The Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation presents...

America’s Favorite Farmers Market Contest 2010: Comments from LFM Supporters

“The Lansdowne FM has brought local produce and products to town, has given residents from the entire area a destination for Saturday mornings, and has provided a real source of pride for a borough going through a renaissance. Now in its 4th year, the Market initially struggled but is now embraced by shoppers and vendors alike. It is continually coming up with ways to be different and interesting. From our weekly artist and musician, to our monthly special events, to our Market T-shirts hand-printed on shirts recycled from our drawers and thrift shops, we think we have a unique market that is worth going out of one’s way to find. “No Farms, No Food” is right. And that extends in Lansdowne to “No FM, No Fun.”

“Lansdowne Rocks!”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market should be one of America’s Favorite Farmers Markets because it so much more than a Farmers Market. It brings the community together, provides arts and culture on a weekly basis and of course great fruit and veggies!”

“It has a friendly, family atmosphere and a great selection!”

“Lansdowne is a small town and started this market a few years ago. I now go every week and love it! They bring in vendors that sell a variety of items – some are there every week, some only come in periodically. It’s a great event for the community as well as a way to sponsor local merchants and farmers.”

“It is small, friendly and has varied items for sale.”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market is the highlight of our community each Saturday during the growing season. It’s not just the fresh, local produce, the farmers and vendors, or the products (from artisan soaps to handcrafts to fine art); it’s also the musicians playing and being able to catch up with friends who stop by to shop. We’ve made dozens of friends in the four years we’ve lived in this town, all because of the market. It’s our Saturday morning ritual that we hate to miss. Breakfast, shopping, sharing recipes, chatting, lunch… The market has helped make the town a real hometown for us.”

“The market comes to the downtown area and has a large variety of fresh produce, as well as specialty items such as soap and honey. There is often live music. The whole atmosphere is friendly and it is a place to meet neighbors as well as shop.”

“they have the best selection of produce, meats, cheeses, eggs, ready made food items, honey, cider, fruit butters, plants & herbs, skin care products, a new artist every week, and wonderful music & atmosphere.”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market is not only a great place to get local fruit, veggies, and delicious food, but also a wonderful place to gang out Saturday morning, listen to a diversity of live music and talk with community members. The LFM hosts several special days throughout the season, such as Earth Day, Pet’s Day, Kidcentric Day, and the Fall Festival. These days offer even more fun and entertainment to go along with great local food.”

“Wonderful asset to the community. It is a great place for local produce as well as local news and information. Plus, the newsletter is great.”

“Because it is the best farmers market I have ever been too! Very, very well organized. It is clear that the market manager and volunteers work very hard to make the market enjoyable for everyone and to find great and relevant vendors. It is so awesome to be able to show up every Saturday (rain or shine) and know I’m going to find fresh local goods and also know that everyone from vendors to other customers that I will “bump” into will so be friendly. It is the highlight of my week!”

“It’s such a refreshing touch of hometown friendliness in the middle of the city!”

“It’s small but special. In a community that needs to feel community, it brings us all together every weekend and is what we look forward to during the long winter!!”

“The Lansdowne Framers market is an important part of the community. It is where neighbors meet after a busy week and catch up with each other. It is a place where you can buy fresh, healthy food that you can’t find any where else. It is friendly people buying from friendly vendors.”

“FRIENDLIEST, helpful organizers. Friendly farmers and fresh food purveyors. Chance to vote with my food dollars. Easy access. Lots of info and variety. Human-level, not giant and impersonal. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!! What if a “Gulf War” (military or petrochemical) “broke out” or “broke down” the canned/packaged pseudo-food manufacturers world? We’d starve in two weeks if it weren’t for our local farmers and food growers.”

“Great produce, fantastic variety of local, organic products and tasty coffee from Regency cafe.”

“It’s small, friendly, and filled with curious and yummy goodies and long lost neighbors.”

“I just moved to this area, and love that I can walk to this market–it’s only 3 blocks from my apt. Everyone is great, feels like a real “community” here. I’m all about supporting local merchants–why go to the supermarket to buy produce shipped in from who knows where and give my money to a huge corporation. Support the little guy!”

“Besides the obvious – great food and other goodies – the live music, volunteers, various themes, blog, newsletter and the fact it is the place to see and be seen in town.”

“Our farmer’s market has become the heart of our community each weekend. We all gather to enjoy the healthy produce and products … and we enjoy each other with music and crafts too!”

“It’s a wonderful gathering place where, in addition to good company, folks enjoy food, music and art”

“Great people, produce, baked goods, music, and Artist of the Week make shopping fun!”

“The Lansdowne Farmer’s Market is the social scene to be seen at in our little town. Really though, it’s such a bright spot every week — not only because can you buy the freshest organic fruits, veggies and dairy products — but because of all the extras at this market: – live music – boutique-type stands that sell everything from handmade soaps and pet treats to live plants and handmade products (bird houses, furniture, etc) – ready-to-eat food vendors – community information – and of course, great neighbors”

“Although it is small, it manages to provide a great variety of produce, prepared food, flowers and entertainment (and even specialty products like gluten-free baked goods!) for a lively and diverse community.”

“It is the perfect place to pick up fresh produce and bake goods, meet your neighbors, have a cup of coffee and sit and listen to some nice music too. I bring my dog and we have a nice morning. There is a great lady who bakes yummy dog treats so my babies really like to go”

“This market creates a great sense of community with music, artists and events to complement the wonderful fresh fruit and vegetavles.”

“It’s such fun! There are fresh produce stands, meat, cheeses, baked goods, juices, flowers and plants, and some crafters. There’s always a musical group, and it’s open rain or shine. The Lansdowne Farmers Market is so down homey and small town-feeling, which Lansdowne also is.”

“It has become the gathering point for all of the borough’s neighbors. A place to catch up with your friends after a busy and hectic week. BUT that is not the most important part. We get to buy the most delicious fresh (not found in any grocery store)food and support local farmers and reduce our carbon footprint. Most of neighbors walk to the market because we are a walkable borough. And contrary to popular belief, the food costs are less than at the local grocery, I guess it’s the cost of the gasoline to transporting their food cross country. My only wish is that there were more local farmers that could come to our market, I’d like to see it expand.”

“It is the gathering point for a large swath of the community every weekend, and people look forward to it all year. Over 1,000 people attend, despite the small size of the town.”

“It fosters community and it’s cool.”

“Great products, great people, a lot to offer in a small space – they are creative and are always finding new additions to benefit the community.”

“The convenience, quality of food and the positive atmosphere is great! I really look forward to going each Saturday rain or shine.”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market brings the hustle and bustle back to our central business district. You can feel the great energy come from the market down the block.”

“Because it is small it is intimate and truly feels like a community gathering. It also has a wonderful weekly newsletter that has made me feel more connected to and engaged in the comminuty.”

“Community gathering point; good food, local vendors, music, artists”

“This is a fun market that involves the whole community and provides economic development for a run-down town.”

“This place is awesome. Runs from Memorial Day through the end of October, and is our Saturday morning walk-destination for five months. Fresh food, great baked goods, a whole pile of our neighbors to chat up, local musicians playing live every week….come on, what else can you ask for?”

“It’s a great place to get frest fruits and vegetables, get a snack, meet neighbors, hear live music, and see the wares of locat artists.”

“Lansdowne Farmer’s Market should be one of America’s Favorite Farmers Markets because it has built a stronger community, reinvigorated the downtown business area and continues to bring positive attention to a great American town.”

“This farmers market is walking distance to my house, the prices are low and the fresh fruit is very juicy.”

“It’s a real community. Welcoming, green and friendly.”

“We love living in Lansdowne and to have our very own Farmer’s Market, well, that is just peachy! We love having fresh, local fruits and veggies. Plus we get an email each week, telling us what will be at the market that week, some recipes and just general friendly information. It’s very convenient, the vendors are so friendly. Reminds me of growing up in the 50s when merchants actually knew your name!”

“Having access to organic and locally grown produce is extremely important to me, so I’m grateful to have a farmer’s market in my town at all. But I also love that our market doesn’t feel like just a bunch of vendors in tents. There’s a happy community vibe running throughout – a sense that we’re all there for the same reasons and have common goals. I love that it’s fun, that’s it’s a bit of an event more than a market. That there’s music(!!!) I love getting the e-newsletter every week to remind me of what I have to look forward to on Saturday morning and get me psyched to go. If I ever move out of Lansdowne, I will sorely miss the Lansdowne Farmers’ Market.”

“They have everything local and natural you could need, and what’s more, they support the local community and the local community supports them, with a featured artist each week, a featured band/musician each week, etc. The market is integrated into the community and you feel personally connected when you go there, seeing faces you know and hanging out with a coffee from the local cafe stand while listening to the music, as well as purchasing fresh fruit, veggies etc. Friendly, welcoming vibe all round AND you know you’re doing the right thing by the planet and for you family.”

“Each week, the hard, black macadam of our down town parking lot comes alive with color, music, and the soft comfort of friendly faces. Whether just walking through to savor the ambiance, or shopping for the fresh fruits, veggies, dairies and meats, people are smiling, talking and enjoying. Talking to vendors about veggies or fruits you’ve never tasted encourages one to be adventurous. And, there’s always something nice about making your selections while total strangers share their favorite recipes with you. Meeting new people, eating tasty morsels of fresh cooked foods at the community tables, listening to local musicians – it’s wonderful to have such a terrific small-town market to spend a Saturday.”

“Great place for neighbors and friends to meet. Wonderful, friendly, vendors, with local, fresh produce and locally made products. Wide variety of products for sale. The market is administered by local people (lots of volunteers). Very responsive to community organizations, local artists and musicians.”

“Our small town Farmers Market has a personal feel to it. The vendors recognize you, and some remember your name. The products are plentiful and at a great price. The Lansdowne Farmers Market hs turned into my weekly habit”

“It’s located centrally in the Borough, so many Lansdowne residents can walk to the market thereby reducing auto emissions/air pollution. There is a feeling of community between the vendors, some of whom own local businesses and those coming to buy fresh produce. Live music !!!! and beautiful crafts !!!! It’s a treat for all the senses and provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbors. It’s got heart and it’s got soul.”

“Weekly newsletter detailing all of the delicious goodness to be had and of the past week’s events. Plenty of scrumptious foods and wonderful home products to partake of! Organic produce, natural meats, soaps & lotions, fresh baked bread… All in one spot. It’s fantastic and the vendors are always friendly & willing to answer a question (or two or three!)”

