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Market News for This Saturday, September 26

Everything but Fleas
Even if you're mostly a cat person, Dog Day at the Lansdowne Farmers Market is a hoot, in the same way that watching someone else's kids play can make you smile. Something about that joyfulness is contagious, and dogs certainly approach life joyfully. Perhaps a bit too joyfully sometimes. If that's a problem at your house, you'll probably want to speak with the trainer we'll have on hand on Saturday, Michelle Frumento of Your Mannerly Mutt, who specializes in canine education and behavior modification. If scratched-up floors are your issue, groomer Alex Chapman can give Barkley's nails a quick trim for only $5. If the problem is a lack of canine companionship, the Philly SPCA adoption van will be coming with a wide array of available pooches that are looking for good homes in a nice, leafy, inner ring suburb. You won't go home with a new pet on Saturday, but you can put dibs on one for pickup later in the week if everything works out. Animal Friends of Lansdowne, bettering the plights of homeless and needy critters here in the borough, will be selling their AFL goods and promoting their upcoming Fifth Anniversary Gala. Even the Artist of the Week, Meredith Parker of 79 West Designs, is a dog fan, creating sweaters, bandanas, stockings, and collars to reinforce that that your pup is a special part of the family. Of course, our regular dog treat vendor, Mary Lou Novitski of Bone Appetite Barkery, will be fully stocked and happy to serve you. (She even takes orders for doggy birthday cakes!) Over at the Market Manager tent, we'll have info on obtaining a lifetime license for your pooch (no more of that yearly bother), plus applications for Kent Dog Park, a truly swell but little-known dog space in nearby Clifton Heights, and contact information for some petsitters in the area.

The big event of the day is no doubt the dog parade, though we're using "parade" rather loosely. It's really more of a one-at-a-time stroll and pose, kind of like a fashion show. The parade will start at 11:30, so be sure to get to the Market well before that so you can complete the entry form and get a number. When it's your dog's turn, we'll announce his or her name, age, and notable qualities, and then it's spotlight time: take the stroll, pose for a picture, and then stand back and enjoy the rest of the parade. We're going to give several prizes, for Best Poser (gotta get up on our Great Dog! platform), Best Costume (should your dog be a fashion hound), and Showmanship (basically strutting and looking good), plus one randomly drawn winner from all parade entrants and a couple of unannounced categories just to keep things fun. It's free to enter, and you'll be able to download your dog's parade photo in a couple weeks, also for free. (To know what you're in for, go see the pix from last year's parade or watch the video, which takes a few seconds to load and requires Quicktime.)

A reminder about Market courtesy: Please keep your dog close and in control at all times. Though we fully expect that there will be some barking and territory claiming, if your canine is aggressive or causes a serious disturbance, you'll be asked to remove it. Also, and this should go without saying, don't allow your animal to eat vendor goods (or samples meant for people) or to relieve themselves on vendor products. If this happens, you've just made a purchase. And when nature calls, clean up afterward. Deal? Deal.

Falling Market
Hey folks, it's officially fall, as of this past Tuesday, when the autumnal equinox gave as a day that was equal parts day and night and ushered in the new season. With that change, Wildflour Bakery is promising apple pies this week. To that we say, Finally! We loved the peach, but it has so been feeling like apple weather. Other signs of autumn — ornamental corn, gourds, and mini straw bales — have started turning up at the Market, scattered here and there at various vendors. Bonnie's got the mum market cornered, and if nothing says fall to you like beef stew, stop at Natural Acres for beef cubes and garlic, Farm Fresh Express for carrots and parsley, Fruitwood or Shober's for potatoes and onions, and then get cooking. If we're lucky, Mike from Fruitwood Farms will remember to bring late-season green tomatoes this week, for frying or for this green tomato soup. We haven't tried the soup yet (due to lack of tomatoes — ahem, Mike), but it contains bacon, so how bad could it be?

One of the nice things about Flint Hill Farm's goat cheeses is that they respond well to being warmed up in the oven. Well, since it's a Flint Hill week, it's apple season, and our Market is rich in honey, this impressive but easy recipe for apple tartlets with goat cheese and honey is calling out to be made. (Now don't go trying to pass this off as your own recipe when the dessert contest rolls around. That'd be cheating.)

