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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, July 14

Still Standing

If you can read this, you must have made it through last Saturday's Market without melting, combusting, or evaporating in the excessive heat of that day. It's probably not surprising that the vendors tend to have slower, less-profitable days when it's very hot or otherwise weather-impaired (wet snow in October, anyone?), so any support you throw them on days like that counts double. It means a lot to them and to the folks behind the Market that you seem determined to come out to get your Market fix even in despicable weather. There are worse addictions.

New Stuff

John Wilson of John's MiniTreats has been with the Lansdowne Farmers Market since 2009, is now part of the Oakmont Farmers Market, and makes his famous mushroom soup available through Harvest Local Foods' grocery. That soup has become a Market staple, as has his red wine chili and decadent chocolate pots de créme. This week, John is introducing two new prepared foods -- chilled asparagus soup, which can be eaten on site, and a vegan roasted corn and mushroom chili that will be available frozen by the quart. He hasn't made a bad move yet on the soup or chili front, so there is little to be lost and much to be gained by trying his new offerings. In fact, having one or two of John's concoctions in the freezer will make you very pleased with yourself down the road when you come across them and realize that dinner is only about a half hour away from being served.

Another long-time Market regular has been offering a new product for a couple weeks that deserves mention here. The Regency Café is whipping up cold, creamy fruit smoothies right at their booth (the same flavors they offer in the café), which is especially good to know since this is a Saturday sans Provisions.

In addition to their goat cheeses and caramel sauces, this week Yellow Springs Farm will have herbal iced teas made from mint and other herbs grown on their farm in Chester County. They'll be iced down and cold and ready to drink. A fine addition.

Second Place

It's Saturday numero dos of July and thus time to welcome back a few "alternative" vendors we haven't seen in a while. (If you've been reading these newsletters, you know that June's five Saturdays gave us two consecutive weeks of the same alternating vendors.) So let's have a big round of applause for Akima Botanicals, Cupcakeology, Farm Fromage, Golden Valley Coffee Roasters, Paradocx Vineyards, and Yellow Springs Farm. Joining them in that "occasional" spot is Oley Valley Mushrooms, in their only July appearance. Nearly all of these vendors vary their goods or add new products from one appearance to the next, so it's always worth checking in with them, especially when you haven't seen them in several weeks. In addition to the herbal iced tea that Yellow Springs will have on hand this week, you might want to try Paradocx's T-Wine, a sweet wine that takes the edge off a hot day when served well chilled. (As always, return your Paradocx wine paint cans for $2 credit!)

Eclectic Slides

The Market has been resplendent with fruit lately, so resplendent that you might conceivably tire of eating your blueberries and peaches out of hand. Even if you're not bored with straight fruit, you might be tempted by some of the ideas in this slideshow for what to do with the fruits of summer, which vary from cobblers to drinks to soups and salads. The recipe on slide 3 is one we've shared with you before, and it's become our personal favorite way to dispense with stone fruit; number 6 is for a rum drink that looks like it'd be as addictive as it is pretty; and there are several recipes for ice cream if you have the urge to make some and the required equipment (though we've heard you can make it in a plastic bag, we are skeptible). Also: Fried Peach Pies with Bourbon and Cinnamon. Somebody make this and bring us some, k?

Meanwhile, Fine Cooking is offering this inspiring slideshow of different ways to prepare fresh corn quickly, including Couscous with Corn and Blue Cheese, Smoky Corn Quesadillas, and Charred Corn and Zucchini with Basil, which is batting 1000 for Market ingredients.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Or don't -- no one expects perfection for our Kidcentric Day open microphone performances on July 28. The crowd is going to be supportive no matter what talent (or how much talent) is being displayed. Sing, dance, play an instrument, recite the Gettysburg Address, demo an awesome martial arts move, show us the hole where you just lost a tooth -- it's all good. We'll let you know the exact time eventually, but for now assume it will be around the middle of the Market day.

