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Market News for This Saturday, August 7

Now or Never
You have one last chance to catch a free concert 'Downe Town this summer, and it's tonight, Thursday, August 5. At 7:00 pm on the lawn at St John's Episcopal Church right in the middle of town, Aussie Anne McCue will perform some of the material that got her included along with the likes of Bob Dylan, the Byrds, and Patty Griffin in the collection "4 Decades of Folk Rock." That's some fine company! Anne's an acclaimed guitarist but can play a variety of instruments, so we'll have to see whether she brings along a marimba or autoharp to make things even more interesting. In all sincerity, if you've not been to any of these shows, you've missed out on some terrific performances by established and up-and-coming artists who seem genuinely pleased to be playing to a nonpaying crowd on a scabby lawn in a little town they had probably never heard of until Bob Beach approached them about participating in the Lansdowne Summer Concert Series. They tell funny stories, invite a little audience participation here and there, marvel at the sound the cicadas make (this was the city boy), and put on great shows. Please treat yourself to tonight's show. If you don't love it, your full ticket price will be immediately refunded.

Again, it appears iffy weather may be a factor, so in the event of rain the show will move to the Regency Cafe at 29 North Lansdowne Avenue.

Click Here
Yowza, that was one heck of a Kidcentric Day, wasn't it? Parrots, goats, butterflies, balloons, crafts, a fish pond, even a flatscreen TV -- you name it, we had it. And if you offer it (and advertise it), people will come. Boy, did they ever come. Volunteers with clickers actually counted folks entering the Fun Zone -- er, we mean Farmers Market -- and they ended up with more than 1700 clicks, or attendees. If you were one of those clicks, thanks for coming and we really hope you had a great time and made great finds at the Market proper. Some of you must have, since several long-time vendors set LFM sales records on Saturday. (You may not know this, but there was a time when finding vendors for Lansdowne was a real struggle and we had to twist arms to get folks to come here. Now wannabes are approaching us and asking to join because they're hearing such good things about the LFM. It's a nice reversal.) If you brought a little one to the Market, you'll definitely want to check out John Kelly Green's photos from the day, and even if you weren't accompanied by a kid, those are some fun pix to peruse, since it's not every day you come across a huge carrot trying out a hula hoop. Thanks again to everyone who participated. Whether you were a Kidcentric Day exhibitor, a volunteer helper, or an attendee just having fun, your being there made it a special day. Know that you're more than just a click to us!

But Why Not Stanley and Stella? (Our Suggestions)
Drum roll, please, as we prepare to announce the winners of the Who's That Kid? contest. Donna and Larry Howard of Spotted Hill Farm have decided to name the Mini Nubian goats they brought to the Market last week Wendy for the female and Flannel for the male. These cute and clever names were suggested by Carol Gesho and Ryan Smith, respectively, and we encourage them to stop by the Market Manager tent this Saturday to claim their $10 in Market Bucks. Spotted Hill will be back at the Market August 7, and the winners can redeem their $10 credit at that stand then (or later). Donna says it was a tough decision because so many good names were suggested. Congratulations to Carol and Ryan, and thanks to everyone who participated and to the Howards for the unique contest idea.

T Time
We sold a bunch of LFM Ripe & Ready T-shirts last week but barely made a dent in our stock. We'd need a clicker to count them all, but it's approximately a jillion. Stop by the Manager tent and dig through the piles to see what you can find. After much interest, the Bob Ross "Happy Trees" shirt found a good home, but there are loads of other shirts that are equally as debatably cool. Find the perfect used, rescreened T-shirt for you, only at the Lansdowne Farmers Market.

Who's in Third?
That'd be the Lansdowne Farmers Market. If we can figure out how, we intend to have some sort of computer set-up at the Market this Saturday to enable (require?) shoppers to vote for the LFM in that (absolutely meaningless and really kinda dumb now that we think about it) America's Favorite Farmers Markets Contest. We are currently third in our category but still have fewer than half the votes of the market that's winning and gloating a little about it. (Question: How can they have 500+ votes and only two Facebook fans who "like" knowing they're winning? The LFM had more "likes" for admitting we're getting beaten but attracting a lot of shoppers nonetheless. Something's fishy in Virginia and it ain't just the Chesapeake Bay.) Anyway, go vote some more and look around at the Market the rest of the month in case we've figured out how to get wired and solicit on-site voting. If anyone has any good ideas about this (or access to a small army of iPhone and Blackberry owners willing to help shoppers use them to vote), we'd be glad to hear them.

It can be a little tough to keep track of our "alternating" vendors since they often don't have a strict every-other-week schedule. We try to keep this vendor schedule up to date though, so always check there if you're looking to see when the dog treats will be back, for example. And if you are looking for that particular info, know that Mary Lou and her fancy goodies for pets will be there on Saturday. Right next to her will be To You, From Me Soaps, the lotions and potions of which are a balm for the weary, the sun dried, and the insect bothered. Try em. Finally, the "pie lady" as she is often called by inquiring customers (does no one notice her husband standing right here? It's Marie and Tom Connell of MyHouse Cookies. Shouldn't they be the "pie couple" or "pie people" or "pie pair"?), is/are back this week. Their supply has been pretty much annihilated every time they come to Market, so they'll no doubt be as glad to be back as you are to see them.

