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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, July 7


To be perfectly honest, the Fourth of July snuck up on us, hiding as it was around the corner of the weekend, nestled in the bosom of mid-week, cagily happening almost equidistant from two Markets. Thus, the last newsletter failed to make a big deal out of stocking up for your Independence Day celebrations, but hopefully you remembered to do that on your own. If you somehow woke up yesterday and realized it was the 4th and that you were having 39 people over for a cookout and that you had nothing to feed them because the newsletter didn't sound the usual alarums, our apologies. At least you'll have learned your lesson about relying on Fresh Picks to alert you of impending national holidays, since, clearly, the occasional ball is going to get dropped on that front.

You're Troupers

Parks and Rec line dancers shaking it like a Polaroid picture.

Here's more Market photos from John Kelly Green Photography.

Just a quick but sincere thanks to everyone who participated in last week's Community Day (full list of participants here), who bore the brutal heat admirably; to the vendors, who are always inconvenienced in their setup when we have an event in that extra strip of parking spaces where they normally park; and especially to you shoppers, who not only came out in droves but also hung around and did check out what was going on over on the Community Day side of the Market, just as we'd asked you to. Give the beyond-balmy weather, we were pleasantly surprised by both the attendance and the good moods on display. And the amount of food that you donated for the community food bank was really something. It filled the pastor's car! At some point during Park and Recreation's line dancing and zumba demo (see photo at right), someone leaned into the Manager tent and said, "This is the best farmers market in the world!"; we're inclined to agree.

First Again

As the last newsletter attempted to explain in painful detail, the alternating vendors coming up this Saturday will be largely the same as the alternators from last Saturday. Donna of Spotted Hill will be back from vacation with her soaps and primo bug spray, however, and we might see John and Kira's, depending on the weather. (We found out right after the newsletter mailed last Thursday that John and Kira's had decided to skip the June 30 Market because of the heat. Know that as long as it's in the mid-90s, they may have to take a pass and you will have to get your premium chocolate fix elsewhere.) So that gives us Spotted Hill, Provisions, Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, Doe Run Farm, Penns Woods Winery, the Community Youth Garden, and maybe John and Kira's this Saturday. (Don't get spoiled by custom crepes two weeks in a row though; Marnie and company are off next week and the rest of the second and fourth Saturdays too.)

Steamy Stuff

Hot enough for ya? How about some hearty salads that can work as a meal? They may require a little cooking up front, but all that heat will have dissipated by the time they're cool and ready to serve. This French potato and green bean salad recipe from the Times is on our short list (yes to the anchovies in the dressing but no to the optional additional whole ones on top), and you can find many of the ingredients at the Market -- the green beans, herbs, and eggs at the very least. This unusual pasta salad combines two kinds of peas (Market fare!) with a roasted red paper vinaigrette and recommends (but does not require) crumbling some goat cheese on top (goat cheese -- we got that!). This one might be called a breakfast salad because of the egg, but who doesn't love breakfast for dinner, and we've developed a thing for slightly runny egg yolks as salad dressing (also: it's like 85% Market ingredients).

There is also a small chance that Schobers will have watermelons this Saturday. If that happens, who needs salad? Just a melon, a big knife, and a little salt if you're into that, and it's what's for dinner. (This works if you live alone anyway. Your may be expected to provide a more rounded meal if you are feeding others.)

Kiddie Cattle Call

Kidcentric Day is not until the last Saturday this month -- July 28 -- but since we're offering something this year that might require a little prep time, we're announcing it early and will keep reminding you until we get there. For the first time, children are invited to perform for the crowd from the Musician tent for about half an hour in the middle of the Market day. The microphone will be open for singing, joke telling, instrument playing, dancing -- whatever talent your little one chooses to display for a couple minutes. Keep an eye peeled for exact times, which are yet to be determined.


How would you like to spend a couple hours of a Friday evening strolling through a quaint, compact suburban town, stopping along your way at venues exhibiting pottery, stained glass, illustrations, and jewelry? Believe it or not, you don't have to go anywhere tomorrow to enjoy such an experience, with a total of three venues hosting free exhibits from a number of local artists: Art Space Lansdowne and Paddington Station on Lansdowne Avenue, along with Sycamore Studio on Wycombe Avenue (not to be confused with Sycamore the restaurant). Here's the full rundown: Multitalented artist Richard Prigg will host an exhibit of his stained glass works at his Sycamore Studio from 4 to 8 pm; at Paddington Station, illustrator Marcus Disciullo will feature a number of his intricately detailed works from 6 to 8 (but feel free to stop by earlier); at Art Space, browse and mingle amongst the works of six artists -- Sue Oley, Jennifer Hermann, Claudia Smaletz, Bryan DeProspero, Amanda Villier, and Phyllis Turk -- from 6 to 9 pm. And if the First Friday events aren't enough art for you, make sure to stop by Regency Cafe anytime during the month of July, when oil painter Larry Smalley has a number of his works on display.

2020 House Discussion

The Lansdowne Arts Board is looking for arts-minded individuals to participate in a brainstorming session discussing the 2020 House, the new arts facility being planned for the property at 20 Lansdowne Court (behind the Twentieth Century Club). The meeting takes place next Saturday, July 14, from noon to 4:00 pm at Borough Hall. Participation is free, and refreshments will be provided, so attend to share your ideas and insight. Attendance is limited to the first 50 people to RSVP before Thursday, July 12. To attend, email Lindsay Tucker or call Thaddeus Squire for additional information at 267-597-3803.


Artist of the Week

Okay, here's how it works when Billy Napoli brings her darling sewn bags and aprons and lounge pants and other stuff to the Market: the shoppers who get there first squeal with delight and buy a whole lot of stuff that they show off to the later arrivals who are then very bummed that they missed out on that little purse or that clever sleep mask or whatever. Though Billy brings a lot of stuff, it's all handmade (some is even hand silkscreened) and therefore rather one of a kind. The lesson here is to come to the Market early and go straight to Billy. You can also poke around in her on-line shop, make purchases there, and ask her to bring them to the Market to save the delivery cost.

Musicians of the Week

No matter what the thermometer reads on Saturday, Cassandre Xavier is one cool woman. She has mesmerized the Market before, and it'll probably happen again.

Check out what's coming in the weeks ahead, music and art-wise, by visiting our continually updated online schedule.



First Friday at Art Space Lansdowne
Friday, July 6, 6:00 - 9:00 pm; Free
25 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Paddington Station's First Friday Gallery
Featuring Marcus Disciullo
Friday, July 6, 6:00 - 8:00 pm; Free
12 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Sycamore Studio First Friday
Stained glass exhibit by Richard Prigg
Friday, July 6, 4:00 - 8:00 pm; Free
16 South Wycombe Avenue

Minas Octet at Rose Tree Park
Saturday, July 7, 7:30 pm; Free
Rt. 252, Upper Providence Twp.

Monthly Photo Salon at Owen Biddle Photography School
Sunday, July 8, 3:00 pm; $10
31 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Minas House Concert and Drum Jam Session at Jim and Penny Klinger's
Saturday, July 14, 7:00 pm; $15 donation
86 East Greenwood Avenue

Kidcentric Day at Lansdowne Farmers Market
Saturday, July 28, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Thornton Wilder's Our Town -- Outdoor Theater
Saturday, July 21, 7:00 pm ; Free
Lawn of the Twentieth Century Club, 84. S. Lansdowne Ave

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