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, which actually is two half months — from September 15 to October 15 — the Mission Burrito Bandito will be serving a traditional Mexican dish each week at the Market until October 17. This week's special is cheese enchiladas. The Bandito is also carrying many of the traditional Mexican products that were available at MB's storefront for meal preparation at home, including chorizo, tortillas, dried chilies, and raw Mexican cinnamon. And, by popular demand, you can now buy jarred chipotle sauce, a favorite from Mission Burrito's salsa bar, at the truck.

The very busy, always well-equipped John Green has provided three albums of photos from recent Lansdowne events — the Farmers Market, the Arts Festival, and the Lansdowne Photo Walk. Hey, most towns don't have their own professional photographer on hand to document the fun stuff and make the photos available to all comers free of charge for download, so when you see him (tall, goatee, big camera) let him know you appreciate his efforts. Thanks again, John!

Park It!
Dog Day is pretty tiring, but you'll have time to go home and rest a bit before Park Day starts this Saturday at 3:00 pm at Hoffman Park on Scottdale Road. Sponsored by the Lansdowne Recreation and Parks Board, Park Day is an afternoon of free games, sports, and recreation (moon bounce, face painting) that the whole family can enjoy. Then, at dusk, the highly entertaining Disney film Bolt will be screened right out there in the park, like a drive-in, only without the cars. (One of the main characters is a hamster in a plastic ball. Hilarious!) Bring lawn chairs, jackets, and blankets for maximal comfort. All the activities at Park Day are free, and refreshments will be available for purchase. Now that's a day in the park!

Much Theatricality
We get a lot of questions at the Farmers Market about the Lansdowne Theater, presumably on the basis of proximity. Sadly, we don't know much. But next Saturday, October 3, is going to be a good chance to get some answers. At 10:30 sharp (ie, don't be late, you sleepyheads), the Save The Lansdowne Rally kicks off, with a group photo petition in front of the theater. Bring friends and family to create a big, happy crowd shot in support of the effort to restore and reopen the theater. Then head into Cinema 16:9 for a public briefing about the latest news on the project and ask the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation those questions that we couldn't answer. Want a really good look inside the old theater? Sign up to be a volunteer.

Ever since the spring, a rather scary white rabbit has been making the rounds of Lansdowne — popping up at the Market, in the 4th of July parade, in shop windows, possibly in the backseat of your car. It's a little unnerving, frankly, what with the fangs and cape and red eyes and all. That creature, whatever it is, is soon to take to the stage, as Celebration Theater puts on Bunnicula: The Musical weekends from October 9 to 25. Mark your calendar, stock up on garlic, and buy your tickets.

Hottish List
Results are in for three of the four categories in which local businesses were competing for the Fox Philly Hot List 2009. Drum roll, please! In Best Gourmet Grocery, Farm Fresh Express placed second. In Best Coffee Shop, Regency Café took second. And in Best Indie Theater, Cinema 16:9 was — say it with us — second. Congrats all around, and permit us to say that we "second" the opinion that these places are pretty great. Next week, we'll let you know how Mission Burrito fared.

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Visit our sister market, the Oakmont Farmers Market, Wednesday afternoons in Havertown for more local produce, bread, meat, and other products.

Featured This Week

Artist of the Week: 79 West Designs' merchandise is colorful, cottony, and cool, and focuses on dogs and wine, two of our favorite things.

Musician of the Week: Guitarist Joe Breslin will be providing the background music for Dog Day this week. Hope he's "boned" up on covers of the Meat Puppets, the Disco Biscuits, and the Bacon Brothers.

Blog: Nice weather, nice products, nasty Lucille.

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Upcoming Local Events

Movies at Cinema 16:9
September 24 to 30, various times
International Shorts Festival
Free cartoons, Saturday 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
35 N. Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne

Wissahickon Chicken Shack at the Lansdowne Folk Club
Thursday, September 24, 7:30 pm; $15 to $18
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne

Park Day at Hoffman Park
Saturday, September 26, 3:00 pm; movie Bolt at dusk; Free
Scottdale Road, Lansdowne

Jack Williams at Concerts at the Beach House
Wednesday, September 30, 7:30 pm; $15, BYOB; 610-626-0012

Save The Lansdowne Rally at the Lansdowne Theater
Saturday, October 3, 10:30 to 11:00 am; Free
31 N. Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne

Lansdowne Games Day at The Garden Church
Saturday, October 3, 11:15 am to 9:00 pm; Free
82 N. Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne

Bunnicula: The Musical at Celebration Theater
Fri., Sat., Sun., October 9 to 25; $10 to $15
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne; 610-259-1800

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