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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, May 25

Okay, intrepid readers, prepare yourselves for a longer than usual Fresh Picks. But it can't be helped; there's so much to alert you to, since we once again invited all the vendors to opening day and most accepted. Not to mention the holiday weekend, the 5K, etc. Settle in for a couple minutes and try to wrap your head around what's in store for the Lansdowne Farmers Market in 2013 and, more specifically, for this this weekend. To help keep you interested, we've "hidden" a few opportunities for Market Bucks (limited to one per person) amid the text, so read on, friends, read on . . . and on.


Anyone know off the top of your head what year this is for the LFM? Incredibly, it's the seventh, so have an extra cookie if that was your answer. (If you said 2013, you're technically right, but you weren't getting into the spirit of the question, now were you?) While the Market will look a lot different this Saturday than it did that first struggling year or two, five of our original vendors -- folks who've been with us from the start -- will be in their usual spots. In case you're wondering how to thank them for being as committed to the LFM as you are, just making a few purchases ought to do the trick.

  • The Regency Café: Expect Shirley and George to have their weekly array of hot and cold drinks; freshly baked muffins, scones, and croissants; and bread from Metropolitan Bakery. Weekly
  • Harvest Local Foods: The LFM's own mini supermarket -- organic produce, dairy items, pantry goods, drinks -- will now have an expanded selection of meat and poultry (talk with Pam about special requests). Weekly
  • Bonnie's Wondergardens: Bonnie starts the season with the plants you need to get your flower bed, vegetable plot, and herb garden going strong, and has five Market Bucks to give to the first five shoppers who ask for them. Weekly
  • Fruitwood Farms: Coming from one of our big Jersey farms, Mike will have (among other things) strawberries, asparagus, rhubarb, and, of course, honey this Saturday. Weekly
  • Schober Orchards: The other Jersey biggie. Darlene's away this week, but Todd's bringing peach cider, fruit butters, and apple, cherry, and oak hardwood for your fire or smoker (root around online; there are lots of articles about how to use a regular gas or charcoal grill as a smoker). Weekly

Good Buddies

The bulk of the 2013 LFM will consist of vendors who have been with us for a while but not since the very start. Here's who you'll see on Saturday, roughly in the order they joined the Market. Show them you're glad they came back by making some purchases.

  • John's MiniTreats: John didn't give us details on his plans for Saturday, so we're going to assume he'll have bite-sized treats, chili, pasta sauce, and soup (and we'll add that if he dares show up without his mushroom soup, he'll be driven off the premises with a large stick). Weekly
  • Spotted Hill Farm: Donna's lovely soaps and body products are made from goat's milk from her own herd. Biweekly, 1st and 3rd Saturdays
  • MyHouse Cookies: Tom and Marie will have pies (including strawberry rhubarb), quiches (some new flavors), and cookies, plus five Market Bucks for the asking. Check back next week for exciting news from them! Weekly
  • The Lansdowne Table: Steve sends out a sampling of gourmet delights made in the kitchen of the borough's acclaimed restaurant, Sycamore. Weekly
  • Great Harvest: Debbie stops running distances just long enough to offer us sweet breads, savory breads, grainy breads, not-so-grainy breads, round breads, long breads, and samples! Weekly
  • Paradocx Vineyards: Look for a variety of wines, including whites, rosés, and reds, plus sweet offerings, in bottles or paint cans, and remember to bring back your empty cans for a $2 credit toward your next purchase. Biweekly, 2nd and 4th Saturdays
  • John & Kira's Chocolates: Nationally recognized, beautifully designed, and carefully packaged artisan chocolates and truffles (bring your frequent buyer card for more stamps toward a free box). Biweekly, 1st and 3rd Saturdays
  • Cupcakeology: Jennifer typically sends enough varieties of cupcakes to the LFM to make selecting only one virtually impossible; are you equal to the challenge? Biweekly, 2nd and 4th Saturdays
  • Penns Woods Winery: Cliff will have both red and white quality wines from PA-grown grapes. Biweekly, 1st and 3rd Saturdays
  • Akima Botanicals: Kim's wonderfully scented and evocatively named (eg, Cemetery) body and home products are made just a couple of miles from her booth. Biweekly, 2nd and 4th Saturdays
  • Amazing Acres Goat Dairy: Lynne and Will are coming back with an assortment of chevres (including plain, rosemary lemon, cranberry, and roasted garlic) plus other cheese made from the milk their own herd of goats produces. Biweekly, 2nd and 4th Saturdays
  • Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters: For you DIYers, Maryann brings an array of organic coffee freshly roasted in West Chester, plus tea too. Biweekly, 1st and 3rd Saturdays
  • FreshaPeel Hummus!: An enticing variety of flavored hummuses (hummi?) that Don encourages you to sample and sample until you find the perfect fit -- perhaps the new jalapeno lime? Biweekly, 1st and 3rd Saturdays

New Kids

Every year we lose a few vendors for various reasons. It's always disappointing, but it opens space in our little lot for some new blood. A few of the folks below you met over the winter, but the rest will be making their first appearance in Lansdowne on May 25. They're probably a little nervous about that. You know the best way to make them feel welcome and not as though they have to sit at a lunch table all by themselves? A couple of purchases ought to do it. (Bet you had figured that out already though.)