“Clean, convienent, close to home and heart, great food, great people, great music,”

“The best people, music and vendors. There is a wonderful feeling of community. Neighbors greeting neighbors. Great food and other products”

“Awesome people, awesome goods! Great asset to the community!”

“Good, fresh produced & a variety of other interesting vendors & public services.”

“Small town farmers market, where folks from all around the area come. Lots of food and plant choices, and always the opportunity to bump into friends. Plus a great weekly newsletter.”

“REALLY top food and nice people. Reminds me of me childhood on the farm in Michigan. I love to see kids seeing food coming from people who grew it, rather than the supermarket. Greater variety than in the supermarket, too.”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market rocks! I go there to meet friends and farmers alike, have my coffee fix and listen to the local musicians, while getting my fruit and organic veggies for the week. I always run into a friend and love the “artist of the week” feature. This market has brought a sense of community to our town and you just do not want to miss it!”

“So many reasons: buy local! It’s fresh! Our neighbors are there! People are friendly! Sense of community! The food is delicious. I do not feel anonymous. This is in your face to corporate America. It’s old fashioned. The food is real. It hasn’t been sitting in the market for a week. I feel virtuous. I want to encourage producers of “real” food. I hope they keep doing it. I plan to keep coming!”

“They have great food, entertainment and friendly vendors, managers and shoppers. I LOVE it! I like knowing I can feed my family healthy locally grown foods.”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market is a fantastic place, bringing local and neighboring communities together. It allows us to meet new friends and support local farmers”

“Every Saturday most of our town meet at the Farmers Market to enjoy great fresh, locally grown and made products. It brings live into a community and brings people together. There are local vendors, artists, musicians. We spend all morning celebrating our community and great country we live in.”

“It’s a great place to meet friends and neighbors; listen to good music, and support local businesses in Lansdowne and enjoy farm fresh dairy products as well as baked goods and farm grown fruits and vegtables. Seasonal food inspires me to cook something new and especially fresh.”

“There is a great vibe about the place – the vendors are great and the products are wonderful – ’nuff said!”

“It’s a real community event, where people in the surrounding areas come every week to meet and support small farmers, musicians and craftspeople. It’s not too big but growing every year in popularity.”

“I live in the city, and there are farmers markets in different spots all over town. But this one in Lansdowne has alot going for it. You can find a great variety of fruits, vegetables, baked goods, drinks, and a few non-edibles, and you are purchasing them from the people who grow/make them. The vendors are super-nice, there is music, a place to sit and have a cold drink, and everyone is always in a good mood. Children are welcome, good dogs are welcome, and the people who run the market are out mixing with the customers and making everyone feel at home.”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market is the best because it is the friendliest from the vendors to the customers. It’s our family event every Saturday morning. Though it’s small, it takes us over an hour to go through because we have so many people to greet along the way and so many delicious things to eat.”

“Each year it gets better and better – providing good food and a wonderful gathering place to catch with people you already know and meet new ones!”

“great music, specialty foods. Where else can you get crepes?”

“fresh organic produce, homemade baked goods and live music in an ethnically diverse neighborhood.”

“It personifies the definition of community. Not only do I meet neighbors each week, but I get access to some of the freshest fruits and vegetables available. The Lansdowne Farmer’s Market is small in size but huge in offerings.”

“In addition to fresh, locally grown, delicious,organic foods, the Lansdowne Farmers market enjoys live music, local artists, and is a community celebration every Saturday.”

“The Lansdowne farmer’s market brings people together from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, and really captures the essence of this unique little town!”

“It’s such a success and has really brought the community together. The Market offers fresh fruits and veggies that are locally grown, along with a wide variety of organic products. The Market even offers locally produced goods from artists and exposes the neighborhood to local musicians. It’s everything you’d want a Farmers’ Market to be. I have been to many so-called Farmers’ Markets and this one really is the best. I brag about it to all my friends–we’re the gold standard in Lansdowne!”

“Best community atmosphere of any market I know. A real community builder! Great local food, local music talent, local craftspeople, special events.”

“Simply because they have brought back a town around the simple idea of good food, good produce and good community.”

“Besides bring fresh foods to our neigbhborhood, the market features a different musician and craft person every week as well as a table offering information on community events and sevices. It is a great place to see neighbors and friends and to meet new people. I own an apartment house across the street and it is a great “selling point” when I’m showing apartments. People are hungry for community as well as fresh, healthy food.”

“The atmosphere is wonderful. The vender’s bring fresh home grown vegies, fruit, meat, cheese, flowers, plants, hand made items and the list can go on and on.The people are so interesting to talk to and we are in a community that everybody knows your name or at least your face.”

“It helps build the community, offers fresh, wholesome food and supports local businesses.”

“It is a small but great weekly event that strives to bring the community together and promotes new business in the town!”

“It is all about celebrating our commmunity; bringing people, small businessess, artists, farmers and food preparers together to celebrate our local bounty and keep our bodies & spirits happy & healthy!”

“Yes, the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market is a place to get wonderfully local foods and products. But it is also a place where the community comes together. As a new resident, there could have been no better welcome to my new town than the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market.”

“This is the best farmers market I’ve been to and its in a strong local community. Great selection. Great music. I always leave this market with a good feeling inside.”

“They do a lot to promote diversity in their offerings!”

“People are happy there. Community is built and served.”

“The Lansdowne Farmer’s Market quite simply has it all! Locally grown, fabulously fresh, everything you might hope for at a farmer’s market and so much more. Surprises every weeek, organics, freshly baked, to be planted, local artists,think of it and ask about it, chances are It will appear. Great group of friendly people, a fun place to be ….Lansdowne and its Farmer’s Market.”

“Warm and friendly. So much more community oriented than others in my area. Not just for veggie freaks!”

“Regency cafe, provisions, harvest local food, great veggies – ‘nough said.”

“Lansdowne Farmer’s Market has such a wonderful atmosphere of community and diversity in the marketers and amoung the vendors. There is often local musicians playing throughout the fair which creates such an festival like atmosphere, you almost forget you are in your own neighborhood. The products are great, including the participation from our own local cafe across the street.”

“Because we were able to buy a whole sheep for our chest freezer through a special order with one of the farmers at the market. I also love that it brings people to the business district of this small borough outside of Philadelphia. Lastly, the people you meet at the market.”

“Great selection of fresh vegetables. Excellent breads and selections of flowers as well. Great place to spend a Saturday morning!”

“Lovely town, lovely market. Small and sweet in a fantastic community – and always great music!”

“It’s the highlight of my summer weekends–fresh local sustainable produce, and a gathering place to see all my neighbors, grab breakfast, and listen to music. A real asset to the community–heck, it promotes community! Also, completely volunteer run!”

“Go local or die trying.”

“I love going to Lansdowne Farmers Market because I can buy not only produce but eggs, meat, cheese for the whole week. I know where my food is coming from and it’s all natural grown locally. I think it’s a great place for the community members to come on a Saturday morning, bring their kids and make a morning of it.”

“I like that everything is farmed locally, baked locally, crafted locally, and that the artist of the week is always a person or group that is part of the community. Buying a scone tht was baked right across the street or an ear of corn picked the morning I buy it–how cool is all that?”

“This is the perfect market to meet and mingle with my community. Great place to get caught up on what’s happing while purchasing the best produce, baked goods, cheese and coffee.In addition this market features plants, an artist of the week and musical entertainment. Visitors are encouraged to “make a morning of it” with plenty of tables and chairs for market goers. Lansdowne market is a very special one, run by a truly wonderful team of volunteers.”

“It is such a wonderful place to buy nice produce and other good things and also a nice place to meet your neighbors and chat. Very friendly and quite important to our community.”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market is one of the great efforts to revitalize the city of Lansdowne. It brings the community together and promotes the well-being of the people of Lansdowne.”

“Mainly fresh and organic food. Friendly people, things to do, even music.”

“It’s set a new startard for community markets in our area by building and promoting the community, local artists, vendors, and businesses.”

“The Farmer’s market has been a great addition to Lansdowne. It gives local farmers the opportunity to showcase their produce while providing borough residents (and passers-by) with the best fresh, locally-grown produce, dairy and other products. It’s also a great educational tool – children can talk with the farmers and artisans about their process from growing and canning peaches to caring for the goats that produce the delicious cheese they bring to market each week. In Lansdowne the market has become the place to take a few minutes to chat and catch up on the latest neighborhood new with neighbors and friends.”

“Here in the Philadelphia area, actually in a fairly urban setting, this farmers market gives us a real small town feel. Fruit and veggies picked yesterday totally beats the supermarket mass produce alternative. Also, the market really brings the community together and helps preserve a feeling which is so easy to get lost in today’s urban hustle-bustle.”

“It is more than just a Farmer’s Market. While plenty of the foods are locally grown, it has become a gathering spot where the local can see each other. And let’s not forget about the weekly talent that is there to perform their various talents.”

“The produce and cakes and bread are wonderful, the people are nice. I try to go every Saturday, and the vegys last a long time because they are from the farm. The corn is SO GOOD.”

“A real small-town feel to this market in an area without good shopping opportunites apart from a couple of generic, mediocre ACME supermarkets (yes, that’s really their name) that sell tasteless, green, foreign-harvested produce of dubious quality and commercially processed bagged salads. By contrast to the dull offerings at the Acme, Lansdowne Farmer’s market not only has locally raised fruits and vegetables, but local cheeses, meats, pies, cupcakes,jams and ciders, ornamentals for planting, handmade jewelry and other gift items, and live music. Great food in a area without other good alternatives, and a cheerful Saturday meeting place that brings the community together in a positive way.”

“Its a great local market with farm fresh veggies. Lots of items to choose from every week. Its fun to see the people in my neighborhood at the market. Definitely a must see!”

“Lansdowne Farmer’s Market makes the most of it’s small space. I can do almost my entire grocery shopping for the week at this tiny market. The food is local, often organic, and always delicious! The people who work and shop there are friendly and corteous.”

“Lots of local fruit & veggies. The comaradrie of fellow Lansdowners. Artist of the week. The BEST coffee…..what more can you ask for?”

“Local Accessible Community catalyst Strengthens network and tradion of markets in this region”

“The Lansdowne Farmer’s Market is a wonderful gathering place for young and old. Residents make plans to meet friends at the market, sit and sip iced coffee or enjoy breakfast crepes, listen to great music of all kinds, between shopping for produce, meat, baked goods or future Christmas gifts from local farmers, artists, and community groups. Pets get to meet friends there too. The farmer’s market newsletter is a fun read every week. I’ve learned a lot about the importance of preserving local farms by being a farmer’s market regular. I look forward to going every week. The only bad part is waiting from November to May for the market to start up again.”

