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Market News for This Saturday, July 19

As if watermelons, sweet corn, and tomatoes aren’t enough of a Market draw, this week we have a new vendor starting, John Wilson’s MiniCakes. John’s been cooking professionally for about 10 years and has even won a Best of Philadelphia award, for gourmet food to go in Delco. He’ll be selling cookie bars, pot de crèmes (not your grandma’s custard!), a variety of mini corn cakes, and his Red Wine Chili, which has won two local cookoffs. We’ll never go home hungry again!

A funny thing happened last week: Someone dropped a ginger ale at Farm Fresh Express and the smell was so enticing that soda sales shot up for the next few minutes. Made and bottled in a converted brewery in Bucks County, Steaz sodas are all natural and certified organic, plus they contain antioxidants. They’re sweetened with organic cane juice, not high fructose corn syrup, and come in eight flavors -- all for a measly $1.50. (We can attest that the ginger ale at least smells delish!)

Because of a pending delivery (of the baby variety), The Ideal Hand Laundry will close up shop at the end of July, probably for the rest of the season. That gives us only two weeks to stock up on oils, fizzies, and soaps. Be polite, don’t shove. Also, Dean Green and his not-so-big stand will not be returning to the Market, but we’re on the hunt for another meat purveyor. Don’t forget that Farm Fresh Express always has ground beef, hotdogs, steaks, chicken, etc. They’re subtle about it, so look for the sign not the product.

This was supposed to be a Teens4Good week, but they’ve had to cancel for reasons completely unrelated to the great day they had last time they came. Look for them next month on August 16. Guatemalan Cotton, purveyor of bright and pretty fair trade goods, will fill in.

Public Service Notices

Tomatoes arrived last week and just in time. If the vendors had to field one more “When will the tomatoes be here?” question, things could have gotten ugly. But now they're here and they’re perfectly safe to eat. No Jersey or PA tomatoes have been involved in the recent salmonella scare, so you can commence slicing and wedging without worries. Knowing our tomatoes are safe is just one more reason to be glad we live where we do.

Please to note and take advantage of the portable recycling thingies that the Borough has supplied for Market use. There are two – one near each trash can – and they’re identifiable by their blue lids. The container itself is just a clear plastic bag, so please dump the rest of your coffee or drink somewhere off the main drag before you discard your cup. We like to keep our recyclables presentable.

A voter registration group will be at the Market this Saturday to, well, register voters. You may think you’re already registered, but if you’ve moved or changed your name or political party, you need to do it again. You have to apply 30 days before the election too (so many rules!), so don’t dawdle around and miss your chance. Look for the smiling young people.

Art Event Friday Night

Enjoy a little culture and some wine and cheese Friday evening at The Art Gallery @ Noel Schmidt's as artist Irma Shapiro discusses the who, what, when, and where of painting. One lucky attendee will win a raffled Shapiro painting. Friday, July 18, 7:00 pm, 32 E. Baltimore Avenue, Lansdowne; 610-623-0105.


The Lansdowne Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot next to 28 North Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine.

Featured This Week

Business of the Week: Jasco Jems carries a great selection of women’s clothing and accessories, all at prices that make restraining yourself difficult and possibly unnecessary. And owner Joann Small is always pleasantly honest about whether the dress you’re trying on makes anything look big.

Artist of the Week: Ronni Liebert, jewelry maker.

Musician of the Week: With their mix of country, blues, and bluegrass originals and standards “drawn from the darker wells” of American music, the Highball Kids will provide the market with the acoustic equivalent of a cool drink of water.

Check out what’s coming in the weeks ahead, music- and art-wise, by visiting our continually updated on-line schedule.


Upcoming Local Events

Artist Reception: Irma Shapiro at Noel Schmidt's
Friday, July 18, Free.
Exhibit continues through July 26.

Musical: A Year with Frog and Toad at Lansdowne Friends School
Thursday, July 24, 7:00 pm, Free.
Based on a much beloved children's book by Arnold Lobel, the characters of cheerful Frog and grumpy Toad come to life as they hop though a year of adventurous seasons sure to please all ages. For more information 610-623-2548

Film: Cinema Paradiso at Lansdowne Sofa Cinema
Saturday, July 26, shows at 6:45 and 8:45 pm. A wonderful film about love, growing up, leaving home, loss and success in a small hamlet in Italy.

Click for a complete listing of upcoming local events.