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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, August 25

Measured Out in Spoons

Here we are, poised on the cusp of the last full weekend in August, which is effectively poised on the cusp of the end of summer. If you measure the passage of time by what's available at the Market, this translates to about 50 minutes past tomatoes and corn, nearly noon for apples and pears, and quarter to broccoli and cauliflower. Hope you have had the leisure- or activity-packed summer of your imagining, and have sampled your way through the Market's offerings as they've changed over the past few months. There are worse ways to spend the season than taking home whatever looks good each Saturday and discovering new ways to prepare it. Even if your summer was a total bust otherwise -- too hot, too humid, too buggy -- having made a great batch of pickles, a refreshing gazpacho, or a delicious fruit-filled dessert that you and those you love enjoyed can provide enough of a high point to pull it back from the brink. Never underestimate the redemptive power of good food you make yourself.

How fortuitous then that we stumbled across two recipes earlier this week that merit sharing because they're just chockfull of Market ingredients and sound perfectly delicious, especially this corn and blackberry pancake (really more of a quiche), which has brunch written all over it. This recipe for ratatouille offers some helpful tips for how to get everything cooked to perfection without turning the more tender vegetables to mush. (It's the kind of clean-out-your-fridge recipe that we all need from time to time.) Try them -- they may just move this summer into the win column.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Did you show up at the Market last week and say, "Hey, I thought Bonnie wasn't going to be here?" and then, a little farther along, "Uh, where's Turning Roots?" If so, thank you for being a careful newsletter reader, since it said that Bonnie was off for the week and didn't mention anything amiss with Turning Roots. But Bonnie changed her vacation plans and Chris and TJ decided they didn't have enough produce to make the trip, and both developments occurred after the newsletter went out, so we weren't able to keep you properly informed. We do our best, but, as they say, stuff happens.

Any chance, then, you'll believe what we tell you this week, especially since it involves a brand new vendor? It's true: there's a midseason addition to the second and fourth Saturday lineup. It's FreshaPeel Hummus, a small business out of Lancaster that will be bringing five or six varieties of savory, spicy, or sweet small-batch hummus to our Market twice a month. They'll be offering samples too! (Apparently their most popular flavors are Lemon Kale and Pumpkin Delight; see if you agree.) Look for them just east of Schober's.

The rest of the 2/4 vendors -- Akima Botanicals, Cupcakeology, Farm Fromage, Golden Valley Coffee Roasters, and Paradocx Vineyards -- will all be present and accounted for, except for Yellow Springs Farm, since Catherine requested this week off (she'll be back September 8). Also ready for your business will be Sue and her maple syrup and syrup-enhanced products from Ridge Valley Farm.

Community Day Lineup

Time for another Community Day this Saturday and, as usual, there's a whole bunch of people and businesses to get to know. There are a couple of schools interested in educating mind or body (yoga and kung fu), a few energy-related interests, some things to buy (including frozen Italian food, Tupperware, crocheted animals, and Shaklee products), election information, and other stuff. This list gives you details on who's coming and is a good referral form for later if you want to follow-up with anyone, which you probably will. Please be sure to allow yourself some time to spend on the other side of the lot. It's groovy over there.

Table It

If you've lived in or around Lansdowne at least 10 or 12 years, you know it's experienced a number of additions that have both increased its visibility in the region, giving locals some bragging rights, and offered us terrific places to spend some time and money in the borough's limits. Naturally, the Farmers Market is one of those plusses, and others include the Regency Cafe, Cinema 16:9, Argana Restaurant, Become Yoga, and, of course, Sycamore and NoBL restaurants. You also no doubt know that Sycamore and NoBL have a presence at the Farmers Market in the form of The Lansdowne Table, which offers take-away versions of the same great food its parent dining establishments serve. Well, now The Lansdowne Table has another location -- inside the lobby of NoBL at 24 N. Lansdowne Avenue -- where you can stop in between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm every day except Monday and pick up a variety of sandwiches and salads to go, as well as shop in their gourmet pantry. Go here to see what's on the menu!

