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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, June 22

Please, Sir, May We Have Another?

The initial two weeks of the Market this season gave us first atrocious wind and then atrocious heat; the past two weeks we've had near-perfect Market weather. It feels as though the weather seesaw is balanced, and we're a little anxious over what might come our way this weekend. So, if anyone is listening, we greedily request more of the same from the near-perfect weeks. Hear that, Sunday markets? We called the good weather first.

Doing It Better

It seems that humans might not have been designed to eat as much gluten as we like to--muffin for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner. That's a lot of wheat, and many folks are finding it's hard on their systems. Carrie Balthaser responded to her gluten sensitivity by developing her own recipes for gluten-free baked goods, which include proprietary blends of various flours she puts together herself. While she's been baking this way for more than a decade, she started Basic Batters with her son Chandler Brunnabend only last February. Their products have always been gluten-free, but they recently changed to all dairy-free as well, using coconut oil instead, which Carrie says has the added advantages of imparting better texture and longer shelf-life. Their first product was their signature mint chocolate chip cookie, made with organic mint and allergy-free chocolate. Until recently, their most popular product was their organic pumpkin donut bites, which could almost pass for apple cider donuts. But the donut bites have been pushed off the top spot by their new 12-inch parbaked pizza crusts with Italian spices, which are flying off the table like Frisbees. Basic Batters is offering a special this Saturday--$20 for two pizza crusts and your choice of a bag of cookies or two batter bars--so now's a good time to try gluten-free, if only for a day or two.

Half the Time

This Saturday is, incredibly, already the fourth Saturday in June (though not the last), so the Market will be on its 2/4 schedule. Look for Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, Basic Batters, Cupcakeology, Lansdowne Table, Naughty Nutty Love, Paradocx Vineyards, Vera Pasta, and 1732 Meats. (This is normally a week for Akima Botanicals but Kim has a conflict on Saturday. Catch her next on July 16.) Without much effort, you could put together a delicious meal, with drinks and appetizers, just from these biweekly vendors; add in the weeklies and you can have a green salad and soup too, as well as a nice centerpiece for the table and a hearty breakfast for the next morning.

Originally scheduled for this Saturday, Neil's Sharpening Service had to reschedule till July 6, so anyone brandishing unsheathed knives this week will be asked to put them away because that's just crazy dangerous. Bring your knives and garden tools next month.

Almost nothing is cuter than a colorfully dressed child with popsicle rubbings all around his or her mouth ( proof), so to up the adorability quotient of the LFM, we've invited Mompops to join us every week until Labor Day. On his regular first and third Saturday visits, Issa will have both bake-at-home pizzas and his popsicles, under a big tent. On the second and fourth Saturdays, he'll sell just the popsicles out of his cart, from wherever we can squeeze him in. We win for cute!

Cue the Trumpets

No one was more surprised than we were last week then Green Zebra Farms showed up with the first tomatoes of the season. They were grown in hothouses and weren't heirlooms, but we're betting they ate just fine. And we'll have to go on that assumption because by the time we got ourselves down there to buy some, they were all gone. Clearly, shoppers were ready to buy tomatoes even if they didn't come heralded by trumpets in the newsletter (though if any farmers market staple deserves such fanfare, it has to be tomatoes, right?). It sounds like Green Zebra will have 'maters going forward for the foreseeable future, since the hothouse varieties will soon give way to the ones grown in the open air, some of which will be the heirlooms for which Green Zebra is known and even named. Soon, of course, Fruitwood Farms and Schobers will have Jersey tomatoes, and Harvest Local Foods will have a variety of tomatoes from nearby farms, many organic. Soon but not yet, not yet. (One last thing: This is a bacon week. And, as we've established, a tomato week. You should also note that there's plenty of lettuce still around. Draw your own conclusions; make your own sandwiches.)

LFM committe member Maura Ciccarelli has contributed this recipe for pasta with peas, bacon, and greens, which makes use of so many Market ingredients, our head's exploding: fresh pasta, peas, bacon, and romaine. Lettuce, people! In a pasta dish! She says it's great, and we trust her on questions of food, even when it involves [gulp] cooking lettuce. If you try it, let us know what you think.

Just for Kids

Another popular item last week besides tomatoes was Tinkerbelle the nanny goat and her sweet little baby girl, whom young shoppers voted to name Bubbles, which just barely edged out Pickle. Suggested by Charlotte Hummel, Bubbles is an especially appropriate name because the goats' owner, Donna Howard, is the Market's "soap lady." Thanks, Charlotte, for the name suggestion, and thanks, Donna, for sharing a little part of your herd of Nubians with us. And all you kids who gave it a lot of thought and voted--thank you especially!

