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Market News for This Saturday, July 5

So Corny
Corn corn corn corn corn corn
. On the cob, of course. It’s coming to the Farmers Market this week, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. If you don’t like or can’t eat corn on the cob, you’re missing out on one of summer’s great simple pleasures, the other being watermelon. (Hmm, seems like part of what makes these foods so summery is that — butter or watermelon juice dripping off your fingers and chin — you feel like you need to be hosed off when you’re done eating them.) It’ll be a few more weeks for watermelons at the Market, but corn will be there this week, so bring your big shopping bags to cart it away.

Last year, we described how to grill corn, but boiling it is a tried-and-true method also, just don’t overdo it. For the nice fresh corn that’s coming to Market, just a few minutes in boiling water is all it takes, and much longer will cook the cob, which you don’t need. For dependable results, set a big pot of water to boil, then go outside to husk the ears. When the water is at a good rolling boil, carefully drop the corn in (long tongs are useful here), cover the pot (to speed things up), and then return the water to a boil (the more ears you put in, the longer this will take). When it boils again, remove the lid and cook 4 or 5 minutes. That’s all it takes, so why delay the pleasure of consumption? The corn will keep best if you just turn off the burner, leave it in the water, and pull out ears as you’re ready for them (long tongs again). Have the butter and salt on standby for rapid response.

Still Growing
The Basket made another big leap this week, gaining $100 in value with the addition of several hand-stamped items from artist Ilina Crouse, fruit syrup from Betsy Burke, stuff from the Lansdowne Friends School, and two play tickets from Celebration Theater. The basket won’t be raffled off until October 18, and we’ll continue loading it up with contributions until then, so we fully expect it to top $1000 in value, since it’s already over $750. Remember: one lucky winner will take it all, so be sure to get a few tickets. If you have a local business and would like to contribute something, just let us know.

We try to be accurate in these e-newsletters. Truly, we do. But, as you know if you read them and then go the Market, we’re occasionally (frequently?) wrong. The musician changes, or a vendor we said would be there isn’t, or what we advertised as a big booth is actually a small booth — still stocked with great stuff but not as imposing as we’d led you to believe. Sometimes this is because people change their minds or plans and sometimes it’s miscommunication and sometimes it’s just an honest error, like when we said strawberries were done but they weren’t. Whatever the cause, we apologize to anyone we’ve misled or inconvenienced with such inaccuracies. We can’t promise it won’t happen again, but rest assured that there’s always something worthwhile at the Market even if we don’t have it 100% correct here.

Grand Old Celebration
Lansdowne does the 4th of July in a big, old-fashioned, family-oriented way that makes us all proud. Starting at 9:00 am with the big parade and continuing through a flag raising and two all star games, and then culminating in a rock concert and fireworks extravaganza on the high school football field, it’s a day made for home movies and wonderful memories. The events are sponsored by the Union Athletic Association with assistance from Eagle National Bank and the Greater Lansdowne Civic Association, and we think they’re awesome for doing it.

Note: Dean Green is off this week, but Epiphany House will be there with a craft tent for children.


The Lansdowne Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot next to 28 North Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine.

Featured This Week

Business of the Week: Bonnie's Wondergardens has been adding a note of color and creating shade around Lansdowne for 30 years. Bonnie traditionally has a 4th of July sale at her garden center, and that’ll carry over the market, where she’ll have specials on herbs (five for $10), old-fashioned geraniums ($2.99), local pond plants (three for $12) and begonia-filled strawberry pots (at $10 a great hostess gift for weekend parties!).

Artist of the Week: The mother-daughter team Renate Dietzschold and Marie-Luise Faber are masters of the techniques of iris folding and teabag folding (neither of which involves flowers or hot beverages), and they use their talents to create striking handmade greeting cards. Pick up a few and you’re ready for times when the best gift is a well-chosen card with some well-chosen words inside.

Musician of the Week: The Market should be hopping this week as Pete Glaze takes the stage, er, tent. A frequent performer at weddings because of his huge set list, Pete has been singing and playing guitar for over 25 years and covers hundreds of songs from the 60’s till now. Let’s hope he takes requests.

Check out what’s coming in the weeks ahead, music- and art-wise, by visiting our continually updated on-line schedule.


Upcoming Local Events

Music: Carsie Blanton at Regency Cafe
Thursday, July 3, 7:00 pm, Free.
Carsie plays her brand of "heartfelt folk that pops, grooves and giggles" at Regency Cafe.

Play: Taming of the Shrew at Twentieth Century Club front lawn
Thursday, July 10, 7:00 pm, Free.
The celebrated Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company returns with its latest production of William Shakespeare’s seminal “battle of the sexes” comedy, promising witty repartee under the summer skies. Bring a blanket or lawn chair; refreshments available.

Film: Truly, Madly, Deeply at Lansdowne Sofa Cinema
Saturday, July 12, shows at 6:45 and 8:45 pm. Writer/director Anthony Minghella's romantic ghost story is full of twists.

Musical: A Year with Frog and Toad at Lansdowne Friends School
Thursday, July 24, 7:00 pm, Free.
Based on a much beloved children's book by Arnold Lobel, the characters of cheerful Frog and grumpy Toad come to life as they hop though a year of adventurous seasons sure to please all ages. For more information 610-623-2548.

Click for a complete listing of upcoming local events.