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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, October 5

Knock, knock. Who's there? October. October who? Seriously? October 2013, that's who. You should take a look at a calendar from time to time because I've been lurking there for 9 full months, waiting for September to get out of the way so I could jump out at you, freak you out that it's the last month of the Farmers Market, that it's getting colder by the day, and that I culminate in Halloween. Whatever, October, you don't scare us. Okay, maybe a little with the cold and Halloween, but not on the Farmers Market front because once you're over here're still a Market the third Saturday of every month through the winter, starting November 16. So put that between a couple pumpkin-flavored waffles and eat it.

They Fill Gaps

Pam at Harvest Local Foods noticed that last week this newsletter provided some DIY hummus recipes because FreshaPeel Hummus dropped out, and she reminded us that HLF always has a few kinds of local hummus from Helen's of Cheltenham at the Market, so you could save yourself some effort and try their offerings. And since this is a week when Amazing Acres Goat Dairy is not at the Market, she offered to bring a selection of hard and soft goat cheeses and we said, A-okay, Pammie! She also says that they'll be taking orders for pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys soon, but more details to come on that.

Most excitingly though, this week Harvest Local will be bringing heritage eggs from Stryker Farm, a small farm in the Poconos owned and operated by a young farmer, Nolan Thevnet, who is dedicated to humane, sustainable animal husbandry. He raises the same heritage breeds -- Plymouth Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Australorpe, Welsummer, Americauna -- that populated America's farms 100 years ago prior to the commercial egg industry. Heritage birds are known to be smart, good foragers, and skilled at avoiding predators, as well as being pretty to look at. The birds are pasture raised with no antibiotics and no GMO feed. The eggs are a little smaller than commercial eggs, but their yolks are plump and bright yellow, and we hear the flavor is delicious.

Last First

For the season's final first Saturday Market, make way for The Avenue Deli, Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters, John & Kira's Chocolates, Penns Woods Winery, Spotted Hill Farm, Take Me...Bake Me, and Taste Artisanal Market. Not sure what we could tell you about these folks at this point in the year, but if you have any questions, follow the links to their websites and poke around. How do you think we know so much? A lotta clicking, friends, a whole lotta clicking.

Waffatopia will also be back Saturday, which is the only return engagement we could wrangle them for, since they booked up super-fast after their previous visit to the LFM. Their products also sold super-fast the last time they visited us. Take that as encouragement to come on the earlier side if you want the best selection and maybe if you want waffles, period.

Apple Lemonade

Apple cider has made its comeback to the Market, and more than one child was seen double-fisting it with those tiny Schober's cups last Saturday. (Fruitwood now has cups for tasting too.) You probably already know that most of the apples that are used for cider are the imperfect ones, the ones with bruises or pockmarks or funny bumps that might not seem so appealing to the eye but that "eat just fine" as our dad would have said. So in this way, cider is a great example of "making lemonade," or turning a negative into a positive. (We do admit that "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" is a bit catchier than "When life gives you banged-up apples, made cider.") But when life gives you lemons and then peevishly throws some unripe apples at you to boot, maybe some apple cider sangria will take the edge off. This recipe involving pinot grigio and ginger brandy came buzzing by on our Facebook feed early in the week and is what inspired this section. This one uses white wine, ginger brandy, and Apple Pie vodka and doubles down on the cinnamon, and this one fancies things up with sparkling wine. Closer to a traditional sangria, this recipe for spiced apple cider sangria incorporates red wine, orange juice, and a lot of cold-weather spices. Finally, this recipe substitutes hard cider for the wine, keeps the usual brandy and regular apple cider, and uses maple syrup as a sweetener. Remember: No one said you can't fight back when you're tired of making lemonade.


Here it is, your final chance to take advantage of the LFM to promote or sell whatever it is you have for the promoting or selling -- the application for last Community Day of 2013, coming up on October 19, which is earlier than most Community Days because it's not the last Saturday of the month. The apps are due by October 12, so you have only a little over a week to decide to do this thing. But the sheer number of people who do one Community Day and then want to sign up for more of them should be a good indication to you that this is a golden opportunity. Lucky for you, we give precedence to first timers (in a season), so if this is something you've been considering, now's the time to jump on it.

And here is the application for the Sweet Endings Dessert Contest, which also will be held on the 19th. The rules are fully laid out in our usual wordy manner on the application but the gist is: original or significantly altered recipe, a few Market ingredients, seasonal, attractive, tasty. Winners win stuff (again a combo of cash and Market Bucks). The contest entries, minus the small pieces that the judges taste, are silent-auctioned off, and the proceeds go to the community food bank.

Which reminds us, we'll also be collecting food for the food bank that day (October 19), so please think about that as you grocery shop over the next week and throw some rice, beans, pasta, peanut butter, etc, in the cart to help out those who might be less able to purchase such things themselves.


Internationally Recognized Zen Master Bernie Glassman Comes to Lansdowne

Bearing Witness to the Oneness of Life

Workshop: Oct 19th (10 am - 4 pm) - Lansdowne Friends School
Book Signing & Reception: (5 pm) - Soji Zen Center
Bernie Gives a Talk: Oct 20th (8:30 am-10:30 am) - Soji Zen Center


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Now Read This

Celebration Theater is seeking male and female actors for its upcoming Halloween-themed show. The October 12 event will feature old time radio-style readings of two stories from the classic horror series "The Witch's Tale" in the (presumably) chilly fall air of Sycamore Park.

Actors will be reading from a script, so no memorization is required! There will be one rehearsal, date TBD. Email for more info.


Artist of the Week

Maura Williams was signed up so recently to be this Saturday's artist that we didn't even have a chance to get her information on the website. But you know Maura, don't you? About yay tall, wears glasses, usually on her bike, takes gorgeous photos of the countryside and nearby-side and gardens and things? Yeah, her. Stop by and say hello to her this Saturday, won't you, and check out her new pictures and her 2014 calendar, which makes a terrific gift (hint, hint).

Musician of the Week

Keeping it hyperlocal this week, as Joe Todaro blasts out the iconic Mickey-Mouse-surfing door on the side of his shop, Todaro's Music, and entertains us with the help of small stringed instruments. Mandolins, ukuleles, guitarlettes -- if it's no bigger than a breadbox and has strings, he plays it. (We made up guitarlette, but he could play such a thing if it existed.)



First Friday at Art Space Lansdowne
Friday, October 4, 6:00 - 9:00 pm; free
Featuring photography by the Photo Arts Guild of Lansdowne
Amanda Villier, Owen Biddle, John Kelly Green, Bill Patterson, & Maura Williams
25 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Lansdowne Friends School Book Fair
Wednesday October 9 - Friday, October 11
Times vary; see flyer for details
110 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Union Gardens Famers Market
presented by the Lansdowne-Yeadon Elm Street Program
Thursday, October 10, 4:00 - 7:00 pm
Fairview and Union Avenues
Yeadon, PA 19050

Readings from "The Witch's Tale"
presented by Celebration Theater
Saturday, October 12, 6:30 pm, $5
Sycamore Park, LaCrosse and Wycombe Avenues

Lansdowne Folk Club presents An evening with John Gorka
Thursday, October 24, 7:30 pm, $20/$23
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Halloween Ball at the Historic Lansdowne Theater
Saturday, November 2, 8:00 pm - midnight, $45
Tickets available at Regency Cafe and Vinyl Revival
or by calling 610-622-1234

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