Giving It Away and Community Day
How about a Market Buck for showing some Phillies love this week? Those poor guys -- half the starting lineup is injured, their long-time closer is stinking up the joint, and their new and pricey pitcher got off to a rather inauspicious start -- and yet they soldier on and are managing to win and pull themselves up in the rankings even with these handicaps. Wear something with a Phillies logo and stop by the Market Manager tent for a Market Buck. (We can only do this now because our money guy is away. He hates it when we give away so many Bucks. Shhhh, don't tell him.)

This is a month that ends with a Community Day (August 28 to be precise), so here is the link for the application, and there will be paper copies at the Market Manager tent until we run out (which we always do, so downloading and printing your own is the way to go.) Deadline for submission is August 21, and spaces are assigned on a first come basis until we run out, which we always do, so don't wait until the last day or two. If you were part of the first Community Day this season, you can apply again, but you'll get a space only if we have some left when the deadline passes. (That's so everyone can get a chance and not just you guys who are the most organized and attentive to deadlines.)

Local Food
Recently expanded Lansdowne BYOB Sycamore continues to get raves on online review sites and in local media, most notably being selected as Best New Restaurant in the Suburbs by Philadelphia Magazine, an honor indeed. (There's no online link for this yet, but check out the "Best of Philly" issue now on newsstands.) Congratulations to owners Stephen and Jennifer Wagner and chef Sam Jacobson, and much gratitude for following her dream to original chef and co-owner Meg Votta, who passed away in the fall.

We were apparently unclear a few weeks ago when we plugged a new local pub that serves good food for cheap and that has a great selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles and cans. The name of that place is in fact 2312 Garrett, which is also its address -- 2312 Garrett Road in Drexel Hill, just up Lansdowne Avenue and then to the left a smidge. Even with this info in hand you may have trouble finding the place, however, because the awning that held the sign that said 2312 Garrett was ripped off in that wretched storm a few weeks ago, so now it's virtually unidentified. Look for the lighted Blue Moon sign in the window and check out the place's not-recently-updated Facebook page for some photos that will help you recognize the building. We have some menus at the Market Manager tent if you want to see what you're getting into before you take the plunge. Food is served from 4:00 to 10:00 pm Tuesday to Sunday, and it's definitely worth the trip, even though it's not a trip; it's more of a hop. If you live in Lansdowne, skip and jump are not even involved.

You may have heard that the Regency Cafe recently changed ownership, which might have left you concerned and fretful (probably because you are consuming a little too much caffeine . . .). But you can relax, since we have it on good authority (the Regency's own newsletter) that new owners Shirley and George Dobbins will be changing almost nothing about the cafe, will be keeping all the staff, and are looking forward to meeting all the Regency's customers, which no doubt includes you, gentle readers, who are now in a state of absolute calm and contentment knowing that your favorite coffee shop is safe and sound in the hands of happy new owners. Welcome and good luck with your new venture, George and Shirley! And, of course, thanks for everything, Chris and Marcy.

MAPThe Lansdowne Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot next to 28 North Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine.

Visit our sister market, the Oakmont Farmers Market, Wednesday afternoons in Havertown for more local produce, bread, meat, and other products.
Featured This Week

Artist of the Week: Liz Steele Coats is a daughter of Lansdowne, a teacher in Lansdowne (at St Philomena), and a resident of Lansdowne. She's involved in all sorts of good causes, local and otherwise, and you're sure to recognize her when you see her because she's memorably pretty and has a giant smile. It's almost unfair that she's also a talented artist who makes lovely pottery and interesting and unique jewelry. Good thing she's sweet as pie or we'd have to hate her.

Musicians of the Week: Saturday we'll get to hear Philadelphia musician Joe Breslin, who plays covers and originals on guitar and, it appears, flute. Anyone for "Aqualung"?

Blog: Incredibly, we have another new blog post for you this week! That's two posts in two weeks from two different writers, in case anyone is keeping track. Funny thing about this blogger, Kathy Fetteroff, is that although she's lived in the borough for several years, she'd never been to the Market before she agreed to blog about it and she doesn't have children but wrote about Kidcentric Day. Think we should tell her that parrots aren't a weekly occurrence at the LFM? Nah.

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Movies at Cinema 16:9
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Anne McCue at the Lansdowne Summer Concert Series
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Eighth Annual Lansdowne Arts Festival
Preview: Friday, September 10, 7:00 to 9:00 pm; $25
Show and sale: Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; Free
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Park Day
Saturday, September 25; Free
Hoffman Park, Scottdale Road

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The farmer scene in full use (note dog-goat).

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Watching TV at the FM, of course.

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Cutest cow ever.

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