviously, not all the 2007 businesses returned, for reasons as varied as gas prices, knee surgery, and being too busy with a primary business. We’re still adding vendors though, and we think that in a few weeks you may not miss “the missing” anymore.

Which brings us to the most popular question: “Will there be more food/vendors coming?” Oh, yes. Yes, indeedy. Not only will the current Market vendors be bringing more fruits and vegetables as the crops come in (remember: all the produce is grown locally, so things like tomatoes aren’t ready yet -- and you’ll never be able to get bananas at the Lansdowne Farmers Market), but we’re adding more vendors over the next few weeks. One we're sure of, coming from Clifton Heights (that’s some kind of local!) -- probably on June 5 -- is Dean Green Choice Foods, with a vast selection of fresh, vacuum-packed meat, poultry, and seafood, plus crabcakes they make themselves. You can even place orders through Dean’s shop to pick up at the Market. How’s that for convenient? We’re also talking with a farmer/producer from Berks County. More on that soon.

We're making considerable headway in our search for a purveyor of “walking around” food -- the stuff you can nosh on as you shop. We’re talking with a few interested parties, so expect instantly edible fare to be available within the next two Markets. In the meantime, the strawberries from Fruitwood Farms, the yummy yogurt that Farm Fresh Express carries, or every single thing at the Regency Café’s booth (except maybe the coffee beans) should do to take the edge off your hunger. (And Doyle’s Deli is right across the street.)

The final major question at the Market last week, usually squealed, was “Aren’t those kittens cute!?” They sure were. So cute that two of the five got adopted, and Animal Friends of Lansdowne is thrilled about that. (If you’re still considering one of the three that remain, contact them at AFL is also delighted to have made several foster family contacts and to have gotten some new members.

What to Expect This Week

Maybe some rain, but that just makes for better crops, so we have to put up with it. Throw on a raincoat or grab an umbrella and head on over: the Farmers Market is a “rain or shine” event.

Alternating weeks with the Epiphany House-sponsored Kids Tent (off this week) is Guatemalan Cotton, fair-trade handicrafts made by Guatemalan women. Sue and Bernie Reilly will be staffing this booth of colorful and reasonable merchandise that benefits a good cause. The Kids Tent will be back next week. Also off this week and retuning next is Lansdowne Sofa Cinema’s popcorn cart.

All the other regular vendors should be in place, and Fruitwood Farms will be adding snap peas to their wares, thereby completing the trilogy of spring garden perfection -- asparagus, strawberries, and peas. Oh my!

After the market, the fun continues at Lansdowne Games Day at The Garden Church, from 11:30 am to 9:00 pm. Knock yourself out over there, then rest that evening at the free outdoor showing of Ratatouille at Hoffman Park You may even get some inspiration from the movie for what to do with the produce that’ll soon be abundant. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair, snacks or money for refreshments, and some people you like.


The Lansdowne Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot next to 28 North Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine.

Featured This Week

Artist of the Week: Although Linda Armstrong became a full-time Lansdowne resident only a few years ago, her body of work pays homage to our little borough so affectionately you’d think she was born here. Her watercolors and ink drawings have captured Lansdowne’s private homes, the famed sycamore, and even the Farmers Market itself. If your dad is devoted to his home and you’re looking for a meaningful Father’s Day gift, talk with Linda about commissioning a house portrait.

Musician of the Week: Cowmuddy is a fitting name for a Farmers Market act whose MySpace page mentions support for the Buy Fresh, Buy Local movement, but Cowmuddy’s more than that. The ever-changing group (and sometimes solo act) that is led by (and sometimes just is) Michael McShane plays regularly in the area, often at venues with a cover charge, wall outlets, table service, and no uncooked veggies laid out on folding tables. Cowmuddy will be bringing its own fresh, local acoustic sound to the Musician of the Week tent (sponsored by the Lansdowne Folk Club and Todaro’s Music), starting around 10:30.

Read more about select Businesses, Artists, and Musicians of the Week. plus whatever else strikes our FM fancy, at the LFM blog.

Check out what’s coming in the weeks ahead, music- and art-wise, by visiting our continually updated on-line schedule.

Upcoming Local Events

Movie in the Park: "Ratatouille"
Saturday, May 31, preshow 7:45 pm; showtime 8:00 pm
Hoffman Park
Refreshments will be available.
Sponsored by The Lansdowne Parks and Recreation Dept.

Lansdowne Games Day
Saturday, May 31, 11:30 am - 9:00 pm
The Garden Church, 82 N. Lansdowne Ave.
A day of friendly competition, fellowship, and fun. Visit for more information.

First Presbyterian Church Picnic
Sunday June 1, 11:15 am
Lansdowne and Greenwood Aves.
Food and fun on the church lawn.

Click for or a complete listing of upcoming local events.