“because they bring fresh, organic produce, with flowers, entertainment, and provide for a real community acivity. They’re cool people!”

“Great produce and great people make it a wonderful combination for healthy shopping and being with warm and friendly people.”

“Everything is fresh. It is all delicious. I always come home with something for everyone in the house.It is also so nice to see all our friends and neighbors!”

“Because it’s clean – people that wait on you are courtous – very good food – when you go to a produce junction and buy fruit or veg. you sometimes get a bad piece of fruit or veg’s. But when you shop at Lansdowne Farmers Market that never happens, and I tell my friends that.”

“my name is kat. i am a 12-year-old lansdowne resident and i love the lansdowne farmers market. we have so much to do there and the food is always fresh and ready to go.”

“Although it is small, it has everything that I need for the week. The produce are fresh and the prices are reasonable. Besides the produce, meat, cheeses, etc., I get to enjoy the flowers and plants, eat the prepared foods especially the cream of mushroom soup, coffee and danishes and sample the peach and apple cider from the vendors. Look forward to the Lansdowne Farmers Market every week.”

“the best farm fresh veggies, fruit and meats to die for mushroom soup, from the soup guy featured artist each week, live music and the best towns folk you could ever run into anywhere”

“I love Lansdowne Farmers Market”

“Because it is the best!”

“They always have fresh produce from local sources and its a pleasure to support local businesses.”

“The Lansdowne Farmer’s market sets itself up in a municipal parking lot that is surrounded by a community that is striving for revival. The community works hard to galvanize economic development in a neighborhood that has become worn with time. The Farmer’s Market is one of the many signs of life that have begun to change the community. Years ago, Lansdowne was very segregated and not welcoming to “outsiders” or any type of diversity. The Farmer’s Market is one way the community brings people of all walks of life together to enjoy fresh, beautiful fruits and vegetables – one thing for which we all share a need! You cannot find fresher produce in the area. Having several stands from different farmers gives a variety of choices, and those farmers join with musicians, poets, artists and other community members each Saturday morning. I look forward to the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market all winter, and enjoy it all season long!”

“I *love* the Lansdowne Farmers Market. There’s a newsletter leading up to the market each Saturday which really whets people’s appetites for the market itself. There’s a great variety of vendors – both rotating & regular – as well as variety with each vendor’s offerings. The market is small enough to have a great community vibe while being large enough to offer a great selection. But, my favorite part about our market is the opportunity it affords me to support local businesses & smaller-scale local agriculture.”

“Such a community builder. Fun way to shop for fresh produce, listen to sweet live music, look at some interesting art and sip a delicious cup of coffee with friends at one of the cheerful market tables. Or…falling for the delicious mushroom soupand/or fresh lemonade….Great place to connect to other townees and “people with dogs” watching! It’s simply the best place to be on a Saturday morning!”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market allows those of us who live in suburbia to shop like we live in the country.”

“This market has galvanized our ‘First Suburb’/’inner ring’ suburban community. It is leading both residents and the surrounding areas to view our town as a destination and a livable viable community not just a drive thru area on the way to a big box store or mall. The diversity of not only the vendors but the shoppers makes every week an event. The people of our town are coming together more as a community, local individual business is increasing its visibility, local farmers, craftsfolk, and entertainers have a venue for their products. This has been a huge turn around for our community and has become the foundation for other local projects (renovating/revitalizing our local theater for example) to spring up. My only wish was this sort of thing was available everyday and not just once a week.”

“It’s great!”

“The produce is fresh and local, the people are friendly and it is only a few minutes from my house !”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market has a wonderful and varied group of vendors, the music is delightful and it’s become a part of so many people’s Saturday routine. We feel we’ve missed out on a neighborhood party if we’re out of town and miss a week.”

“There’s live music, great food, local produce and meat, and an artist every week, so the variety is vast for such a small market. Products are always changing, meaning there’s something new all the time.”

“They are active, good at promotion, have great products, and give local purveyors a regular outlet for their products.”

“The dedication of the volunteers who organize and promote this market is truly inspirational.”

“My son wakes up early on Saturday mornings and so we like to head outside so dad can sleep in. We head right to the farmers market because unfortunately, there is nothing else like this, and because we love the environment. we meet neighbors, listen to music, get a iced chai tea from the local coffee shop, and stock up on so many different things – homemade soaps, pies, organic veges, fruits, homemade dog biscuits, and the best mushroom soup in the world. and after a couple hours, dad wakes up and joins us.”

“Outdoors in a parking lot, lots of variety of product and rotating vendors. Great organic produce, soaps, jams, pies, eggs, in a small setting. Friendly and fun!!!!”

“The Landowne Farmers Market is such a great experience an it really brings the whole community from all walks of life together. The atmosphere s festive with great vendors, great people, great music and caring committed staff. I look forward o going every week and travel out of m way to get there! I really is a treasure.”

“I love the way The Lansdowne Farmers Market not only gets local foods to my area but they also premote the town of Lansdowne, it’s local vendors, free concerts, restaurants and what’s going on in Lansdowne. They also have community days that give local community services, churches and charities a place to get the word out. Yeah Lansdowne Farmers Market!”

“Everything sold at the market is really fresh. I bought swisschard last week that had been picked 2 hours earlier. That’s fresh!”

“Shine or rain, the farmers are there. This market is held in a parking lot, so the farmers and we people share lots of flooding. That said, the market is great because everyone has a sense of humor (and yearning for vegetables and novelty products – upscale stuff that features local “artists”). What makes this market great is that it has people coming to a first ring suburb’s central district that had no pedestraian traffic – nada – when I first lived here in the ’80s. Smart folks around town now have an e-newsletter. Great market; devoted following.”

“it has totally transformed the community and fostered all kinds of other connections for the people living here. plus i wait to buy all my veggies here in the season, and am eating with the seasons therefore. also, it is nice to meet the people who grow your food.”

“Lansdowne residents passionately support this market so a visit there is much more than a shopping transactions. Variety of produce, cooked items and other attractions (artist of the week, etc.) makes this market very appealing.”

“Real farmers growing real food nearby, local food vendors, craftspeople, live music, coffee, homemade jams, live music, good friends, cute kids and friendly dogs.”

“has great foods, fresh and tasty. offer a wide variety of what the consumer wants and needs”

“There’s live music, great food, local produce and meat, and an artist every week and since the whole neighborhood shows up, it’s a great place to get to know your neighbors.”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market is the best! It has helped to bring the community of our beautiful, historic town together! Every Saturday morning, we are treated to fresh, delicious, locally grown produce, baked goods, flowers, plants, live music & artistry. Lansdowne is the epitome of small town environment where the togetherness of community is palpable. People drive, walk, ride bikes & walk their dogs. It is evident we want to support our local farmers and businesses and appreciate what they have done for this community. We leave with a smile on our face, looking forward to next Saturday at the Lansdowne Farmers Market!”

“Before the farmers market started, there wasn’t much to do on a Saturday morning. Now there’s a place to go to see people and shop. The Lansdowne Farmers Market is the hub of the community in the summer.”

“the flavors, smells and overall friendly, neighborly atmosphere can’t be matched.”

“Our market has become a great community weekly event, helping local businesses in the area in addition to the market vendors. We love the hometown atmosphere!”

“very atractive volenteers.”

“Convenient, friendly, well stocked. It sure adds a lot to my saturdays.”

“It’s melts my heart to see this community come back together!!! I grew up in Lansdowne and I remember feeling connected years ago but that start to fade before the Farmers Market was created… it’s great to see old friends and neighbors reconnecting and having a great time every Saturday morning! Not to mention the wonderful goodies we are treated to and the new people we get to meet every week. I love it and there’s no other way I’d want to spend my Saturday morning. :)”

“It brings our small town even closer, and teaches kids the importance of small businesses.”

“Because it’s awesome, of course!!”

“Its small, and growing, but best of all it has become a center piece to our little community, a first tier Victorian-era- built ring suburb of Philadelphia. Our local restauarants support it, and the people of Lansdowne and neighboring communities are increasingly becoming regulars. It is a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning.”

“lansdowne farmers market makes a small town more walkable, makes people remember who lives in their neighborhood, and that food, along with art, music, and friendship is part of the beauty in this world”

“Give life to our n on Saturdays and the makret has grown and grown and grown”

“Great produce, great foods and great people! Pets are always welcome. Just a great time all around.”

“It is giving our local farmers a place to show and sell their bounty. Everyone needs a chance to experience the goodness of locally grown produce. Also, it is a relatively new market that is helping to bring together a community which needs some assistance in re-establishing itself.”

“I love having fresh local produce right next-door. And the event makes the community a joy.”


“Lansdowne Farmers Market has been around for several years now and compared to the many other markets I’ve been to, it is the best! The fact that they have a regular vendor who sells homemade vegan, gluten/wheat-free delicious food puts ’em at the top of my list!”

“I love the homemade treats for my furry friends”

“Great food and great people bringing fresh local produce to an urban setting. What more could you ask for.”

“even though it’s a small town and small market, there is so much variety. music. art. organic veges. meals. great neighbors. coffee. i can’t think of a better place to spend my saturday morning. we go EVERY week.”

“It creates and renews community every Saturday besides having great produce.”

“great small towne farmers market, friendly people, weekly specials.”

“Brings the whole community out every Saturday morning. Great place to kibitz, listen to the musician of the week and buy wonderful fresh local food.”

“WITHOUT A DOUBT Lansdowne is the best. Along with fresh produce and bread. We have ample parking GREAT coffee an artist of the week and MUSIC!!!!! It’s small and mighty maybe a dozen vendors but it takes the whole hours to go through everything because The whole neighborhood turns out to sit and shop then kabitz over crapes and iced coffee while listening to the local sound.”

“It is one of the best things to come into to town since we have been here (six years and counting). We love to produce, the music, the community gathering, and the convenience. We are always disappointed to miss it when we are out of town on a Saturday.”

“I love the Landsdowne Farmers market becasuse it allows me to by fresh food from local farmers (and not have to drive 2 hours to do so!) I’ve been going there since it opened in 2007, and started buying organic, local meat & dairy products as well.”

“the food the people,the crafts, and music. we have it all is a small and welcoming location. cooffee shop right across the street you can sit and watch it all The corn has been so good I shop our sister farm market oakmontin Havertown, on Wed. afternoons to get my midweek corn fix.”

