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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, May 31

Yowza, was that a killer opening Market last week, or what? All those vendors, all that stuff to see and buy, all those neighbors in one place. It was a harmonic convergence of awesome. Several vendors sold out of product long before close, and sales records were set in more than one booth, so well done, shoppers! Based on how packed it was, that particular Market had to have set some kind of record for attendance too, but we weren’t keeping track so can’t be positive, but it would be fun to know. So if you were there, please count off, starting over there with the tall guy in the 2009 Phillies T shirt, then proceeding clockwise.

The Plan

In an effort to introduce some structure to this rambling missive, Fresh Picks is going to take a stab at introducing you to one or two new vendors and reminding you about one returning vendor every week until we work through the whole gang or forget about/abandon that plan, probably the latter. But it’s fresh in our mind now and we’re feeling committed, so here goes.

(But quickly first: Here’s the full list of vendors coming this week.)

Meat and Great

The LFM’s big new cover-most-bases weekly vendor is Livengood Family Farm from Lancaster County, which is so uber organic that they helped to develop the Certified Organic label in Pennsylvania. They’ll be supplying us with organic (of course), grass-fed, pastured-all-day-long, non-GMO meats, poultry, and eggs. Kristy Railing will be serving the LFM, and she personally raises the chickens and says to tell you that while frozen chickens are always available, fresh ones will be coming starting June 7, and then on a mostly two-weeks-on/one-week-off schedule after that. Soy-free chickens and eggs will also be coming a little later on, as will lamb, so it’s going to be worth checking in every time you go to see what’s happening. In addition, Livengood has products like veal and beef sticks and jerky, chicken and beef broth, and a variety of produce and flowers. So if you’re missing Harvest Local Foods, give Livengood a try. They can probably hook you right up.

The OTHER Avenue

New both to the Market and to Lansdowne proper is Seventh Avenue Grill, which was driving everyone slightly nuts last week with the smell of broasted chicken (no idea what broasted means beyond seriously tasty; the stuff looks neither broiled nor roasted, let alone a combination of the two preparations). Newishly ensconced in a storefront at 7 S. Lansdowne Avenue, the BYO Grill is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and has recently opened a charming patio out back for dining al fresco. The second and fourth Saturdays of each month, proprietor Peter Filios will be sending walking-around food to us, such as egg sandwiches, gyros, and the aforementioned much hyped but still not fully comprehended and frankly oddly and possibly even misleadingly named broasted chicken. Just follow your nose.

Bacon Beckoned Back

Now that 1732 Meats is kind of a big deal -- with the Millers’ products carried at DiBruno Brothers and the Fair Food Farmstead as well as featured in dishes at classy restaurants and hip food trucks throughout the region -- we’re especially proud that they kicked off their business last year at the LFM. We knew about that Garlic Insanity bacon before anyone else, and that’s bragging rights. In addition to their four bacon flavors and pancetta, Ari and Elise now have guaniciale, the cured pork jowl traditionally used in carbonara and just as traditionally nearly impossible to find. Ari says it keeps forever, so get a chunk and you’re ready for emergency carbonara in the wee hours, which is when emergency carbonara is best. (Life just got so much easier!) Next up for 1732 is lomo, which is dry-cured pork tenderloin that the Millers are seasoning with pomegranate and which they say will be unbelievable wrapped around melon and other fruit. We do not doubt that statement.

Our Bad

Oops! We inadvertently gave MoJo’s Pop Co. the wrong date for their debut appearance. We told them to come May 31, then we told you they were coming May 24, so if you came to the Market looking for gourmet popcorn chockful of fancy stuff last week simply because we said it would be there, we apologize. (Probably never a good idea to expect something to happen just because we claim it will here, as many of you have already learned. This newsletter is well intentioned but not 100% reliable.) But now we promise: Come back this Saturday and you can grab some of MoJo’s all-natural and gluten-free but totally pimped popcorn. Then not again until Kidcentric Day in late July.


Do you run out of fresh, local foods before Lansdowne Farmers Market day? Harvest Local Foods can fill that gap! Come for local produce, meats, dairy, eggs, and pantry goods on Wednesdays and Thursdays 4-7 pm, 303 Windermere Avenue (off Marshall).

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Prepare Yourself

David Foster Wallace once published a very short story called “Everything Is Green” that had absolutely nothing to do with produce, but that title was rattling around in our head last week as we scanned the inevitable early season tables of Swiss chard and kale and dandelion greens. While really good for you, these veggies might take a little more planning and know-how than, say, spinach or lettuce, so don’t be afraid to peruse some recipes to get ideas before you buy. For instance, Martha covers Swiss chard, Serious Eats tackles kale, and The Kitchn takes on dandelion greens (including pesto!). A surprising number of those recipes include sausage, which is always a good sign, especially if you have eaters who eschew the green leafy stuff. (Unrelated: If by chance you’ve never heard or read Wallace’s Kenyon commencement speech "This Is Water," there’s no better time in the world to get acquainted with it. Do yourself a favor and go listen to or read it now.)


Applications for the first Community Day of 2014 -- on the last Saturday of June, the 28th -- will be available via this newsletter next Thursday or at the Market Manager tent starting June 7. It’s $30 for a parking space on the north side of the Market, and hopefully any questions you might have about what the hey Community Day is are answered in the FAQs. But we’ll give you the spiel here next week anyway.

Get a Market Buck this week by wearing the T-shirt that you got on Monday by either participating in or volunteering at the 2014 Lansdowne Memorial Day 5K. But only the brand new 2014 shirts rain silver (okay, wood). Maybe wash it first.

We had more volunteers last week for setup and breakdown than we knew what to do with, almost. A big thank you to Helen and Joe Sanders, Steve Grodzki, Cathy Pregmon, John Martin, Meg Flisek, Jane Miller, Wesley French, Jeannine McKnight, and Marcus diSciullo, who made the opening Market much easier for the committee and the vendors. Their names go into the hat to win 10 Market Bucks this month and yours can too if you show up at 7:45 to help setup or 12:45 to help break down next Saturday.


Artist of the Week

Liz Steele Coats is the brains and considerable beauty behind A New Creation, a jewelry operation that also offers up pottery and prints because she’s too talented to be limited to one medium. Liz’s jewelry uses pearls, stones, crystal, precious metal clay, and other nifty stuff in designs that are eye catching and crazy reasonable. Also, Liz is simply The Best. Ask anyone.

Musician of the Week

Well, lookee! Bob Beach has scared up a brand new MotW, one Davey O., a self-described "touring folk singer songwriter" from New York state. And since Bob has (very) rarely let us down before, that’s something to be excited about.



Penn Wood High School Art Show
Thursday, May 29, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, free
Penn Wood High School Green Avenue Campus, 100 Green Avenue, Lansdowne

Zoe Mulford, Pat Wictor, and Cheryl Prashker at Lansdowne Folk Club
Thursday, June 5, 7:30 pm; $15-$18
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

First Friday at Art Space Lansdowne:
A Taste of Chester County
Friday, June 6, 6:00 - 9:00 pm; free
25 S. Lansdowne Avenue

LBPA Home-Based Business Gathering at AviAnna
Friday, June 6, 5:30 pm
RSVP for $3 off your bill; BYOB
55 E. Baltimore Avenue

Car Show Block Party at Stephanou's Service Center
Saturday, June 7, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
2319 Marshall Road

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