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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, August 3

Every year we joke about how exhausting Kidcentric Day is for the volunteers who don't have children. But, really, that level of tired isn't funny, is it? A person could just collapse at any moment. Pretty sure you parents of young ones should not be driving heavy machinery. Or even cars.

Top of the Order

So soon, August? You couldn't have waited another week or two to barge in on summer? You're always a bit too early with your back to school sales and the pressure you apply to squeeze in the warm weather activities before it's too late. But you're here now, like guests who show up early for a dinner party (we want you and we're expecting you, just not quite yet), so we'll have to make the best of it. And a new month means the Market's back to its 1/3 vendors: The Avenue Deli, FreshaPeel Hummus!, Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters, John & Kira's Chocolates, Penns Woods Winery, Spotted Hill Farm, and Take Me...Bake Me/Mompops. Please note that Taste Artisanal Market is off this week and will be back the 17th. Cliff from Penns Woods apologizes for missing his turn two weeks ago with no notice. The heat at the time was playing havoc with the winery and making market attendance difficult, and he was caught up in that and forgot to call.


Heirloom tomatoes are most easily defined using a negative: they are not hybrids. That is, the DNA all comes from a common stable cultivar, rather than multiple cultivars -- meaning the plant was never crossbred -- so that you can save the seeds from one generation to grow exactly the same tomato the next generation, which is not possible with seeds from a hybrid. Such tomatoes are the specialty of Green Zebra Farm, though Mitch says they buy seeds rather than saving them (and we support this because it helps seed purveyors stay in business). Green Zebra has temporarily expanded to a double-wide space to accommodate the multiple varieties of tomatoes -- mostly heirlooms -- that they're bringing to the Market these days. This week, you should be able to find Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Striped German, Orange Pineapple, Arkansas Traveler, Brandywine, Green Zebra, Carmello, Yellow Flame, and Black Cherry tomatoes. Buy a variety to take home, put in a bowl on the counter (not in the fridge), and admire for an afternoon, and then use them to make something gorgeous as well as delicious. Look also for Green Zebra's first batch of 2013 heirloom tomato marinara, available in 16 and 32 oz jars.

From A to Zucchini

If you're not buying the very reasonably priced zucchini at the Farmers Market, it's probably because you're getting it free from a neighbor or family member, or growing it yourself. This time of year, there's no avoiding the things. (Zucchini could be added to death and taxes as the third certainty of American life, and no one would bat an eye.) Fortunately, it's also a mild and versatile vegetable that swings both ways (savory and sweet), that's low in calories (if not especially noteworthy nutritionally), and that's pretty easy to sneak into other foods. Chances are good that you already have a couple favorite recipes for summer squash, but maybe we can help add a few more to your stable.

We shared this recipe for zucchini-crusted pizza a few years ago, but it bears repeating, especially if your kids hate veggies but love pizza. The website Food52 has a wealth of recipes that are begging to be tried, such as zucchini pancakes, zucchini quinoa burgers for those of you who want a more healthful burger and have a bit of time to devote to that pursuit, baked zucchini chips (especially useful for dispensing with the ones that have achieved war club size), and zucchini butter (it's butter! made from zucchini! Read the comments for great ideas on how to use it besides on bread). In the sweet column, these zucchini-lemon cookies are going on our short list, as are these double chocolate zucchini muffins, but both will have to get in line behind this salted caramel zucchini cake (seriously, come on).


We gave out a boatload of Market Bucks last week to the kids who did something (anything, really) for us at the open mic (expecting most of those to be cashed in at Mompops), but this week it's the adults' turn. Get one by bringing a friend to the Market who's never been or who doesn't make it a habit. Come by the Manager booth to say hi, and you'll both get Bucks.

Look for the application for Community Day #2, which is on August 31, next week via this newsletter or at the Market Manager tent on the 10th.

Still no sign of those insulted Come Chill in Lansdowne bags. At this rate, we won't need them to fend off the heat in the lot since it's starting to cool off already (well, a little anyway).

Season of Arts

We're flipping the calendar over to August today, which means tomorrow is a day for the arts in the borough. At Art Space Lansdowne, stop by First Friday to see pottery and ceramic works by Debra Lane and Shelby A. Smith; illustrations by Michael Moore; and framed prints, greeting cards, and watercolors by Mona Iannaccone. Admission is free; the exhibit is open from 6 to 9 pm.

As the countdown to the 11th Annual Lansdowne Arts Festival continues, our friends at the Regency Cafe are preparing for the festival by hosting an exhibit of works by artists participating in this year's event throughout August. Tomorrow night, the cafe stays open late for First Friday with several artists on hand at an opening reception lasting from 6 to 8 pm. This is your first chance to see what's going to be at this year's festival, so be sure to stop by.

National Night Out

The Lansdowne Police Department and the Lansdowne Business and Professional Association have joined forces to host this year's National Night Out, next Tuesday, August 6 from 6 to 8 pm in the Highland Avenue parking lot. There'll be food, fun, games, community groups, businesses, and more during this to free, all-ages event to build community and civic involvement and fight crime.


Artists of the Week

The wife-husband duo of Cybele Perry and Paul Moffitt together are Perry Moffitt, a homegrown enterprise of Cybele's handmade quilts and clothing for children (very popular a few years ago at her previous Market appearance) and Paul's hand-knotted paracord bracelets, fobs, and other clever doodads. Paracord, per Wikipedia, is "lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II"; the point is that it's strong, flexible, durable, and colorful, and you can make cool things with it if you know what you're doing.

Musicians of the Week

The Philly band Caterpillar will be debuting this Saturday with an acoustic show put on by two of its members -- Dennis Davis and Mike Lennert. Their website is rather unforthcoming, but we know from their Facebook page that they're excited to be coming to the LFM, so we're excited to have them.



First Friday at Art Space Lansdowne
Friday, August 2, 6:00 - 9:00 pm, free
Debra Lane and Shelby A. Smith: Pottery and Ceramics
Michael Moore: Illustrations
Mona Iannaccone: Prints, Watercolors, Cards
25 S. Lansdowne Avenue

First Friday at Regency Cafe
Lansdowne Arts Festival preview event
featuring selected exhibitors
Friday, August 2, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, free
29 N. Lansdowne Avenue

National Night Out Event presented by
the Lansdowne Police and the LBPA
Tuesday, August 6, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, free
Highland Avenue Parking Lot
(next to Lansdowne Fire Company)

Five-O Crime Solving Academy
for kids 8 and up
Wednesday, August 7, 2:00 pm, free
Lansdowne Public Library
55 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Home-Based Business Networking Event
Presented by the LBPA
Wednesday, August 14, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Regency Cafe, 29 N. Lansdowne Avenue
Email or for details

11th Annual Lansdowne Arts Festival
Pre-Show Reception: Friday, September 6, 7:00 pm; $25
Exhibits and Activities: September 7 and 8, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; Free
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

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The Lansdowne Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot next to 28 North Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine.

Visit our sister market, the Oakmont Farmers Market, Wednesday afternoons in Havertown for more local produce, bread, meat, and other products.

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