“LFM has become a community gathering place each Saturday; we are an inner ring suburb of Philadelphia and have a very diverse population; immigrants, long-time residents, people moving out of Philadelphia who are experiencing suburban life for the first time, gays and lesbians; everyone mingles and mixes at the market. And the market is dog friendly–I even think the dogs meet up every Saturday! Our market sponsors community days, local singer/songwriters, potters, watercolorists, jewelers, soap makers, florists. And, did I mention the produce? Freshly picked EVERYTHING–coming in from central and SE Pennsylvania, the farms of southern New Jersey–it’s been lettuce, strawberries, blackberries, melons, kale, lettuc corn, and the unsurpassed NJ tomatoes and corn! and a bunch of other PA, south NJ, SOrganic We have organic meats and cheese,plus the best soup maker–gazpacho, truly addictive mushroom soup and chile. Finally, our local bakery serves coffee and all sorts of breakfast goodies. I’ve been to the market on cold Saturdays, rainy Saturdays, broiling hot Saturdays and cool autumn Saturdays and it has become my first source for all my produce and other goods. I miss it mightily in the Winter and rejoice at its return on Memorial Day–it’s one of the best things that Lansdowne has to offer–a little pleasure “dome” that we all gather under during these stressful times.”

“The group behind it work VERY hard to have the market be all it can to local and regional residents.. including their children.. and pets! It is truly family friendly and beneficial in so many ways – to us – and our community. We’re most grateful for their very successful efforts.”

“The variety included in the market is incredible – and the best of quality! The organizers also schedule entertainment which is great to have while shopping and ‘catching up with your neighbors, while doing something fun. We’re really lucky here in Lansdowne – a small town – to have such a great farmer’s market!”

“Our market is truly community-centered with special days, free live music, arts, and community groups. Every Saturday morning, it is the place to be!”

“Great old-time small town meeting-up place! Fresh and local produce plus lots to munch on. Always music and a craft.. what more could you want?”

“We are small but mighty. There’s not many other places I’d hang out Sat morning. It’s a place to get great produce, chat w/ friends and neighbors, and hear awesome music!”

“It’s a perfect place to hang out (w/ seats and tables in the shade) for an hour or all day. They have fun events thru the season, good food and friends, and great music!”

“It has turned our town around! Having lived here 7 years, the last few have been the most “fruitful” (pardon the pun) since the Market began. Lansdowne has evolved into a friendly Philly suburban diamond in the rough. I’ve gotten to know more of my neighbors in the past couple of years since the market began. There is a such a feeling of community from the local pet rescue to the fresh produce and the fabulous weekly folk music. We love Lansdowne now!”

“It’s just the right size, and the produce is fantastic.”

“It’s so wonderful to be able to buy locally produced products and foods near home!”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market is small enough not to be overwhelming, but large enough to cover everything you could possibly need. And only 5 minutes from my house! There’s a fantastic local vibe and feeling of community involvement. Lots of fresh produce, ranging from fruits and veggies to organic meats and dairy, regular and vegan baked goods, tasty treats for both man (Regency Cafe, John’s MiniTreats) and beast (Bone Appetite Bakery), and a weekly spot for local artists to show their wares. The live music always adds warmth to the market, and it’s fun watching the kiddies dance while you sit under the umbrellas and sip the real fresh-squeezed lemonade or the cool organic moroccan mint tea. Love talking to the farmers about what they expect to harvest week to week; gives me time to plan ahead and salivate in anticipation. Because they pick either the day before or the morning of the market, the produce (and esp the fruit) always seem so much fresher and riper than what you get at the supermarket. And just talking to the farmer makes you feel more connected to how the corn/peach/beef/chicken you’re eating was grown and harvested. THESE are the people who worked to make this food come into being. That knowledge provides access to perspective. It’s something else to chew on while you’re, uhm… chewing. Almost every week the market has different events/themes to keep things interesting – the plant exchange day in Spring is my favorite, but Kidcentric day and the Community days at the market are always exciting and fun. There are various contests and opportunities to earn a ‘market buck’, which encourages participation, and I love getting the weekly e-newsletter that I look for every Thursday afternoon. Every Spring the question is: “When’s the market start up again?” I love seeing the apple-shaped LFM signs, kept safely in sheds and closets over the winter, popping up on lawns all over the township. Putting your apple out is a sign that Summer has arrived, with all its bounty. I really can’t fathom how we lived before the market existed.”

“All produce is amazingly fresh and it’s great to catch up locally with neighbors!”

“great variety of fresh foods & prepared foods. friendly, enthusiastic vendors, volunteers, public. artist of week and musician of week. a social place to visit with friends & neighbors. local vendors. helping to revitalize our town/area. special events scheduled on a regular basis during the market time from 9am to 1pm–recent example: kidcentric day with activities for children. center of the borough near other vibrant businesses. onsite parking & crossing guard at main street.”

“It has it all. Live music, wonderful produce, delicious prepared food for snacking while you’re there, a diverse costomer base, and great sense of community!”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market (LFM) is my favorite farmer’s market because it’s like a big family. We go every week. The vendors always remember us and asked us how we liked what we had purchased the week before. The products are always fresh and of the highest quality. I especially love trying things we’ve never had before and we’re always able to find at least one new thing every week!”

“Absolutely the best fabulous and fresh foods and it’s just down the street, but even if it were a long hike or short drive it would be well worth it. Plus the sense of community is great! Will be looking for fresh food and flowers there for my daughter’s wedding next yr!”

“Friendly and fun!”

“Simply because it’s awesome and this community is what America is all about!”

“It is very family-centered; I always find great meat, fruit, and vegetables for my family.”

“Its unique, small-town flavor, where there are lots of vendors, from fresh farm grown produce, flowers, cheese, meat, baked goods, honey, crafters, a musical group. It’s wonderful! Farmland must be preserved to feed people, help ecology, a lifestyle. Wild animals will not have any place to run, deer won’t get run over, because of more farmland being sold for housing developements.”

“Because it has so much stuff to do. You can get stuff you can’t normally get in Lansdowne. Great place to socialize and talk with friends.”

“It is just the right size, very convienant, and just the sweetest people.”

“Love the vendors and variety of goods!”

“The food is great, and so are people”

“I’m a vendor and it’s brought me great business”

“We have the best food and people. If you are new to Lansdowne this is where you need to come here and meet all of your neighbors!”

“Our farmer’s market is simply the best”

“The staff and vendors are the frindliest people anywhere!”

“It’s awesome”

“It is pure small town…where we greet old friends and welcome newcomers. And enjoy some of the best peaches and watermelons grown in the region.”

“close to home and high quality produce.”

“I can get fresh produce without traveling all the way into Lancaster of Jersey weekly. It’s also a lot of fun when there are activities like kids day and Phillies day.”

“Everyone’s friendly, the farmers are conscientious and forthcoming about their farm’s practices. Lansdowne has more than fruits and vegetables, highlights local businesses and community.”

“It is great produce and friendly people.”

“friendly and the best produce”

“our market is the social event of every Sat. morning. With our artist of the week and the musician of the week it’s a weekly festival!”

“It has completely ressurrected the sense of community in our town. The farmers market has a conscience and is infectious with its high spirits. We also have an incredible florist.”

“Great selection, great people, great community”

“Awesome selection of vendors, great music, cool t-shirts!”

“Experienced farmers who reappear every year. Good field grown produce, etc. Great bakery goods with wide variety and options. New crafts vendors weekly keeps the interest in my returning.”

“Polished off the last of last week’s peaches and tomatoes just in time for my weekly trip to our Farmer’s Market. To eat something that you know was just picked, to talk to the grower, to make that connection between what you eat and what went into getting it to you is a very satisfying thing. Lansdowne is very much a small town, in the best sense, and our Farmer’s Market has been embraced by the community. You can feel that positive vibe as you shop, and eat, and gossip and just enjoy the passing scene.”

“I like the fresh produce and the community feeling I get when I shop there.”

“it is swell place to be”

“Great produce, gluten free booth, friendly vendors.”

“great people, great selection!!”

“Forced against free will.”

“Everyone is very friendly and the food is great.”

“There is a wonderful atmosphere created with live music, made to order food, and great people.”

“This is just an awesome Farmers Market! It should be #1 because everyone shops here.. It’s a wonderful place to meet people and find goods for the week. I only wish it were year round.”

“the vendors are great, and I love the fresh fruits & vegs. It is an excellent way to spend a Sat morning. They send a weekly news letters to tell you what is going on in the community and the farmers market. I love this market.”

“great market!”

“It is a great, laid back, fun event. It really has that old-time small town vibe. Some places feel like just a collection of vendors, but you really feel like this is a community! On top of all that, the fruit and other food is very good. Our son particularly enjoys the apple cider and we love to get the pastries and sit down. Oh, and the different musicians are fantastic and very enjoyabe.”

“it has great collection of vendors that with fresh produce. Plus, they have live music with a collection of talented musicians.”

“Lansdowne is a small community, around one square mile, but we support this amazingly vibrant farmer’s market, which is wonderful. It is one of my main stops when friends come to visit, and I use it to supplement my CSA share.”

“Everyone smiles at our market!”

“The market is place to hang out, buy great stuff, and listen to live music. It’s a fantastic way to start the weekend!”

“yeaaaaaaa the best ever!”

“Because it’s awesome! And it’s playing a wonderful part of revitalizing our downtown.”

“I can walk there and I see friends. The food is excellent!”

“the people are wonderful, of course! WE have wonderful local farmers, good fresh poroduce that is always reliable…..”

“Its a beautiful way to spend your Saturday with your family. It is a feast for all of your senses.”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market is one of the best because not only do you get a wide variety of produce, meats, cheeses, and baked goods, there is always live local music, a local artist selling his/her work, and friends and neighbors — not only from Lansdowne but from surrouding towns. A social event not to be missed.”

“Because they are great and hospitable and just amazing in general. We have a wide spread of products and great, friendly people. I love being here and I love working here.”

“I find the market refreshing one of the most profitable event that the LEDC has.”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market should be on of America’s Favorite Farmers Markets because it has a variety of goods there.”

“friendliest market in the nation”

“Lansdowne farmers market is a community event each week. It offers a variety of produce and culture for a community based in diversity. Lansdowne farmers market embodies America in it’s culture and should therefore be part of the group of Americas Favorite Farmers Markets. It’s patrons demonstrate the feeling that it is one of Americas favorites by their regular engagement.”

“Cool pet treat lady has toy mice.”

“They’re excellent selection of vendors helped me revamp my diet away from chemical laden industrial products which lead to me losing 37 lbs”

“It’s the best thing about Lansdowne and the community loves it.”

“Music, art, food — a trifecta!”

