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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, August 24

Be an Aubergenius

This section was originally called "There's Something About Eggplant," but we realized that most people would just skip it entirely given such a warning, and the goal here is to have people try this very useful and much-maligned vegetable by offering recipes for two classic dishes -- ratatouille and caponata -- that feature (read: hide) it amidst lots of other yummy stuff. Let's first acknowledge that many people who don't like eggplant seem to mostly object to its texture. In these recipes, it's cooked to lovely softness amid other cooked-to-softness veggies, so only the glossy film-like skin would remain to give its presence away. Thus, why not peel the dumb thing even if the recipe doesn't call for it? We want the eggplant to essentially disappear so no one evens know it's there, so just get rid of the incriminating evidence. Always have a good crusty bread on hand with either of these dishes also. The recipes vary but that accompaniment is required. And then if a hater screws up their face and says, "Uck, does this have eggplant in it?", you can say, "Don't be silly!", and offer them some more bread.

Alice Waters is the veritable queen of vegetables, so why start anywhere else when making a nothing-but-veggies dish like ratatouille? Her easy recipe takes the abundance of August -- eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, basil -- and wakes it up with some red pepper flakes. Julia Child's recipe is a bit fussier, involving sauteing the various vegetables separately and then layering them together, and it withholds the basil in favor of parsley (why, Julia, why?), but if you use that one, you can talk to yourself in that fun Julia Childs voice as you move about your kitchen. ( This blog post has step-by-step photos of Julia's recipe, but, no, it's not that blog.) Finally, this roasted ratatouille uses several more veggies (mushrooms, fennel) plus thyme and rosemary, and gets rave reviews. (There are so many five-star reviews, in fact, that you have to think the giver of one star who ended up with dried-out raw vegetables did something wrong despite adamant claims to the contrary, don't you?)

Whereas ratatouille is a hot side or main dish, caponata is a room-temperature topping that's typically served on bread, though we've found that tossing it with some pasta and then eating that combo hot or room temperature is no great leap. The neutral eggplant in caponata is jazzed up with salty elements like olives and capers and usually also something sweet, like raisins or even cocoa powder or chocolate. But let's start simple. This recipe from the NY Times incorporates many of the same veggies as ratatouille, plus celery, and is likely the most healthful of the bunch. We're a fan of Slate's "You're Doing It Wrong" cooking column (though we don't always agree that we are in fact doing it wrong), and they handled caponata there a couple of months ago. That recipe's use of parsley and lemon juice likely adds a bright note to the finished spread. Over at Savuer they go all the way, adding raisins and caramelized onions for sweet, plus unsweetened chocolate for depth, and again the reviewers go wild.

Pizza Pizza

Remember last week when we suggested putting corn kernels on a pizza with blue cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon? Well, we did that ourselves this week and it was as good an idea as we expected. If you grow rosemary, toss a sprig in with the onions as they're cooking and then remove it before putting the onions on the pizza. Brush the crust first with some olive oil, add your toppings, and then fill holes with mozzarella. Super delicious white pizza, people, seriously.

And for a super delicious red pizza also loaded with Market ingredients, check out committee member Maura Ciccarelli's recipe for Goat Cheese Pizza with Farmers Market Tomatoes, Caramelized Onions, and Basil. There is not a single unappealing word in that entire recipe name.

Fourth and Five

Sit back and relax because for the next two weeks, you will be looking at mostly the same alternating vendors, since the 2/4 vendors are coming this fourth Saturday of August as well as the following Saturday. (You'll recall that the 1/3 vendors took the fifth Saturday of June, or maybe you won't, but trust us, they did). The 2/4 vendors to expect this week would be Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, Basic Batters, Cupcakeology, Lansdowne Table, Naughty Nutty Love, Paradocx Vineyards, and Vera Pasta. Contrary to what we told you here last time, 1732 Meats is indeed back this Saturday; it's next week that The Avenue will be taking their spot. Plus, it's time for the monthly appearance of Larry's Backyard BBQ. There was some whining last week about the lack of walking-around food (though perhaps that was only in the Market Manager tent since we're there all day and get hungry), but that should be more than covered this week with Larry's barbequed chicken and pork and Lansdowne Table's built-to-order tacos. So no complaining this week (George).

Neil's Knife Sharpening is coming next week, the 31st. Please do not forget. And please also do not show up with a bag of knives late in the day and expect him to get to them. Come early to guarantee yourself a spot in the grindstone queue.


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Last time we checked, more than half the slots had been claimed for Community Day #2 on August 31. So if you want to be a part of that, for goodness sake, get your application in! Miss this one and your last chance is Community Day #3 on October 19.

Keep wearing those Lansdowne Arts Festival T-shirts to the Market! Any of them will get you a Market Buck and one from years 1 to 4 will get you two Market Bucks!

It only took about 6 months, but the Come Chill in Lansdowne insulated cooler bags we've been gassing about since May have finally come in (they were ordered early in 2013). They will be on sale in the Market Manager tent starting this Saturday and every week thereafter until we run out or don't feel like schlepping them around anymore. You need a couple, right?

Thanks to Jeannine McKnight, Marcus DiScuillo, and Amie LaCourt for helping us break down last week. Let's hear it for volunteers with prefixed last names!

Sometimes adults come to the Market.

Here's more market photos from John Kelly Green photography.


Artist of the Week

Myrna Koman is brand new to the Market and the first jeweler we've had in the Artist tent in several weeks, so it should be an exciting appearance for everyone. Her beaded necklaces, earrings, and sets are detailed and elaborate. As always, come early for the best selection.

Musicians of the Week

It's time for the annual Slim and Guy show at the LFM, and even after all these years, we're not positive which one is Slim and which one is Guy. What we do know is that they can play a ton of music and always get the crowd rocking.



Free No Place for Hate Film: 42
Thursday, August 22, 6:30 pm, free
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue
Discussion to follow film. Popcorn provided.

Dragon Spirit Yoga - Vinyasa Mellow Flow
for experienced beginners
Sunday, August 25, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm and
Sunday, September 8, 11:00 am - noon
Free, donations accepted
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Ave.

11th Annual Lansdowne Arts Festival
Pre-Show Reception: Friday, September 6, 7:00 pm; $25
Exhibits and Activities: September 7 and 8, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm; Free
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Oakmont Farmers Market Fall Food Swap
Tuesday, September 10, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
1601 Darby Road, Havertown, PA 19083
More info and registration

Dragon Spirit Yoga - Restorative Flow
for all levels
Wednesday, September 11, 9:30 - 10:30 am or 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Free, donations accepted
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Ave.

Dragon Spirit Yoga - Gentle Grace
for active seniors and adults with limited mobility
Thursday, September 12, 4:30 - 5:30 pm
Free, donations accepted
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Ave.

American Legion Post 65 meeting
Tuesday, September 17, 7:30 pm
Lansdowne Borough Hall
All active and non-active duty service members welcome

Park Day at Hoffman Park
Sponsored by Lansdowne Borough
Saturday, Sept. 21, 1:00 - 4:00 pm, free
Games, Prizes, Moonbounce and more
Call 610-284-1493 for information

Harvest Tea at the Simpson Gardens Dining Room
Saturday, September 28, 1:00 pm; $15
84 N. Lansdowne Avenue
Reservations and info: 610-623-1514

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The Lansdowne Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot next to 28 North Lansdowne Avenue, rain or shine.

Visit our sister market, the Oakmont Farmers Market, Wednesday afternoons in Havertown for more local produce, bread, meat, and other products.

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