Hawaii Documentary at Library Tonight

Tonight, the Lansdowne No Place for Hate Committee presents its monthly free film at the Lansdowne Library. This month's selection is the PBS documentary Hawaii's Last Queen, part of the network's American Experience series, beginning at 7:00 pm. The program revisits the 1898 annexation of the Hawaiian Islands by the United States and the dramatic power struggle leading up to it.

Campuzano Hosts Closing Reception at Center City Exhibit

If you haven't been to the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery at 1616 Walnut Street this summer, then you've yet to see A Complete Die, etc. -- the exhibit curated by Lansdowne native Anthony Campuzano (recently profiled in this Philadelphia Weekly interview), which wraps up tomorrow with a closing reception from 6 to 8 pm. Tomorrow's reception is the last chance to check out the exhibit and will also feature the live debut of Light Heat, the musical project led by former Mazarin frontman Quentin Stoltzfus, at 7 pm.

And Nex't Weekend...

If you enjoyed the sounds of the multitalented DJ/producer/artist Nex Millen at the Market back in July, and don't feel like waiting until he returns to close out the regular market season on October 27, you're in luck. Nex has just booked a 10 pm gig at 2312 Garrett on Saturday, September 1. The following weekend, Nex will close out the Saturday schedule of the Lansdowne Arts Festival with a 4 pm set on Saturday, September 8.

Festival Countdown

Speaking of the Arts Festival, there is still a need for supply donations for the fest's Recycling Saturday classes. If you have any of the following supplies, please bring them to the donation box at the Market Manager tent this Saturday. Here's what's in demand: Egg cartons, fabric, scarves, rubber bands, paper towel/gift wrap rolls, corks, feathers, googly eyes, yarn, popsicle sticks and/or tongue depressors, paper clips, plastic milk cartons, bottle tops, jar lids, large bubble wrap envelopes, and finally, paint swatches. If you have 'em, bring 'em. Don't forget -- Recyling Saturday is just part of the roster of classes and demonstrations scheduled for the big weekend. Sign up for the classes here -- pre-registration is the only way to guarantee a spot -- and be sure to check the Arts Festival site regularly as new details are announced.



Artist of the Week

We're going to try again this week with Cynthia Mould's terrific paintings and painted household items, since it rained to beat the band the last time she attempted to show her stuff. Take a look at the albums at Fauxever Yours' Facebook page to have an idea of what sort of lovely landscapes to expect.

Musicians of the Week

Readers, the musician is Joy Theissen, and that is all we can tell you, as we are struggling with a real dearth of information on this front. If it wouldn't spoil the surprise to say that we think she'll be a happy surprise, we'd say that.



'Go With The Flow' Candlelight Yoga with Live Music
Become Yoga, 31 N. Lansdowne Ave.
Thursday, August 30, 7:30 pm; $20

Tenth Annual Lansdowne Arts Festival
Pre-Show Reception: Friday, September 7, 7:00 pm; $25
Exhibits and Activities: September 8 and 9, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; Free
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Lansdowne-Aldan High School Class of '57's 55th Reunion
Friday, September 14, 7:00 - 10:00 pm; $40 per person
Saturday, September 15, noon - 3:00 pm; $40 per person
The Porch at the Lamb Tavern, 865 West Springfield Road, Springfield, PA
Contact Phyllis Blair Totaro at 610-543-0961

Bingo Night at First Presbyterian Church
Saturday, September 22, 7:00 - 10:00 pm; $10 at door
Lansdowne & Greenwood Avenues

Harvest Tea at the Simpson Gardens Dining Room
Saturday, September 29, 1:00 pm; $15
84 N. Lansdowne Avenue
Reservations and info: 610-623-1514

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View the complete listing of local events.

The Lansdowne Theater's newly restored marquee watches over the Market.

Here's more market photos from John Kelly Green Photography.


The Lansdowne Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot next to 28 North Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine.

Visit our sister market, the Oakmont Farmers Market, Wednesday afternoons in Havertown for more local produce, bread, meat, and other products.

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