“Market day is on Saturday in the middle of town. It’s more than a food shopping expedition –it’s a community social gathering that helps to bind everyone together. I don’t like to shop in big stores, but prefer to shop where I know the vendors and know that I can count on the quality of their food.”

“It rawks!”


“All the vendors are friendly, knowledgeable and sell great prfoduce and products. It is relatively large for an urban market(compared to others I have seen) and very grounded in the commuity it is in. There are communityh days where organizations set up tables and specialty days such as kids day and dog day. Last, but not least, it is a way to get really fresh produce directly from the farmers.”

“nicest people anywhere and the best fresh produce and pies!”

“Lansdowne is my town and the LFM has the best of everything that a farm market should have: high quality, locally grown produce, live music, local artwork, a great bunch of market volunteers and friends to catch up with every Saturday morning. The LFM is not onla a farmers market, it’s a way of life.”

“great bunch of people, great food and music”

“Great foods, great people and just overall fun place to be.”

“Love the variety of heirloom produce keep trying new stuff all summer long.”

“It’s a lovely and varied market with a very enthusiastic crowd – and it really brings together our small community!”

“THE LFM is a wonderful community event with the best of best in local food and produce.”

“Fresh, local food. Music every week! The artist of the week! Community Day. Earth Day. The neighbors.”

“The BEST thing that happened to our lovely Lansdowne town! Beautiful local and local organic produce,flowers,great music,interesting artists, lovely Goat Soaps, best ever mushroom soup, oh well, if I can not make it I send my neighbor…. Did I forget: this is where I ‘ll be celebrating my birthday- right here with coffee and crepes, listening to live music….you can’t beet it!”

“Friendly, fun. Great place to meet and greet your neighbors and find lots of good stuff, food, art and music”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market brings the availability of freshly local grown fruits and veggies to a neighborhood that buts up to a very urban community. It not only enhances the opportunities to purchase locally grown items for some of the surrounding suburban communities, but also to their brethren from the Philaddelphia.”

“The variety of vendors changes. I enjoy being able to meet new vendors and taste or try their delicious foods. I love that it offers fresh and prepared foods. The participating vendors are friendly and informed.”

“The Lansdowne market is my favorite because it provides fresh local foods within walking distance of my house.”

“freshness of the produce is amazing!”

“Fresh, local, Earth & people friendly but moreso convenient!”

“I like having a convenient place to get local produce – tomatoes, fruits, corn, etc. Fresh, local produce tastes MUCH better than store bought. They do a nice job out at Lansdowne FM and I am thankful they are there.”

“It has everything! Local and organic food. Good ready made goodies and coffee. Music that is live! Dogs! Goats (sometimes) Local artists selling their work. Artisan lotions and soaps and neighbors!”

“The market is a major component of the effort to revitalize our community’s central business district and provides an excellent source of fresh and healthful food.”

“it is so appreciated in the area, one of a kind in area, dedicated sellers with a commitment to sell amazing produce….etc…etc…etc…”

“Because it really is the town’s market – most of us walk there from our homes, and we get to hang out with each other while we have a leisurely shop.”

“It’s busy! In a good way!”

“Good choices of local fruits and vegetables. The freshly baked breads and other baked goods are great.”

“the community really gets excited about it, it’s a social event as well as a great place to fine some amazing and delicious goods”

“Because there’s no other place close to Lansdowne where you can get the variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and organic foods that are avalable every week at the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market. The vendors are knowledgable and friendly!”

“friends. organic fruit. coffee. eggs. music. art. using old t-shirts and printing the market logo and selling them for a very small price. great energy. i love this place.”

“Where do I start. The have a wide variety of produce and farm products to choose from. They are always clean and have public facilities for your time of need. The farmers are friendly and courteous, therefore I look forward to attend my favourite markert as often as possible.”

“i spend every saturday morning here with my family. the highlight of our week. we unwind, reflect, get healthy food, listen to great music, and meet with good and new friends.”

“the highlight of my week. why can’t every morning be saturday morning at the lansdowne farmers market.”

“It is just so nice to be able to find such wonderful treats all in one place. I look forward to going each week and trying new things. Nice atmosphere!”

“Fresh food and great music. And the fresh pies….oh man the pies, yummy!”

“It’s small but offers alot and it’s like one big family!!”

“It is the only relaxing time I have with my partner and son on the weekends. There is something relaxing about fresh foods and a neighborhood coming together.”

“First, I grew up in the area. Second, the area is experiencing a wonderful rebirth that is a blend of an old home town feel mixed with an up and coming quasi-urban neighborhood. Great mix of cultures, arts, architecture, food and people. The farmer’s market fits in perfectly.”

“Everything is sooooo fresh! It is a great place to meet old & new friends!”

“Because its in a suburban-almost urban area which is a blessing to the shoppers who can’t always get really fresh fruits and vegetables.”

“They have an excellent selection of fruits, veggies and other goodies at great prices, in a family-friendly atmosphere!”

“They have the freshest fruits and vegetables in the area and the best prices. The staff is great too :)”

“Really? I can walk to it, get great food, produce,and gifts!!”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market should be one of America’s Favorite Farmers Markets because there is a wide variety of organic, vegan, and affordable products. Not to mention that most of the vendors come straight OUT OF Lansdowne (The Greenwood Kitchen Co., Regency Cafe Co., Harvest Local Foods Co.) therefore, its basically the whole community coming together, even though there are other healthy produce vendors, its as if everyone there is saying, “Oh, how were those _______’s you bought last weekend?!” The community is wonderful because everyone there is basically family, there are alumni and current students from Lansdowne Friends School vending there along with the (as said before) IN Lansdowne food companies/cafe’s and neighbors (some who live right across the street from me!). Lastly, Lansdowne Farmers Market includes the selling of jewelry (a neighbor of mine right down the street makes them, whose son is a fellow Lansdowne Friends School alum of mine), flowers and (sometimes) articles of clothing. Animals are up for adoption, too! (The Animal Friends of Lansdowne helps dogs and cats and hampsters and..just animals in general find homes. They show up every weekend with the cats and have a list of other animals that need to be adopted!) The Lansdowne Farmers Market strengthens our community, allows those who need vegan or organic foods a chance to buy as many as they wish throughout the wide variety, and gives a chance for everyone to come and try something (and if they like it, they can order it for next time or even find the company that sold them that product and buy it from them tomorrow at their local Lansdowne store/cafe!)”

“Great food, wonderful atmosphere, decent prices!”

“Great food, awesome atmosphere, great prices!!!”

“friendly, great produce, different theme each week”

“It helps to remind us all of what we should never forget, where we came from and how we got here. If more would stop to noiice I think we would return to the fundmentals that have brought this country to greatness.”

“It’s just the best”

“The creativity and atmosphere the voluneteer board has created make it unlike any market in the area where you want to come and spend the day. It’s not a place to run in and out with your bags and there’s no risk getting knocked down by a mommy on a mission with her stroller. People are kind, curteous, and relish the opportunity to connect with their neighbors…in addition to getting their fresh and local produce. It’s a wonderful extension of the community.”

“the sense of community involvement.”

“The people and the fact that we are using PA Farmers!”

“This is a great small town farmers market and has helped to spur on the revitalization of the “main street” area.”

“It’s great to have a market that not only offers local produce and other items, but also a place for catching up with not-often-seen neighbors.”

“They try to keep it ‘fresh’ with new artists, musicians, and topics so that you want to go every week to see what’s new.”

“It’s fresh and wonderful”

“I’ve never been but my boss has – and got the coolest t-shirts supporting the market. She even wears them to our local market in Hickory. Pretty cool stuff!”

“The mix of people, artists, & foods can’t be beat.”

“It is amazing to have fresh food right outside my door each week!”

“Such a cute market… so many fresh and healthy options”

“Lovely little market with so much to offer.”

“This is a lovely market and I enjoy visiting each week.”

“This market is such a joy to visit each week to get my weekly supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.”

“It is a joy to have this market within walking distance from my house. It is exciting to see all of the in season items each week.”

“Great place and wonderful food!”

“I close, convenien, and they have some of the best stuff with fairly good prices.Everyone is friendly also.”

“It is local and good.”

“Great local produce in a small town main street setting.”

“I’ll keep it short,It’s the best around and the people are great !!!!”

“Because it brings together the community and provides them with fresh produce and activities for the children and a sense of community to Lansdowne.”

“Great food and great crowd.”

“Our market has something for everyone in our community! They even have children’s programs, and a great newsletter!”

“It has the best variety of fruits, veggies and home made items. Great prices and great people too! You dont just stop to shop – you make and meet friends :)”

“They always have a nice selection of fruits vegetables,plants and other items. The vendors are always friendly and try to make it a nice experience for everyone.”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market is the hub of Lansdowne from late May until late October. Not only are the farmers’ offerings varied, fresh and delicious, the farmers themselves are so friendly! But it gets better. The Lansdowne Farmers Market features an Artist of the Week and Musicians of the Week – all of whom are talented and attract people to stay, talk awhile and make new friends. And then there are the food vendors – John’s incredible home made mushroom soup is the best I’ve ever tasted; cupcakes, pies, fresh made breakfast food, and let’s not forget the incredible pastries and coffee drinks from Lansdowne’s very own Regency coffeeshop. They use only the freshest ingredients from all over Pennsylvania. The Lansdowne Farmers Market is the best market – friendly farmers, wonderful place to meet neighbors and make new friends, excellent food – it’s number one in my book!!”

“Great musicians, crafts, flowers and local food organized by a dedicated team of volunteers!”

“A good product for a fair price and a very neighborhood gathering place.”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market is a wonderful gathering place for our diverse community. The vendors always have wonderful products and seeing our neighbors out and about is a fabulous way to start a Saturday.”

“It offers a wide range of fresh from the farm products and brings the whole town together.”

“it is vibrant with new artists every week, music, local fruits and vegetables from many different vendors/farms. we also have home baked cakes and pies and dog treats. the local coffee house brings all their goodies. And the local specialty food and ingredient store makes crepes to order with delcious breads too. the farmers market is kid and dog friendly.”

“My number one reason for loving the Farmers Market is FRESH PRODUCE! I wait all winter long for local produce. Only on occasion can you find locally grown produce at a supermarket. I can get “real” tomatoes (not pink and mushy), peaches that are not mealy, and dry (the same goes for all fruit). Peas, corn, peppers etc. actually have taste! Second, we walk to the market which gives me excercise and get to see friends and neighbors I don’t see during the week or most of the winter.”