Father NoBLs Best

While it's highly unlikely that market-goers and readers of this newsletter aren't already in the know, we thought we'd point out that NoBL, the latest restaurant from Sycamore proprietor Stephen Wagner and chef Sam Jacobson, is now officially open. In just a few short weeks, the Mediterranean small-plate BYO at 24 N. Lansdowne has already earned a number of rave reviews on Yelp and appears poised to become one of the prime destinations on Lansdowne's up-and-coming restaurant row. If you've yet to enjoy a meal there, you may want to aim for reservations for Monday, July 16, when Chef Sam's father, Bernard Jacobson, will be joining him in the kitchen for one evening featuring some unique specials in addition to the regular NoBL menu.

Who You Gonna Call?

The Lansdowne Parks & Recreation Department continues to provide plenty of reasons to get out and take advantage of our borough's open spaces with tomorrow's Movie Night in the Park featuring the 1984 classic Ghostbusters. The free (PG-rated) movie begins at 8:30 pm in Hoffman Park on Scottdale Road. However, the department encourages you to make a night of it by arriving early to picnic. Along with food and snacks, bring your blankets and low-back chairs for what promises to be a fun night out for the whole family.

Minas in the House

A few weeks ago, the Minas duo -- consisting of Lansdowne residents Patricia King Haddad and husband Orlando Haddad -- kept an audience of shoppers completely rapt for a couple of hours at the Market. People found a good seat in the café and didn't move for fear of losing it. If you were one of them, or wished you were but were left standing, you can enjoy more of the Brazilian sounds of Minas this Saturday, July 14, at a house concert at Jim and Penny Klingler's home at 86 E. Greenwood Avenue. For a $15 donation that goes to the artists, you'll be treated to both a Minas performance (starting at 7:00 pm) and the chance to participate in a drum session (starting at 8:15), or you can just hang and tap your foot if you are rhythmically challenged (not that we know anyone like that). If you don't have drums to bring, no worries -- they have a vanful. The show is rain or shine, and it'll be outside if the weather permits. So the best way to ensure yourself a good seat is to bring a comfy folding chair. Throw in an appetizer and a bottle of wine or six pack also. Everyone is bringing something to share, and you'll want to have something to offer too.


Artist of the Week

Cyndi Mould of Fauxever Yours is a clever recycler of the sort of wedding-gift household items people don't have much of a use for anymore, like silver-plated trays and fancy picture frames. She paints realistic landscapes and still-lifes onto these bases and transforms them into objects of desire. And sometimes she just works on regular paper and canvas.

Musicians of the Week

Slim Jim and Big Guy are on board for this Saturday, and even though this is about their fifth appearance, we still can't tell you which is which. Nonetheless, these two never fail to delight the crowd with their renditions of classics, with an extra large helping of Elvis thrown in. Keep an eye on Darlene in Schobers' tent; she loves these guys. (Then next week, DJ Nex Miller returns. We foresee a whole lotta dancing on Market grounds the next few weeks. Better make sure we have our permits in order.)

Check out what's coming in the weeks ahead, music and art-wise, by visiting our continually updated online schedule.



Movie Night in the Park: Ghostbusters
Hoffman Park, Scottdale Road
Friday, July 13, movie at 8:30 pm; Free

Minas House Concert and Drum Jam Session at Jim and Penny Klinger's
Saturday, July 14, 7:00 pm; $15 donation
86 East Greenwood Avenue

Kidcentric Day at Lansdowne Farmers Market
Saturday, July 28, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Introduction to Yo-Fu: A blend of Kung-fu and Yoga for children
Saturday, July 21, 11:30 am to noon; Free
Become Yoga, 31 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Thornton Wilder's Our Town -- Outdoor Theater
Saturday, July 21, 7:00 pm ; Free
Lawn of the Twentieth Century Club, 84. S. Lansdowne Ave

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Fresh corn at the Fruitfood Farms stand -- sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

Here's more market photos from John Kelly Green Photography.


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