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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, July 27


This is the week that we take pity on the children. Those poor kids, dragged to the Market every week by their parents, forced to ride in wagons or strollers, or to be piggybacked, maybe carried in slings or backpacks. In a few truly cruel cases, masochistic parents have been seen to require that their offspring walk -- walk! -- using their own two feet for transport! The inhumanity! Once there, the little suffering ones have to eat muffins or cupcakes or even popsicles and are often forced to dance around to the live music that's playing -- right out there in public, where people can see them, smile at them, photograph them. It's all too much, don't you think? Those precious little things have endured enough. This week we try to make it up to them. While we can't wipe all the Market-related pain away, we can help them forget for a few minutes the torments that have plagued them Saturday mornings in that dreaded parking lot. Thus: Kidcentric Day, when, for once, kids get some attention.

Returning this year is the Kidcentric Day favorite that no one ever tires of -- the Winged Wonders Education butterfly exhibit . (We believe strongly that any child who gets up close to butterflies under the caring guidance of Ann Ward will never be tempted to pull the wings off them or any other insects later in life, so this is valuable exposure.) Starting at 10:00, the Delco Bird Club will be there with literally armloads of parrots, macaws, cockatoos, and dodos for the kids to see and touch. (What's that? Oh. We're being told probably no dodos.) Also returning is Corn Hole, the game with the disturbing name that's harder than it looks. New this year is Greater Craters, a game we made up out of thin air and constructed from recycled egg cartons and cardboard boxes, and it looks it, but the money we saved by building it that way will be given away as actual cash prizes. Another cool new thing will be martial arts demonstrations by Yee's Hung Ga Pa Kung Fu Academy. And the Lansdowne Public Library will be having a kids book swap, so bring lots of kids books to trade in. Add in the Wet Tent (prepare for your child -- and you if you're game -- to get soaked) and face painting (probably best after the Wet Tent) and you have a day designed to just barely meet the most basic needs of children. But wait, there's more.

Starting around 11:45 or so, we're going to open up the microphone in the Musician tent to all comers under age 18. And then we're all going to be receptive to whatever said comers want to do to entertain us -- sing, dance, tell jokes, play an instrument, do some acrobatics, pull off a magic trick, demo a cool move -- whatever. For the past few weeks we've been asking kids to maybe learn a song besides Happy Birthday just to add a bit more variety to the day, but we'll take that song if that's all they've got. And in exchange, performers get a Market Buck for their efforts, once again reinforcing the illusion that rewards come easily in life.

Four Score

Holy moly, it's the fourth Saturday in July in two days! That means our 2/4 vendors will be on site this week: Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, Basic Batters, Cupcakeology, Lansdowne Table, Naughty Nutty Love, Paradocx Vineyards, Vera Pasta, and 1732 Meats. This is also a Saturday for Larry's Backyard BBQ, so going home hungry is not an option.

Unfortunately, Kim from Akima's Botanicals is still struggling with some health issues and has had to temporarily shut down her business. She is hopeful that she can make it back to the Market this season (as are we), but for now she can't predict when that will be. We all wish her a full recovery, and one that's as speedy as possible too.

The Bright Side

The bad news is that, yes, the climate does indeed seem to be changing, and probably not for the better unless you moved to Pennsylvania hoping to live in a tropical forest. The good news is that it's now hot enough in these parts to grow artichokes in New Jersey. Last week, for the first time in our Market's history, local baby artichokes showed up, grown by Fruitwood Farms and perhaps not as eagerly snatched up as they should have been, maybe because we're not accustomed to cooking with artichokes 'round these parts. The beauty of these little cuties is that they're fully edible after some trimming -- that is, there's no actual choke to slow you down like there is in, er, adult artichokes. Miles from Fruitwood promised they'd have them again this week, so we aim to remedy your little comfort and familiarity problem in the meantime.