“I look forward to going, amazing food, amazing music, and it makes my kids eat their vegetables! And of course, I love to support our local growers.”

“Great natural and organic food, great variety, great ambiance, great people, great vendors.”

“Along with locally grown produce and unique crafts, the Lansdowne Farmers Market is a weekly gathering place encouraging community pride and fellowship. Our farmers market is the heart of our small town.”

“Outstanding overall.”

“It’s a family friendly, community oriented farmer’s market that brings the farmers, their products and the community together!”

“Wonderful selection of friuts and vegetables.Great variety.Friendly and helpful vendors”

“Good hometown feel with lots of nice people. Good, fresh, local food as well!”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market has such a charming home-town feel. They have many vendors, crafters and music. The have themes. A couple of weeks ago it was for children. Face painting, live farm animals, butterflies. This Saturday, you can bring your dog. And the produce, etc are wonderful! So fresh and varied. Even cheese and meat. Yay!”

“I just love it”


“always friendly and always fresh”

“Such a great place! Highly recommend it!!”

“It has completely rejuvenated the town.”

“Our farmer’s market not only provides fresh produce and goods, it is a way that community members are able to connect to each other, be in authentic community with growers and business people AND grow a town together.”

“I love walking through the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market because it is just the right size. It is a handful of local farmer’s/businesses, not hugh and overwelming. Lansdowne is small town, so the size and amount of vendors at the market is perfect. And you get to know the vendors. I only wish is was open and available for a longer season.”

“It has music and art as well as food!”

“Plenty of parking and a hometown feel so close to the city.”

“Fresh and convenient”

“I just love the community feeling that you get when you come there. And the fresh peaches, corn, and beets…”

“Friendliness of all the vendors, has that small town feeling where seemingly everyone knows each other plus outstanding produce!”

“The dedication of the organizers in making the market a fun place with musicians, contests along with great food.”

“It is the best!! Brought the town back :)”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market brings in a wide selection of localy grown, fresh foods. The vendors are always freindly and helpful. I have been to other Farmers markets, but I think the one in Lansdowne is the best in the Nation.”

“Fruit is great..”

“It is a real community centered market providing fresh fruits and vegetables as well as offering activities for the entire family. Fresh produce is critical to addressing healthy eating. The market is a valuable initiative in ensuring that Lansdowne is a healthy community. It encourages food to be grown locally reducing chances of contamination.”

“Lansdowne’s Farmers Market is one of America’s best because it gives life to the town and spreads the aura of community. Also, it drives home the need to support farmers and to share and enjoy wholesome delicious fresh produce and other food. It is a win-win situation for Lansdowne and all towns. Good people, good food — what’s not to love!”

“Great, local, fresh produce, meats, bakery items, prepared foods, and creative leadership. The market is working to unite our community.”

“Everyone is always kind and helpful. Plus, I have bought many unique crafts and artwork there. I look forward to it every Saturday!”

“they offer a wide variety of foods / fruits and vegetables. the market also offers unique local items.”

“because they have huge variety for a small market. and it’s close to my house!”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market is one stop shopping. You can make a great meal from its meat and produce offerings, pick up a fabulous dessert, as well as beautiful bouquets of flowers.”

“The produce is a diverse as the clientele.”

“The live music, the special guest artist and the food is always freshly picked. No bad vegetables or fruit.”

“It hs th best crossing gurad of all times !!!!”

“The Lansowne Farmer’s Market not only provides farm fresh and organically grown fruits and veggies, it provides the whole town with a sense of “small town yet big town” atmosphere. It’s a small market with folks with big hearts and big caring that run the show.”

“The Lansdowne Farmers’ Market provides really fresh food — both straight from nearby farms and some prepared creations — and also stays very connected to our town. There are special events for kids, for promoting awareness of community organizations, for pets, etc. The library has done readings there for children, musicians regularly grace the market with their lovely tunes, and there is usually a booth for a different local artist or artisan each week. The primary emphasis is on seasonal food, with recipes regularly provided in their weekly emailed newsletter, but there is a deeply a sense in which the market is also about nurturing a community. Our urban environment is thus enriched with fresh produce from modest-sized family farms, while simultaneously we urban dwellers find the market a really pleasant place to spend time in.”

“extremely fresh people are over freindly nice atmoshpere reasonable pricing”

“We have lived in Lansdowne for 40 years. We are so very happy that the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market opened! Not only do we get produce from local farmers, meat and dairy products are also available. Too,we are lucky enough to hear from our local musicians and see the works of local artists and artisans. The Lansdowne Farmer’s Market is a wonderful place to shop and a wonderful place to meet with good friends and neighbors. Sincerely, Helen and Charlie Bowes”

“It has enlivened our town, brought us good, locally grown food and given us another excuse to get to know our neighbors.”

“the winters are fairly hard and the living in a condo I do not see many neighbors during the winter season. The market in addition to providing great locale products to purchase provides a place for all the neighbors to meet up each week.”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market is a diverse market focusing on sustainable agricultural products. It is serves a diverse community and offers an opportunity for the community to come together at market, to be entertained by local musicians and to showcase local artists.”

“The variety and price cannot be beat. The customer service is excellent along with a superb community atmosphere!!”

“There is always fine food to sample, nice music and a welcoming atmosphere.”

“For a small market, it has a wide selection of produce and consumables. We enjoy having local produce made accessible.”

“The Lansdowne market is a lively, friendly market with lots of choices. There are many fruits and vegetables offered which I can’t find at my grocery store–plus everything tastes so much better and fresher.”

“it’s awesome, great prices, people and products”

“Peopel come from towns that have their own farmers market to go to OURS!”

“It’s fun and close to me”

“Love the music, the fresh, fresh food, seeing friends, and supporting a local effort.”

“great community gathering all hours.”

“For such a small community it does a great job at supplying the basics plus lots of specialty goodies, like local gluten-free baked goods and tiny delicious pots-de-creme.”

“It is a diverse group of vendors. Everything is always fresh. They also have community days where local groups and organizations can have space which allows them to help promote the community as well.”

“They have a great selection of vendors, have a fantastic selection of fresh foods, and hold special events. The kids day was really fun, they had things for my 6 year old and things for younger kids too.”

“fresh veggies, fresh fruit, friendly people, great atmosphere for all ages, including dogs!”

“Lansdowne Farmer’s Market is the perfect small-town market in an old-growth suburb of Philadelphia. The town’s diversity of cultures is as rich as the cornucopia of foods that the produce and livestock vendors offer at the Farmer’s Market. Just the right size and walkable from my home!”

“It’s a jostling, intergenerational community that pops up in a small parking lot for a few hours each week, connected by food, crafts, music, and the sort of live interactions that are rare and treasured.”

“Friendly people, great town, great food. What more could you want?”

“This is not our regular farmers market but it is the market of our son and daughter-in-law. We visit it every time we come to Lansdowne and we think it is an amazing market both for the fresh and frequently organic produce, the healthy other offerings, and especially the sense of community they have built. Our local farmers market in Kansas does not have that yet and I think it’s because Lansdowne thought it was important enough that they bought tables and chairs and store them on site each week. Many people buy their coffee and pastry or such and sit down to visit with their friends and family and make new friends. Then they get up, browse and shop some more, sit down again, sip their coffee, and listen to the local musician of the week. They should be a model for other farmers’ markets. They really are unique. I’ve even been to the Tulsa one and they did not have musician of the week nor a place to sit and visit with people. There is just an aura of being healthy and eating fresh and locally when at that farmers market.”

“Wonderful place, good food, fun people. . . . . .what more can I say. My community is great.”

“some great mainstays with a few rotating vendors, keeps the options ever changing. each week has a different theme.”

“It’s within walking distance from my home. Also, provides the freshest and best produce! There’s nothing like the fresh flavor of a home grown tomato.”

“Amazing nexus for a revitalized community”

“A farmers’ market is more than tomatoes and sweet corn; it’s a sense of community and pride in home grown goods. Our market knits our town together.”

“It is very friendly with a wide variety of produce, prepared foods, activities, artists and music.”

“Fun and fresh!”

“Great little market wonderful produce and venders,music the works great fun”

“The fresh Jersey fruit is the best and the baked goods”

“The Lansdowne FM is much more than just a farmer’s market, though it is a great one! With community groups, special events, and live music every single week, it’s a wonderful place for our community to come together and shop in a downright festive atmosphere. The vendors are fabulous. I go into mourning each year when the market (and especially the World’s Best Peaches–trust me) is over.”

“It’s the best and it brings the whole community together!!”

“Really great! Lots of variety.”

“Friendly, full, feast-providing”

“The farmers market is a great place to get the best in produce meetup with friends and neighbor. Just a great time.”

“Great food, great people, brought to our doorstep!”

“The food is awesome! Awesome I say!”

“Its fabulous and supports the ideal of community.”

“It is the only local farmer’s market in this area. The people are helpful and so nice. Lansdowne has always been a lovely town but as many small towns is not ecomonically as well off as it was. The farmer’s market brings people in (me, for example) and will hopefully bring the small businesses back to life. And, of course, there are the fresh foods – yumm. Thank-you to everyone involved.”

“Because it represents a real community of people working together to make a great community event that is available to all. These people work hard on making it better all the time. It represents the efforts of local farmers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and charitable organizations. What’s more American than that?”

“It has become a Saturday ritual to visit our local farmer’s market. My husband and I visit the market before breakfast and what we find there determines what we’ll be eating that day and part of the next week. The produce is fresh and delicious. Juicy meats, savory soups and delicious breads are always purchased. We love the fellowship of chatting with friends and neighbors. Visiting the Landsdowne Farmer’s Mkt is one of the best parts of our week!”

“Community, community, community !!!”

“I am in my 60s now. Each Saturdya morning , during my daily jog, I stop at the Lansdowne Farmers Market. Takes me back to the farmer’s market I visited with my parents in the 50s. The sounds, the gentle bustling, the smell and taste of the fruits and veggies. It all makes for a vovely experience.”

“Besides fresh produce, there are arts and crafts, and live music and other entertainment. It is an opportunity for people of the community to mingle together.”

“the freshness of the food and the chance to meet nice people”

“The produce is very good. It brings new life into the Lansdowne community.”

“Simply put,Its just a great place to be!”

“Lots of fun and using producers of produce and products close to home is well its just greatttt.”

“I’m the chair!”


“Because it supports a local sustainable food chain!”

“We live in a very diverse community, and our farmer’s market serves all comers. It is a welcoming and festive environment, with live music and lounging areas.”


“Yummy food, good company.”

