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MARKET NEWS for this Saturday, October 25

Here we are, hurtling down the pike toward the end of the regular Market season. In case you've skipped a couple newsletters, we'll mention again - because it bears noting and renoting and possibly connoting - that Friday, October 31, is just so darn close to being a Saturday that we decided to stretch our "until Halloween" schedule claim a tiny bit (about 13 hours) and hold the last regular season consecutive Market on November 1. (For which the kidlets will get a chance to put on their costumes again - or you could let them sleep incognito - and come trick or treat among the vendors in the parking lot.) Then the LFM takes two (much-needed) weeks off and returns the Saturday before Thanksgiving, November 22, with all vendors invited and most showing up. We want all the vendors to go out on a high note, thinking good thoughts of Lansdowne and wanting to come back next year, so really shop up a storm the next couple weeks, okay? Give special attention to your favorites so they feel the love, since that counts for a lot.

Feed the Food Bank

Going to start this week with a plea for contributions for the community food bank. We've not been as successful this year in our attempts to collect food for the pantry, so let's give it our all this Saturday, since the cupboards are nearly bare. They need nonperishable canned and boxed foods of a healthy and sustaining ilk - rice, pasta, sauce, dried milk, coffee, tuna, peanut butter, you get the idea - or cash donations so they can shop for what's needed. Please bring your bagful of donations to the Market Manager tent and we'll give you a Market Buck in thanks. It may seem like small thanks, but consider it a physical reminder of the appreciation the families in need are not there to express.

Last Course

We're counting on a goodly batch of entries for the Sweet Endings Dessert Contest this year. The entry form is here; just complete it and bring it and your fantastic creation to us early in the Market Day, along with $5 (which goes to the aforementioned food bank), and we'll take it from there. Each entry will have a small piece removed for judging, and the balance will be auctioned off silently (via written down bids), with the money raised that way also going to the food bank. So even if you're not entering, come take a look and place a bid. Plus - and this is a big plus - we still need a shopper judge, having completely forgotten to ask for volunteers before now. If you will be at the Market Saturday around noon and would like to judge (and are not entering), send us an email. At noon on Friday, we will randomly pick one name and let you know that you're gonna be eating sweets on Saturday and handing down judgments about them! In conclusion, enter this contest already, okay!?


The last Community Day of 2014 is this Saturday too (it's an official Big Day at the LFM!), also something you won't want to miss. The list of participants reveals that there will be crafts and other items for sale, some utility-type options to consider, a few local businesses that want to capture your attention, and at least two churches promoting their services (get it? promoting their services; oh, never mind). Chances are good that there will be something on that side of the parking lot to interest you. In the off-chance not, it's still good exercise to wander over there, especially if you're carrying some full shopping bags (weight work).

Falling Up

We're sorry to have to say this, but your garden looks lousy. Okay, we're actually not sure which garden is yours, but our garden and window boxes look wretched this time of year, as do most on our block. So we're assuming yours are a bit underwhelming too. Bonnie's Wondergardens to the rescue this week with mums, winter pansies, and decorative kale to spruce things up. (And Bonnie says that the kale will be hard to get soon, so buy now.) She'll also have fall herbs in pots that you can keep on a sunny windowsill for use in cooking over the next several weeks or even few months, including basil, Italian parsley, oregano, English thyme, and lemon thyme. (Those little potted herbs are inexpensive and thoughtful gifts for a friend who could use a pickmeup.)

Fourth and Long

There's an interesting mix of vendors this week, with a few who crop up only on occasion, so read and learn. Nonweekly: Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, doTerra Body Products, Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters, The Mistress of Spice, MoJo's Pop Co., Paradocx Vineyards, Relishing Grannies, Seventh Avenue Grill, and Vera Pasta. Weekly: 1732 Meats, Bonnie's Wondergardens, Fruitwood Farms, Jerome's European Breads, Livengood Family Farm, MyHouse Cookies, North Star Orchard, Regency Café, Schober Orchards, and Wilson's Curiously Good Foods.

Note two things about the nonweekly vendors: (1) They were POURED on two weeks ago, and all had a pretty lousy Market that day, so if you have the option of buying a little extra from them this week to help with their sales figures, please do. (2) This is your last chance to purchase their products in Lansdowne until the pre-Thanksgiving Market on November 22, giving you even more incentive to stock up this Saturday.


Again, please bring donations for the food bank. You'll get a Market Buck and a nice warm feeling inside for giving others the nice warm feeling that comes from a full tummy.

Also again, there will be trick or treating at the Market next Saturday, November 1. Kids in costumes get treats from participating vendors! Adults in costumes get admiration and probably a few rude stares! Nonetheless, let's see everyone in some kind of getup! Please and thank you!

We try but we really can't give enough thanks to the stalwarts who keep coming out to help us set up and break down the Market. Fine upstanding citizens such as John Martin, Jeanine McKnight, Marcus DiSciullo, Amy LaCourt, Judith Veloski, Bill Brown, and Kenny Byrne make our world a better place.

Turning the Corner on Business Development

Economic Development in Lansdowne is turning the corner, and the LEDC is a central force in making this happen. We are excited to bring to you monthly profiles of new developments in the central business district in our new e-newsletter and blog, Turning the Corner on Business Development. This week’s featured article is about the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation's progress and plans in an effort to reestablish the theater as a performing arts destination.


Artist of the Week

Deanna Haldeman of Deramics Clay Studio is a true LFM friend, in that she shops with us regularly, has helped with setup, and is offering a special deal to Market goers. Mention that you read it here, and she'll sell you her gorgeous luminaries for $20 each (a $5 savings). Then pat yourself on the back for reading this newsletter.

Musician of the Week

Who knows? It's a mystery!



Dave Nachmanoff with Cassendre Xavier
at the Lansdowne Folk Club

Thursday, October 23, 7:30 pm; $17-$20
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Studio Tour and Sale of artwork by Thelma McCarthy
Prints, Pots, Watercolors, Tables & Books, plus works inspired by trips to Greece
Saturday/Sunday, Oct 25-26, 4:00 - 7:00 pm
22 Martin Drive, Lansdowne

Animal Friends of Lansdowne 10th Anniversary Gala Fundraiser
Saturday, October 25, 7:00 pm; $55
Twentieth Century Club, 84 S. Lansdowne Avenue

Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason Poetry Series
Featuring singer-songwriter Kathy McMearty; open mic session to follow
Sunday, October 26, 2:00 pm, free
Regency Cafe, 29 N. Lansdowne Avenue

Healthy Shopping Tour at Bottom Dollar Foods
Presented by The Food Trust
Tuesday, October 28, 1:00 pm; free
for information call 215-575-0444 ext. 4121
or email

Second Annual Halloween Ball
at the Historic Lansdowne Theater
Saturday, November 1, 8:00 pm; $45
Tickets and more information

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