Here is a slideshow from Bon Appetit, and here is a web page and video showing how to prepare baby artichokes, as well as some basic info on cooking. Here is page from the NY Times extolling the veggie's virtues and offering some very simple ideas for preparing them with basic dressings (olive oil, lemon juice, cheese, red pepper flakes -- that kind of thing). But if you're willing to to expend a little more effort, we've dug up a few recipes you might want to consider: grilled with lemon vinaigrette or grilled with lemon, bay, and thyme (lemon gets a lot of play in baby artichoke recipes); sautéed with two kinds of onions and herbes de Provence or sautéed per Martha Stewart (surprisingly simple); roasted with butter sauce or roasted with garlic; braised with garlic, mint, and parsley or braised with anchovies (anchovies! try this one!); fried crispy or pan fried with gremolata (gremolotta work is more like it). So don't be afraid to pick up a few artichokes and give them a try. You might thank us for the tip.


We stated unequivocally here last week that Harvest Local Foods would have fresh mozzarella at the Market this past Saturday. They unequivocally did not. But we still have the email where they told us that they would, so that was not an editorial error. Apparently it was an inventory error. But all is forgiven if they have the mozz this week, right?

Second Helping

If you missed last Friday night's free showing of The Help in Hoffman Park, you have another chance tonight, when Lansdowne's No Place for Hate Committee presents a free showing of this acclaimed 2011 film that touches on issues of class, race, and culture in the the Civil Rights-era south. The film begins at 7:00 pm in the Lansdowne Public Library; free popcorn will be provided. A discussion will follow the film.

Theatre en Plein Air

The weather appears to be cooling off just in time for this Saturday evening's performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) presented by the Commonwealth Classic Theater Company on the lawn of the Twentieth Century Club. Bring blankets and low chairs for comfort; picnic baskets (presumably packed with food you purchased at the morning's Market) are also welcome. Market favorite MomPops will be there as well with their homemade gourmet popsicles. This comedic twist on Shakespeare begins at 7:00 pm and is free to the public. In the event of inclement weather, this event may be cancelled; please check if the weather seems iffy.

Rhyme Time

The Regency Cafe is kicking off its planned monthly Rhyme Rhythm and Reason series this Sunday afternoon at 2 pm with a poetry reading by Camelia Nocella. The published poetess will be accompanied by husband Joseph Nocella on keyboards and guitar, and an open reading will follow. This free event is presented by The Mad Poets Society and director Eileen D'Angelo.

For Kicks

There's two more days to buy tickets for the Lansdowne Boys and Girls Club's Lansdowne Soccer Night at the Philadelphia Union vs. D.C. United game on Saturday, August 10. Tickets are available for $35 (adults) and $25 (youths) through this special offer; reserve your order by tomorrow by emailing


Artist of the Week

Welcome back Laura Piontkowski of Name on Your Wall, the art of writing with photographs that have been cunningly shot and carefully cropped to represent letters and numbers. The gift appeal of these pieces cannot be understated. We especially like the ones that include memorable dates.

Musicians of the Week

Selected specifically for Kidcentric Day, the Brandywine Fiddlers are a collection of youngsters from the Delaware Music School led by Lansdowner Shelley Beard Schleigh. They sawed their way into our hearts a few years ago, so we're delighted to have them back, playing the folk and nontraditional music they do so well. Also: uber cute!



The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) -- Outdoor Theater
Saturday, July 27, 7:00 pm, free
Lawn of the Twentieth Century Club, 84. S. Lansdowne Ave

First Friday at Art Space Lansdowne
Friday, August 2, 6:00 - 9:00 pm, free
Debra Lane and Shelby A. Smith: Pottery and Ceramics
Michael Moore: Illustrations
Mona Iannaccone: Prints, Watercolors, Cards
25 S. Lansdowne Avenue

First Friday at Regency Cafe
Lansdowne Arts Festival preview event
featuring selected exhibitors
Friday, August 2, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, free
29 N. Lansdowne Avenue

National Night Out Event presented by
the Lansdowne Police and the LBPA
Tuesday, August 6, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, free
Highland Avenue Parking Lot
(next to Lansdowne Fire Company)

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photo by Jeremy Fountain
To get ready for Kidcentric Day, some shoppers apparently bought kid seedlings last week.

Photo by Jeremy Fountain.

Here's more market photos from
John Kelly Green photography.


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