“Really great feeling when I go there, my favorite in the Phila area. You can tell it’s doing great things for Landsdowne”

“Great for the community!”

“So great to have all this FRESH stuff right outside a major city!”

“The high quality of the produce and the variety is great. Also there are live musicians and weekly artist booths which makes it all even more enjoyable”


“it is artistic, musical, green, accessible, and is part of a small-town feel just moments from a big city. Yeah for the Lansdowne farmer’s market.”

“I love this market because it supports a local sustainable food chain and it really adds to our community”

“What I like most about the LFM is that it does not sell fresh food in isolation to the community that it exists in. Someone has worked hard to insure that there is a wide array of vendors. In addition to the food, you will find vendors selling fresh flowers, crafts, and performers playing live music.”

“Variety, consistency, accessibility,”

“great products,friendly vendors….love the small-town atmosphere.Something unique every week!”

“The produce, products & people are the kindest I’ve met in my many farmers market travels!”

“nice community feel. special events. nice variety”

“The freshest foods ANYwhere are great….but the best is the incredible diversity….of people, products, and even animals!!! It’s a FUN, community, family-feeling place to go; with the bonus of super good things to eat!!!”

“Because it is not only a source for local, fresh, delicious food but it is also a place for local, fresh and delicious people!”

“Its just the best place to see your neighbors, and to get good reliable produce and baked products.”

“it is the best. people work very to make it way.”

“Lansdowne has the nicest folks and I really like the coffee tree.”

“It’s the only place to sample farm fresh peaches with my toddler and love the mess it makes!”

“I can’t get over the great flowers!”

“wonderful fresh produce with a unique opportunity to learn baout the community.”

“I like that they have music, flowers, food and local shops that set up booths. That’s unique!”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market is a wonderful componet of my community. It is very successfull at bringing together people from all walks of life. Each week there is a different “theme” to attract a variety of people. For instance, durring the children’s week there were many different neighborhood kids. many of which I would have never known were here! And the products they sell are healthy and tasty for all to enjoy!”

“Friendly vendors who present a variety of high quality food stuff. Great community that fosters unity. Other attractions include a bake-off, local talent”

“Grew up in the area, and think it’s a special place! Great resource for local yumminess in the area.”

“Friendly people, great products, terrific value, community favorite.”

“great food and services! Organic meet and cheeses, veggies and more! YUM!”

“Local, homey, consistent and very American!”

“The integration of local food and local culture –definitely the best place for our community to gather. Plus the artists, music… such a great hang out for my family.”

“It has produce from more than one farm so it gives the competitive market. It has fresh organic meats, eggs, homemade doggie treats, plants, and local artisans. It’s a great meeting place for the town.”

“I live 2 blocks from the market and enjoy the opportunity to see my neighbors. I love getting the peach cider and other products that I can get no where else.”

“The focus on local food, community, arts, and the culture of our small town.”

“local, convenient and a great way to start your weekend. great produce and baked goods.”

“We serve an underrepresented area in a poor suburban area”

“The local Organic multi-colored eggs and the watermelon.”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market supplies our little town with fresh groceries, baked goods, ethically farmed meats and dairy products, vegan cuisine, local art, live music, awesome people, etc., every Saturday, all summer and into fall, rain or shine. Most residents walk or bike, and neighboring townspeople can drive and park in the same lot that the market is held. Plenty of seats and shade for the hungry, weary and eager to socialize. No doubt in my mind, Lansdowne’s Farmers Market is the best.”

“It supports a local sustainable food chain and really adds to the community!”

“great produce and breads”

“good deals on fresh and freshly made products; great weekly e-newsletter; people are friendly; supports our home town!”

“Lansdowne Farmer’s Market brings the best to our area!”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market provides an alternative to shopping at large shopping centers and large produce distributors and I feel that the quality of the produce is far superior in terms of both taste & freshness. In addition, a trip to the farmers market is more of an “event” than a chore, and provides an opportunity to mingle with neighbors that I may not have seen for a while and also to meet residents of our community that I would not otherwise have a chance to meet.”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market has everything I need, and is so easy to get to, I wish it was there year around!”

“Great value and great people”

“Fantastic local produce, friendly people, music, food – a real boon to the community every Saturday morning!”

“Amazing vendors. Great local feeling every weekend”

“I love this market ..been to a lot of them over the years and this is the best!!!!”

“From May to Thanksgiving, fresh, wonderful produce comes to us! The farmers and other vendors are friendly and responsive to suggestions. I now can get fresh lima beans… yes someone does like them!”

“We have a vendor with the best mushroom soup you’ll ever eat.”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market promotes a great sense of community. It brings us all together while promoting a healthy lifestyle. I love it!”

“Great fesh food, live music, friendly people.”

“Lansdowne’s farmers market should be one of America’s favorite because it is a place where you can meet your neighbors and make new friends; it has the freshest and best quality fruits and vegetables around; it provides such a variety of foods–produce, meat, desserts, jams, coffee, just to name a few; it has an eclectic mix of performers and other artists who make your browsing and buying experiences so much more enjoyable. It’s just a fantastic place to go on Saturday morning where you know you will get healthy foods to serve your family.”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market undoubtly should be named America’s Favorite Farmers Markets because of the goods sold, family-like atmosphere, and the best darn home-grown produce! Always reliable open rain or shine!”

“I like the music, the atmosphere, and the prepared foods.”

“Selection/variety, Complimentary events such as music and other things that interest the community, Quality service, Organized, Community resident and business involvement, Resident support, volunteerism I can go on…”

“It is a happy cool fun hang out with amazing things shoved in a small little area . I love going each saturday”

“Best of everything”

“We love the variety of fresh produce and other products and the quaint atmosphere that our beautiful Lansdowne offers….always a favorite Saturday morning ritual to walk over to the market.”

“Great music, food and great place to meet up with friends.”

“they support local artists of all varities.”

“I love it”

“I love the market and the people”

“It’s friendly, welcoming feel. Everybody knows everybody.”

“Thre’s a specila bonus market before Thanksgiving.”

“They have a good variety and it is so convenient. It is also great that they always have artists showcasing and different events. It is also great that they have vendors that accept WIC.”


“Landsdowne Farmers Market is our favorite market because of the variety of offerings: local & organic produce,dairy, delicious baked goods & coffee, prepared foods from local businesses (yummy crepes!), flowers & plants,as well as the wares of wonderful area craftspeople including jewelers, potters, handmade soaps– oh & live music too. The very best thing though is the welcoming & friendly atmoshpere & community spirit that makes us feel connected to one another & to the area farmers, especially the family farms that are growing our food”

“Because I can shop here on Saturday’s and not have to shop anywhere else the rest of of the week.”


“Cuz I love it!!!”

“Great food, coffee, nice farmers, baked goods, because it’s the best>”

“My wife brings back lots of goodies and makes me fabulous dinners!”

“I know so many of the vendors and the food is great!”

“Colors! Textures! Activity! Delicious! And…fun!”

“Excellent location, quality products at competitive prices, and it’s a great place to see neighbors I haven’t seen for awhile!”

“In 4 years, it’s revived a town.”

“Every town should have a wonderful spot like this to get fresh produce, eggs, milk, meats, etc that are the very best food (not pretend food) that we are meant to eat. It is fun to look forward to each part of the season and the bounties offered to us. As Americans, we feel we should have whatever we want whenever we want it and have forgotten how to be independent and depend on OUR FARMERS and what they grow. We need to get back to supporting those in our back yards. One day we may have to once again. That would be a very good thing. I feel very blessed that this is available to us and I am loving watching it grow bigger and better every year.”

“I love the people watching!”

“Not only is the Lansdowne Market the perfect blend of local food, home-grown talent and community pride, the Market has become the epicenter for neighbors to interact with one another. The weekly gathering is a must attend to catch up on the town’s happenings, learn about developments (both old and new) and best of all – take time out to smell the roses. It is an event, not just a place to shop.”

“It’s a great opportunity to purchase locally grown foods right in my own neighborhood!”

“It’s has a great web site that incorporates weekly news about the market as well as goings on in town. Its existence has been a hub of activity supporting the revitalization of one of Philadelphia’s suburban/urban bedroom communities. It’s a great place to get fresh produce, grass fed beef, free range chicken eggs, listen to local musicians and just get out and bump into people you know on Saturday mornings.”

“Everyone in and around Lansdowne can be found at the Lansdowne Farmers Market on Saturdays. We love the farm fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, flowers, and other crafts. This small town community of Lansdowne residents has not only a hunger for great quality food but also a hunger for supporting our local farmers and businesses.”

“It rocks!!”

“Love the market”

“All kinds of fun stuff every week and lots of great local farm foods!”

“Lansdowne farmers market also serves a gathering place for the community; offering music, art and community along with great fresh produce. for a small market the Lansdowne farmers market offers enough variety that I can do I do Most of my marketing on Saturday Morning and get all the local news at the locally owned coffee shop while listening to a unique blend of music.”

“Lansdowne Farmer’s Market is the best because it brings people from all different backgrounds together.”

“Great atmosphere and very inviting.”

“Its just the best.”

“Great stuff good music great fruits veggies promotes local artist and businesses”

“Great produce, food, and variety, great vibe, also includes artist of the week and musician of the week. Great team of volunteers making it all happen. Unbelievable experience week in and week out! Other markets look to ours for advice and development. Come check us out!!”

“Best community hang out!”

“Freindly place to meet your neighbors”

“New good stuff in a stuffy old town!”

“It’s the best!”


“It is personal and the produce is an excellent quality. There are great choices. Friendly and yummy experience every Saturday morning.”

“Always a great time, even in the rain.”

“Getting up in time for the market makes my Saturday. I look forward to seeing what nature has provided each week as the season progresses.”

“Our farmer’s market is friendly and small, yet so abundant in weekly choices. I feel closer to the land, even so close to the city.”

“It is revitalizing our downtown!”

“excellent fruits & veggies, friendly people”

“the market has made great progress from one year to the next and i LOVE that the market incorporates an arts component.”

“Food, fun, fellowship, festivities–ALL the very best!!!”

“The evidence of its success, which is based on quality merchandise, is the crowds that appear there every Saturday morning.”

“We just love going to the markert to shop and meet up with friends and neighbors! There is a wonderful variety of foodstuff and entertainment as well as local crafters. Come on down, why don’t ya!”

“i love this market. is it saturday morning yet.”

“Lansdowne is a beautiful little town in suburban Philadelphia. It has striven to improve the quality of life for its residents for many years, including implementing our wonderful farmers’ market with the freshest most wonderful foods! Town council supports the farmers market as a way to improve local business and attract people to Lansdowne. Now we have our own arts festival and more all because of this wonderful farmers market that attracts hundreds and hundreds of people each weekend!”

