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Lansdowne Farmers Market: A SUPER Market in a SUPERB Suburb!

Our Market’s Story
The Lansdowne Farmers Market started in 2007 as an initiative of the Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), a not-for-profit community and economic development organization incorporated in 1998. Its goal, in short, was to bring fresh food, more people, and a stronger sense of community to the borough, all of which it has done, and more. As it prepares for its seventh year, the Lansdowne Farmers Market is one of the town’s defining characteristics and biggest success stories.

Each week during the season, hundreds and hundreds of residents, neighbors, daytrippers, drivers-by, and other lucky folks come to the center of Lansdowne to attend the Farmers Market. They shop, they eat, they chat, they listen to music, they shop some more. . . . It’s the only place to be Saturday morning.

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Ten Reasons to Become a Part of the Lansdowne Farmers Market

  1. Dedicated Leadership: About to enter its seventh year, the Market is sponsored by the Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation, a group committed to improvement of the borough, so it has dedicated local oversight and support.
  2. Popularity: The Market was voted #2 boutique market in U.S. and #2 market overall in Pennsylvania in the 2010 America’s Favorite Farmers Market contest.
  3. Solid Customer Base: The Market attracts 750 to 1,800 customers weekly, from Lansdowne and much farther, with new shoppers discovering the Market every week.
  4. Marketing & Promotion: The Market is actively promoted via a weekly e-newsletter, postcard and multiple ad mailings to households in two counties, posters, banners, signs, and a professional website. We also do cross-marketing with a neighboring town’s farmers market.
  5. Proven Results: Despite the weak economy, vendors report strong sales; for vendors who do multiple markets, the LFM ranks at or near the top in weekly revenue. For some local storefronts with Market booths, their Market income is typically half their day’s revenue.
  6. Support Staff: The Market has a committee of volunteers for planning and behind-the-scenes work, several of whom are on site every week for Market management, setup, and breakdown.
  7. Online Presence: In addition to having a website, the Farmers Market is the focus of an e-newsletter that mails to over 2,500 addresses each week during the Market season.
  8. Diverse Offerings: Our vendors bring a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits to the Market to complement handmade baked goods and local foods. The variety of products ensures that there is something for everyone, and people come out in droves to shop the wide selection.
  9. Arts, Culture & Special Events: The Market hosts a different artist and musician each week, giving regular shoppers something new to look forward to. It also sponsors at least one special event each month, such as Community Day, Dog Day, and Kidcentric Day.
  10. A Bright Future: The Market is firmly established as a weekly event for people from the borough and surrounding areas. It has become the community destination the LEDC envisioned and the town wanted.

Demographics: Who’s at the Lansdowne Farmers Market

Within a three-mile radius of the Lansdowne Farmers Market:

  • Total population is 318,000
  • 123,000 households in the area, average 2.5 people per household
  • Total number of families is 78,000
  • Average household income: $40-45,000
  • Approximately 20% of households make more than $75,000 a year; 40% make more than $50,000
“Thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to be part of the market this season. WE LOVED IT! What a great community of people…Everyone on the committee was so supportive of the farm and our efforts, both with buying our produce and with words of encouragement. The other vendors are awesome. We felt a real sense of respect for one another’s work and a willingness to help each other out. . . . We felt the love and want to send some your way. Great job by all.”
— Market Vendor, following their first year in 2010

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Market Strengths

Some unique strengths of the Lansdowne Farmers Market include:

  • The Market takes place in the center of town near the intersection of two busy roads and in the midst of a revitalizing business district.
  • Its home is a large parking lot, so there is free parking in the immediate vicinity as well as on the street and in other nearby lots.
  • Vendors may opt for weekly, biweekly, or monthly attendance.
  • Tables, chairs, and umbrellas create a “café” area across from a music tent, which encourages shoppers to linger,
    increasing sales.
  • Monthly special events attract additional shoppers with specialty interests.
  • The addition of farmers markets to nearby towns has not affected attendance or sales at the LFM.
The Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) encourages economic activity and growth in the Borough of Lansdowne by fostering partnerships with businesses, residents, entrepreneurs and consumers to create a flourishing, inclusive, creative and welcoming community.