  • Take Me . . . Bake Me/Mompops: From a single doubly named source come two favorites: pizza and ice cream on a stick. Look for traditional and gluten-free bake-it-yourself pizza (plain, pepperoni, margherita, Mediterranean, eggplant parmesan) and gourmet popsicles (mango, chocolate banana, strawberry lemonade, among others). Biweekly, 1st and 3rd Saturdays
  • Vera Pasta: Joe will have more of the fresh pastas (pappardelle, tagliatelle, lemon penne, sriracha penne, ricotta gnocchi, and gourmet ravioli) and sauces you've been enjoying from the winter Market. Biweekly, 2nd and 4th Saturdays
  • Green Zebra Farm: Turning Roots bowed out this year to give plenty of attention to their new baby, so the LFM welcomes a new "little" farm. Mitch will be coming from near Media with naturally grown produce, including lettuces, spring onions, chard, kale, exotic mushrooms, and five Market Bucks for the asking this week, plus a crazy array of heirloom tomatoes later in the summer. Weekly
  • Taste Artisanal Market: We lost some cheese producers for 2013, and Lisa from Taste is stepping in with local cheeses (including some from Doe Run), homemade spreads (marinated Asiago, rosemary fig chevre), and cheese accompaniments (bruschetta topping, pesto, and tapenades. Biweekly, 1st and 3rd Saturdays
  • Naughty Nutty Love: Denise mills a variety of fresh nut butters, some that incorporate favorite flavors like chocolate and cinnamon, plus makes peanut butter and oatmeal bars and nut brittles. Biweekly, 2nd and 4th Saturdays
  • Basic Batters: Carrie bakes things that are always gluten-free and often also dairy-free, incorporating organic fruit and herbs, such as a variety of cookies, donuts, and sweet breads (like blueberry-lemon and raspberry-lemon). Biweekly, 2nd and 4th Saturdays
  • Larry's Backyard BBQ: Larry's is one of two "walking-around food" vendors we've added to replace Provisions. Just as the name sounds, Larry will be serving up barbequed meats -- pork ribs, chicken, pulled pork -- with the perfect sides, like baked beans and coleslaw. Monthly, usually the 4th Saturday
  • Neil's Sharpening Service: Bring him your dull, your nicked, your worn-out old blades, and Neil will give them an edge, by honing them while you shop. He can do knives, scissors, garden shears, and even reel mowers (though he may have to take your mower with him). May 25, June 22, August 31, and November 16
  • 1732 Meats: Ari cures antibiotic-free Berkshire pork to make things like black peppercorn, garlic, and jalapeno bacon, and will be adding to his product line as the summer progresses. Schedule to come

Keeping Abreast and Moving Forward

So that's the gist of who you'll see this Saturday. Next week, the Market will be in our usual first and third Saturday (ie, 1/3) lineup, which you can check out on the Vendor Schedule page of the website here. We simplified the schedule presentation this year, and plan to announce alternating and occasional vendors each week on Facebook in addition to in the newsletter, so please like the LFM there if you haven't yet (select "Get Notifications" by hovering over the "Liked" button if you want to have your attention drawn to our not-to-be-missed updates).

In terms of what to look forward to, Sue from Ridge Valley Farm will be returning with her maple syrup once a month (the second Saturday) starting June 8, and two more brand new vendors are in the pipeline to start in the next couple of weeks or months (one with more walking-around food and one with cheese and produce).

Meanwhile, in Headquarters

It's always worth stopping by the Market Manager tent to check out the big table, since we welcome anyone to drop brochures, flyers, schedules, or other information for shoppers to pick up, meaning you'll probably find something interesting there.

This week, we also encourage you to bring nonperishable food to restock the community food bank. Items like pasta and sauce, macaroni and cheese, tuna, coffee, tea, potato flakes, rice, peanut butter, jelly, breakfast cereal, and granola bars are suggested, but all nonperishables not past their expiration date will be accepted.

If not this week then soon, we will also have a new item for sale -- an insulted shopping bag promoting not only the LFM but several other Lansdowne events and groups also, like the Arts Festival and Celebration Theater. The "Come Chill in Lansdowne" cooler bags will be available at the Manager tent until we run out. (We feel strongly that they will make a perfect gift for all those friends you've been leaning on to move to our beloved borough.)

Another reason to stop by the Manager tent Saturday is to tell us the three vendors that are handing out Market Bucks this week, and if you didn't collect a Buck from one of them, we'll give you one in thanks for practically committing this newsletter to heart.

