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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, July 16

The Money Issue
Lots of periodicals have them -- issues devoted to money -- so after 4 years Fresh Picks was about due. We're not here to tell you how to save money (as if we had a clue about that), where to spend it (other than the Farmers Market and locally in general), or what to buy with it (though we often make suggestions). Rather, today's goal is to clue you in on where at the Market you can use things other than cold, hard cash for your purchases, since sometimes you just don't have a chance to stop at the ATM and it's always a little less painful to pay with something other than the green stuff. Moreover, several vendors have recently gotten or will soon have (this Saturday or next) the ability to accept credit or debit cards on site at the Market, so this seems like a good time to do a rundown on alternative forms of payment. Everyone takes the bucks, as we know, and those below also accept the other listed options. Plus, vendors that are not listed here (like Harvest Local Foods and Provisions) may be able to accept more than cash soon; it never hurts to ask, but please do it before you have them bag up a lot of merchandise. (For the list below, there may be minimums for credit and debit cards, assume you need a valid ID to write a check, and FMNP refers to WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers.)

  • Schober Orchards: credit/debit cards (if not this week, next), checks, FMNP

  • Turning Roots: credit/debit cards (if not this week, next), FMNP

  • Fruitwood Farms: credit/debit cards, FMNP

  • Green Aisle Grocery: credit/debit cards

  • The Lansdowne Table: credit/debit cards

  • Great Harvest Bread: credit/debit cards

  • Bonnie's Wondergardens: credit cards, checks

  • MyHouse Cookies: credit cards, checks

  • Spotted Hill Farm: credit cards, checks

  • B.T. Baking: checks

  • Yellow Springs Farm: checks
One last little happy note about money: parking is always free in the FM lot during the Market (if you can find a spot, of course).

Off and On
Bonnie's Wondergardens is taking their annual week off from the Market this Saturday; look for their triumphant return on the 23rd. In Bonnie's spot this week will be Yellow Springs Farm, they of the lovely goat milk products, which this week will include vanilla yogurt smoothies, goat milk caramel sauce (delicious on ice cream, fruit cobblers, pretzels, etc), plain and flavored chevres, and two aged cheeses -- Nutcracker, a 2010 American Cheese Society 1st place award winner, and Pikeland's Promise, a natural rind cheese made with raw milk that highlights the terroir (sense of place) where the goats graze and the stone caves where the cheese ages. Spotted Hill Farm, they of the lovely goat milk soaps, is also on board for Saturday, as is B.T. Baking with their completely goat-free, though still lovely, brownies.

Secret Ingredient
It's always fun to take a product and find a new use for it. We've had great success with expanding the "functionality" of the Bauman fruit butters that Schober's carries beyond their obvious spread-on-a-cracker basic utility, however delicious that can be. The concentration of the fruits in these butters enables them to add richness and depth of flavor to both hot and cold dishes. We told you here previously about how adding plum butter to curried chicken salad improved it immensely, and since then we've added peach butter to regular chicken salad, also to delicious results. Our simple conclusion: A mayo-based dressing for chicken salad is greatly improved with the addition of some fruit butter. Similarly, stirring some into yogurt as a dip for summer fruit or as a Tandoori-style marinade before grilling chicken or shrimp could also yield satisfying results.

Over the July 4th weekend, we made baked beans from scratch using this recipe with a few tweaks --diced bacon instead of salt pork, a dash each of hickory flavoring and hot sauce, a little less maple syrup, and (what we believe made these beans a side dish no one could get enough of) a full 9 oz jar of Bauman's Sweet Tomato Butter. These things were a bona fide Independence Day triumph! Even if you're starting with canned pork and beans, throwing in some Tomato Butter will get you compliments for sure. Fruit butters are inexpensive and don't take up much room in the fridge, so grab a few to have around; you'll come up with plenty of your own off-label uses.

Calling All Kids
In just three more weeks, Kidcentric Day will take over the Lansdowne Farmers Market. Among other fun stuff, the Winged Wonders butterfly exhibit is coming back, and there will be games, water ice, hula hoops, and live critters. Based on headcount, it's our most popular event, and it's July 30, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Be there or wait a whole year for it to come again.

Snap to It
Part of the fun of any grand event is looking back on the photos taken that day. Fortunately for Lansdowne, we have many accomplished and camera-savvy folks in our midst, and they do a fantastic job of recording practically everything that's worth recording. John Kelly Green has just made his Fourth of July pictures available at his website (where his Farmers Market and other special event pix already reside), so feel free to go browse, enjoy, maybe even purchase a print or two. In fact, get a Market Buck this week by printing out a favorite JKG photo of any Lansdowne event and showing it to us at the Market Manager tent. We're always happy to look at some snaps.

MAPThe Lansdowne Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot next to 28 North Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine.

Visit our sister market, the Oakmont Farmers Market, Wednesday afternoons in Havertown for more local produce, bread, meat, and other products.


Artists of the Week: If you haven't encountered Type O(-) jewelry yet, you probably haven't been in Lansdowne long, since Grace Caputo and her sterling silver, freshwater pearl, and semiprecious stone creations are a fixture at the Lansdowne Arts Festival and appear annually at the Farmers Market. But what most folks find exciting about that is the concomitant appearance by her mother, Norma Bartram, who makes blackberry jam and jelly, green tomato relish, and sweet bread and butter pickles from fruit and vegetables she grows herself in Chester County. The pickles just came out of the canner last week, so now's the time to pick up a truly fresh jar!

Musicians of the Week: Slim Jim and Big Guy have brought the house down (had we a house) at the FM on several previous occasions with their skilled covers of classic tunes. There just might be some dancing in the aisles. It's happened before.

Check out what's coming in the weeks ahead, music and art-wise, by visiting our continually updated online schedule.



Movies at Cinema 16:9
Blank City, The Perfect Host, Trigun: Badlands Rumble
Call or go online for times and tickets
35 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Minas at Picanha Brazilian Grill
Friday, July 15 (rescheduled), 7:00 pm
6501 Castor Ave, Philadelphia

David Jacobs-Strain with Bob Beach at Concerts at the Beach House
Thursday, July 21, 7:30 pm; $15 per person
610-626-0012 or for info

12 Angry Men -- Free Film sponsored by No Place for Hate
Thursday, July 28, 7:00 pm
Free admission and popcorn
Lansdowne Public Library

Kidcentric Day at Lansdowne Farmers Market
Saturday, July 30, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

National Night Out
Tuesday, August 2, 6:00-8:00 pm; Free
Lansdowne Train Station

The Princess and the Frog -- Free movie in the park
Friday, August 12, 7:30 pm; Free
Hoffman Park, Scottdale Road

Lansdowne Arts Festival
Saturday and Sunday, September 10 and 11, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; Free
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

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A colorful café crew.

For more pictures from the LFM, go here.
Photo courtesy of John Green.