“i am from rochester new york and understand a good market. this one isn’t like home but it sure is amazing. i love my community because of this market.”

“Fresh local produce and plenty of it. Good diversity and value. Great meeting place for neighbors. Easily accessible. Within walking distance for much of Lansdowne. Good convenient hours.”

“Best community Farmer’s Market around! We never miss a Saturday morning to browse, shop and meet our neighbors – good music, good food, the best produce and great fun!”

“It’s friendly, it’s accessible to us urban folks, it helps keep the neighborhood/town a real community.”

“Every one of the vendors is a local farm or business. They’re all very friendly, comitted to the environment and our town.”

“Besides having available for purchase all in one place wonderful local and organic seasonal produce plus cheeses, meat, poultry, breads,desserts, etc etc, the weekly gatherings at the Lansdowne Farmers Market of locals has helped to revitize the town of Lansdowne too! A local theatre with current and retro films, a thriving coffee shop with lite meals, entertainment,art exhibits and concerts,new fresh seasonal food restusant just opened that got a excellent rating in the Philadelphia dining community (the big city Lansdowne is near),plus more businesses related to fresh and local and seasonal food, all of these examples and now with having the Farmers Market adds up to making Lansdowne a place eviromentaly concerned, creative,forward thinking people want to move to. The weekly Market is a community event too, not just about selling. And they have an excellent weekly website that keeps one informed of the Markets events and all things related to Lansdowne too. The Market by voters, even gave the Landsowne Main st area a new name too.”

“Good food, nice venue, fun fellowhsip that involves not just food merchants. It includes organizations, performing and graphic artists and is a nice place to “hang” and have some breakfast as well as shop for produce.”

“First, I’m supporting local growers in my area and getting healthy, organic food. Second, the convenience of having a large amount of options to choose from. My farmer’s market has everything from home grown vegetables, butter, milk and cheeses, along with local bakers. My family is able to get their veggies and sweets at the same time. We live in an urban area and a lot of my neighbors do not have the opportunity to grow and/or purchase at a reasonable price healthy food and with the farmers market open every saturday, it is a great convenience.”

“The local fresh produce, fresh-baked bread and pastries from local stores. Live entertainment each week.”

“It is a mazing with all its fresh produce and all the wonderful people.”

“I love coming every saturday and it just brightens up my week everyday with the amazing produce”

“THe food there is so amazing.”

“they make it fun for every age! i take kids and friends there who are visiting and they always have a good time. you would have thought we went to some big-time place, they have everything, in a small town atmosphere that makes it enjoyable — besides having incredible “market” varieties to select from —”


“i love the farmers market so much.”

“Food, friends and fun. I look forward to going every week.”

“The food choices are wonderful and always fresh. The market is also a great way to see old and meet new members of my community. I get a feeling of going back in time, if only for a few moments, when life did not have all of the current processed foods and preservatives.”

“They have wonderful produce and flowers and you get to meet with your neighbors”

“Lansdowne Farmers Market is the true old fashioned gathering place of friends and neighbors but is friendly enough for the newcomers to gather. All the stalls are kept clean and full of fresh merchandise whether it be fruits and vegetables or craft items. The entertainment is great but not so loud people can not hear each other. Growing up I remember going to farmers markets so Lansdowne brings back lots of wonderful memories to me, Thank you.”

“Great people. Entertaining. Good produce. Good cookies. Delicious mushroom soup. A friendly place. learn about the community. Featured artists.”

“The people are the best! Sure, great produce and all that, but I love the open air musicians who are spotlighted, the wealth of info on other local events (arts, festivals coming up, activism, etc.) provided by always perky community members, and things like “KidCentric Day” etc. Sets it apart from other markets and makes this farmer’s market a very family-friendly experience that is about more than just shopping!”

“Great vendors, artists, music and a wonderful neighborly gathering each Saturday”

“We look forward to walking down to our local farmers market every Saturday…wouldn’t miss it! It’s a deliberate decision and appreciated opportunity to share in the support for local farmers with our community. My hope is that it continues to grow; so we”ll have a wider variety of what we can purchase and therefore have less dependency on supermarkets.”

“Local and communuity based”

“Because our son and daughter-in-law and granddaughter work there and we go to market each time we are in town.”

“Hometown feel; great food.”

“Fresh and delicious products. Great variety. Nice people.”

“Everyone is friendly, eager to help and the produce is awesome. I love knowing the people who grow and/or bring my food to me — it makes it taste better. Not to mention the higher nutritional value by eating local. It’s the good taste! Really!!”

“Outstanding selections of local produce AND crafts with live local music and different themes each week. And very kid friendly!”

“No two days at the Lansdowne Farmers Market are ever the same!! Always new and different offerings, fresh ideas, new vendors, sights and smells. What IS consistent are the great people, the delicious local produce and the lively energy!!!”


“It has the best sweet corn.”

“My wife and I have been big fans of the Lansdowne Farmers Market since its inception. We love all the vendors, special events, the weekly newsletter and the live music. It has truly grown as a market and as a vital part of our community, which is essentially a “small town” right outside of Philly. We always look forward to running into our friends and neighbors and are sad when we have to miss it due to travelling. DAMN those weekend getaways! Plus, I’m addicted to John’s chilli.”

“It is in a economicly failed area. This area has a chance because of a group of young people have tried to bring new business into the area including a Farmer’s Market. It is a positive happening for young and old alike.”

“Because it has that quaint welcoming feel to it that makes you want to come back again and again!”

“Great combo of fresh food, good music, friends and wheat grass shots.”

“It represents a great town that shows off their specialities in a “real hometown arena”.”

“Nice seeting downtown. Great selection of fresh, local produce. Weekly artist and musician. Dogs and babies are welcome. Community events.”

“Best organic vendor for miles”

“How can a market that offers fresh produce, locally-made products, and great neighbors with a strong sense of community not be considered one of America’s Favorite Farmers Markets?!?!”

“The Faire is a nice place to meet neighbours. And I like the music.”

“It has brought the people of Lansdowne together in more ways than one. We talk, laugh, network but more importantly get the opportunity to eat healthy foods and show our children how important it is to make healthy decisions.”

“Produce is great, everyone is friendly and helpful, I just love it!”

“It’s a small town farmers market but has all the unique amenities and specialty items of a much larger market. The atmosphere is fun and friendly with different musicians and artists featured every week.”

“Great market, very diverse and lively. Friendly people.”

“Their produce is always fresh picked and reasonably priced. backery items are the best along with the soup man(the greatest chili in the world).”

“the vendors are the best. always willing to help and greet you with a great smile. their products are always fresh and appetizing. I go every week”

“wonderful community involvement”


“On top of fresh produce, & baked goods (including gluten-free) they always have a great community feel bringing out all the neighbors with all types of local vendors.”

“Lansdowne has made a point to bring a strong sense of community into the town. Tha Farmer’s Market has not only done this well, but has triumphed in the fact that everybody seems to make a point to come out to the market to enjoy food, music, fresh produce, and even some artwork. I can’t even walk down the street now without running into someone I know!”

“The best produce and very friendly people! Dogs are welcome. Always a great way to spend a Saturday morning!”

“The Lansdowne Farmers Market not only provides produce from two New Jersey farms, it also offers booths representing organic vegetables, meats and eggs, as well as booths for local business, features a local crafts artist each week, and has a musical performer each week. Residents can count on seeing one another, discovering one another’s hidden talents, and buy fresh and delicious foods, all at the same time!”

“It has awesome music and great vendors, it’s completely Family Friendly :)”

“Great food, art and music”

“It’s the most neighborhood friendly and they display great products.”

“Great market with fresh, local, organic, and great variety of produce, fruit, greens, meat, cheeses, with great local vendors and also MUSIC and ARTIST each week. What could be better? Nothing!”

“It’s small, it’s friendly and they have great food!”

“Simply the best market anywhere!”

“Good people, Great stuff!”



“I LOVE IT!!!!”

“The newsletter does an excellent job of letting you know who & waht will be at the market every week, with the best sense of humor!”

“A great place for produce, breads and meats.”

“LUV this Farmer’s Market – never miss!! Fresh produce is way better than anything you can buy in the store.”

“Great produce!”

“Landsdowne has the best people!”

“local food means local sustainability.”

“Fresh produce and unique iteams”

“Since its inception in 2007 the market has grown in popularity with consumers and farmers wanting to sell their fresh produce and products. The maket has a great vibe with musicians performing weekly, a weekly artist and events that involve other community organizations,children’s art, education and other activities.”

“Because it promotes the value of supporting local farmers and promotes excellent consumer education about organic foods and free range animals. In the Lansdowne Community the farmer’s market has become a regular event that reinforces a sense of community pride and encourages involvement in community activity and businesses.”

“They do great work”

“It brings our community together for a good reason!! We can support local businesses, meet neighbors, and find out what’s going on in our town. The market is a very positive addition to our area.”

“Nice hometown farmers market-but could use more vendors and should be a Friday-Saturday event-not just Saturdays! Would mean more revenue and more shoppers helping the local economy.”

“Friendly vendors serve clean, fresh produce in an acre full of friendly neighbors.”

“It’s a really good market for such a stinky town.”

“Friendly Atmoshere. Lots of networking done there.Great PEACH CIDER. Good Location. Friendly People. Next to the bank so I can spend lots of money. Produce is reasonable and locally grown.”

“It offers fresh organic grown produce at reasonable prices. It has added to the community.”

“great produce, great people, great location – doesn’t get any better then this!”

“Because it is awesome”

“It is very diverse, with baked goods, raw foods, excellent vegetables and fruits….great community, too.”

“The Lansdowne Farmer’s market is great. It is a small farmers market where are able to see, meet, and talk to neighbors and other community members. There is closeness with the venders and other patrons that makes you proud to be part of this community. Every week they have a different activity and the weekly newsletters are entertaining and informative. The fresh fruits, vegetables, and ciders are always delicious. I love the organic foods and meat, and bake goods. The weekly singers are great and my family and I look forward to our weekly visit to our farmer’s market.”

“a great asset to the town of Lansdowne,PA, that struggles to maintain its integrity. The produce is heavenly.”

“it’s helping an inner ring suburb of philadelphia revitalize itself as a strong community and great place to live.”

The Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) encourages economic activity and growth in the Borough of Lansdowne by fostering partnerships with businesses, residents, entrepreneurs and consumers to create a flourishing, inclusive, creative and welcoming community.