Speaking of kids, the last Saturday in July--July 27--is Kidcentric Day at the Market, when we have even more fun stuff for the younguns than usual. We're bringing back one of last year's most popular activities--kids' open mic, a chunk of time when children take over the Music tent and, most alluringly, the microphone itself. While we had to twist a few arms to get volunteers to perform for us when we started last year, after only a few performances, everyone under 4 feet tall wanted their turn to sing into the mic, so we heard about 15 renditions of Happy Birthday. Parents, here's the point of this paragraph: There is plenty of time yet to work on a song other than Happy Birthday. Help your little one find a song and get comfy singing it. Their audience awaits. (Playing a musical instrument, dancing, acrobatics, and whatever other talents you're fostering are also welcome. This early notice is just to get some songs into kids' repertoires besides Happy Birthday.)


Representatives of the Union AA will be at the Market this week and next selling tickets to the evening extravaganza on the 4th of July, featuring live music as well as fireworks. Look for the people dressed in red, white, and blue and get the stickers that will serve as your passes onto the field, where the cool people go to see the show!

This Saturday is the deadline for applications for Community Day on the 29th, if there are any spaces still left on Saturday. Get the app in, and LFM committee member Magna Byrne will let you know if you're cleared for takeoff.

The Market will be collecting items for the community food bank next week, as we do every Community Day, so when you shop this week, please grab (and pay for) some extra items like rice, pasta, sauce, potato flakes, pancake mix, tuna, coffee, and other nonperishables to help out your neighbors. You may not know them personally, but what's that saying about being kind to strangers? (Seriously, what is it? We can't recall.)

Salon Sunday Discussion with Maya Camille Winters

Lansdowne artist and studio art professor Maya Camille Winters will be the presenter at the Lansdowne Arts Board's free Salon Sunday forum taking place at noon this Sunday, June 23, at 24 N. Lansdowne Avenue (the former NoBL location). Winters, who teaches at both West Chester and Cheyney Universities and is also a nationally ranked strength athlete, will discuss the representation of the female nude in correspondence to its function. She will also exhibit some of her own paintings to provide an exemplary depiction of the female body altered to serve its function -- representations of female strength athletes and other women who alter their bodies for purpose.

Small Business Seminar: Repair Your Credit!

The Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation and the African-American Female Entrepreneurs Alliance are co-hosting a seminar on credit repair and debt elimination next Tuesday, June 25, at 6:30 pm at the 20th Century Club (84 S. Lansdowne Avenue). Hosted by Tara Colquitt, the seminar is perfect for entrepreneurs interested in starting or growing a business who face challenges such as a low credit score and debt. Admission to the seminar costs only $5 for Lansdowne residents and for members of AAFEA. For more information and/or to RSVP, please email

Fourth Festivities Ahead

Before you go planning a weekend getaway over the upcoming Independence Day holiday, don't forget that there's a wealth of holiday happenings right here in Lansdowne thanks to the good people at the Union Athletic Association. On Thursday, July 4, start your day at the Fourth of July parade, beginning at 9:00 am at E. Greenwood and Wycombe Avenues and winding up at the Penn Wood High School field for games, prizes, and activities. In the evening, head back to the high school field for music and more beginning at 7:45 pm, with a fireworks extravaganza set to light up the sky at 9:00 pm. For tickets and more info, visit or talk to representatives at the Market this Saturday and next.


Artist of the Week

Who doesn't know (and like) Marty and Helene Von Rosenstiel? They're a dynamic sister duo of kindness, generosity, and creativity, as anyone knows who has ever "taken" Marty's "class" Making Things with Marty at Art Space Lansdowne (really more of an open session of guided fun and chatter) or encountered Helene in any capacity. In addition to their own individual projects, the two pair up to combine Marty's fused glass beads and buttons with Helene's sewn pouches, bags, and holder thingies. They always use their Farmers Market appearance to have a blowout sale as well as a lot of fun, so you'd be silly to skip the artist tent his week.

Musician of the Week

We told you a while ago that music programmer Bob Beach was showing off with his bookings for the first month of the Market, and this week's musician is further proof of that. David Falcone just might have been the first musician at the first Market (and he might not've, but it feels right to say he was), and he set the bar high. Think fingerstyle guitar picking along the lines of Leo Kottke combined with a ZZ Top-esque physical presence. He's always memorable.



The Art of Getting Stains Out of Those Vintage Linens at Paddington Station
Saturday, June 22, 1:00 - 3:00 pm, free
12 S. Lansdowne Ave

Salon Sunday with Maya Camille Winters
presented by the Lansdowne Arts Board
Sunday, June 23, noon, free
24 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Small Business Seminar: Repair Your Credit with Tara Colquitt
presented by the LEDC and AAFEA
Tuesday, June 25, 6:30 pm, $5
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue in Lansdowne.
To RSVP or for more info email

No Place for Hate film: How to Survive a Plague
Thursday, June 27, 7:00 pm, free
Lansdowne Public Library
55 S. Lansdowne Avenue

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) -- Outdoor Theater
Saturday, July 27, 7:00 pm; Free
Lawn of the Twentieth Century Club, 84. S. Lansdowne Ave

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We christen thee Bubbles.

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