So Special

If you've been coming to the Lansdowne Farmers Market for a few years, you've probably caught on that we like to have one special event every month, typically the last Saturday (because getting up early every Saturday for six months just to set up, manage, and break down the Market isn't enough work for the masochistic committee apparently). These events boil down to three Community Days; Kidcentric Day (open mic again this year, so get working on your routine, kiddies!); Dog Day (parade again, so get working on your sashay, doggies!); Fall Festival (which is the same date as the last Community Day because we're exhausted by then and willing to cheat a little); and the bonus pre-Thanksgiving Market in November. The best way to remind yourself of these dates is to stop by the Market Manager tent and pick up a free 2013 Special Event Forecaster, which takes the form that some of you might know as a "cootie catcher." It's a fun little thing to have around to both fiddle with and jog your memory. Plus, it will take you right back to middle school and maybe even tell you who you're going to marry.

Guest Stars

We love to have Animal Friends of Lansdowne at opening day because they always have kittens this time of year. (A knife sharpener! Bacon! Kittens! What doesn't this Market have??) AFL also has adult cats and the occasional dog and guinea pig in need of fostering or a home. Stop over and meet the generous folks of this great organization, and see if you have anything their charges could use, like cat litter or food or a forever home.

No doubt you have heard of the woes of Penn Wood High School, which experienced a damaging fire earlier this spring. What rotten luck. A group from the school will have a little table at the Market this week to sell T-shirts and chances on a gift basket, proceeds of which will benefit clubs at the school. Consider helping at bit while they're down, won't you?


Artist of the Week

We're happy to welcome a brand new AoW to open the season, Heather Richards of Duckology. Apparently someone somewhere is making duct tape in all kinds of crazy colors and patterns now, and clever young people like Heather are making all kinds of practical and affordable goods out of it, like change purses, wallets, jewelry, accessories, and whatnot. It's very cool and highly affordable stuff.

(Fair warning: June is unofficially jewelry month in the Artist tent. Ladies, check out the schedule here and plan your discretionary spending accordingly. Might be a good time to walk instead of taking a cab.)

Musicians of the Week

Music programmer Bob Beach is showing off a little by kicking off the season with LFM-wower Cassandre Xavier, who can play a guitar and sing to beat the band (get it?). Last year, Cliff from Penn's Wood Winery heard her at the FM, and the next thing we knew she was performing at Penn's Wood Winery. Get a seat early because the café will fill up.

Lansdowne Memorial Day 5K
Monday, May 27, 8:00 am
starts/ends at 30 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Lansdowne Memorial Day Parade
Monday, May 27, 9:00 am
starts at Lansdowne and LaCrosse Aves.

All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast
at Lansdowne Baptist Church
Monday, May 27, 9:30 am to noon,
$4 and up depending on age; $20 per family
17 E. LaCrosse Avenue



Free Film sponsored by No Place for Hate
Thursday, May 23, 7:00 pm; Free
Lansdowne Public Library

Lansdowne Farmers Market Opening Day
Saturday, May 25, 9 am - 1 pm
Lot at 30 North Lansdowne Avenue

Joyce Magnin Book Signing
Sunday, May 26, 11:15 am - 12:30 pm
First Presbyterian Church, Lansdowne and Greenwood Avenues

Sneak Peek of Hollywood Collection Exhibit and Marilyn Monroe Birthday Celebration at Paddington Station
Saturday, June 1, 1:00 - 3:00 pm, free
12 S. Lansdowne Ave.

Lansdowne Folk Club presents Christie Lenee and Brian Ashley Jones
Thursday, June 6; 7:30 pm, $15/$18
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

First Friday at Sycamore Studio
Rick Prigg, new work: paintings and stained glass
Friday, June 7, 5:30 - 8:30 pm, free
16 S. Wycombe Avenue

First Friday at Paddington Station
Hollywood Collection Exhibit
Friday, June 7, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, free
12 S. Lansdowne Ave.

First Friday at Art Space Lansdowne
Friday, June 7, 6:00 - 9:00 pm; free
Manasee Mahajan, paper creations
Paul Moffitt, paracord bracelets
Craig Vetter and Heather Crompton, glass creations
Mary Brady Begnardi, paintings

First Presbyterian Church of Lansdowne Community Picnic
Sunday, June 9, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Greenwood and Lansdowne Avenues

Long-Term Care Insurance Discussion
Lansdowne Public Library, 55 S. Lansdowne Avenue
Monday, June 10, 7:00 - 9:00 pm, free
email for info

The Art of Getting Stains Out of Those Vintage Linens at Paddington Station
Saturday, June 22, 1:00 - 3:00 pm, free
12 S. Lansdowne Ave

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New Arrival
Welcome to the newest member of the LFM family! Rebecca (Becca) Margaret was born May 22 to LFM committee organizational superstar Heather van Heusen and couldn't wait to show where her farmers market allegiance lies. Coming soon to a market near you, in increasingly larger sizes!


The Lansdowne Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot next to 28 North Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine.

Visit our sister market, the Oakmont Farmers Market, Wednesday afternoons in Havertown for more local produce, bread, meat, and other products.

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